Taxing work. Desk cleaning. Elaine at crafts. Gizmo eye drops.

Taxing work

My taxing work was getting things ready for our meeting on Monday with our new CPA. I had been putting tax year items aside in one pile as they came in, and today I opened the envelopes and gathered the paperwork. Earlier I had downloaded year-end reports from Chase for our credit card and banking accounts and I will go through those tomorrow. In the past I went through these reports and marked them up for deductible items. I still have at least one report yet to obtain. In past years I just had to scan these documents and upload them to our previous CPA’s server and he would take them from there. I suspect we’ll be able to do the same with the new guy, but won’t know until Monday.

Desk cleaning

As part of the tax preparation activity I also did a major desk cleaning. I had three piles on my desk, each two-to-three inches deep, of papers I had to go through and do something with.

Part of the papers was material gathered for the last newsletter and those got pitched quickly. Another part was receipts from pet doctors that I had to file; a good part of the pile depth was the two folders I had gotten out – one for Kerby, one for Gizmo – so the pile depth quickly diminished once I filed their stuff and put the folders back in the cabinet. The rest consisted of other papers that needed filing plus a lot that simply got pitched. There was one bill that I called and paid.

It always feels good to have a clear desk again, though I know it will not last long!

While the file cabinet was open, I dug out Elaine’s medical file and went back through it to find the name of the hand and arm surgeon that worked on her several years ago. She needs to consult with a hand doctor about her current painful situation and I figured she would want to return to that previous one since she liked his work in 2013. I found the paperwork and checked with our insurance online and sure enough, he is in our network. So now she has to call Dr Johnson and get a referral set up.

Elaine at crafts

Being Tuesday, Elaine headed to the craft session at the Clubhouse around 11:00 and returned around 2:00 this afternoon. There were five ladies there today. She showed me this afternoon some really great cards she assembled while there; these were from parts she had prepared in advance.

Gizmo eye drops

I still get a chuckle when I use my Galaxy S8+ and the Walgreens app to order refills for Gizmo’s eye drop prescriptions. He has two drops, but one is compounded so is not available through Walgreens, but the other is. They are handled just like people’s prescriptions. I scanned in an order yesterday and picked it up this afternoon. As with our our prescriptions, they send me an email and/or text to let me know the refill status.

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