Dark thirty. Soaking rain. More motorhome shopping.

I got up around 6:30 this morning and was surprised to see it was dark enough in the kitchen I had to turn on the lights. I even double-checked the time, to see if by some chance it was 5:30 instead. It wasn’t. It was just that the sky was totally clouded, and that is unusual for Phoenix. I know it is only a matter of time before it will be dark enough at that time even with clear skies so I will have to turn on kitchen lights in the morning, though. I don’t turn on lights unless I really need them. Continue reading Dark thirty. Soaking rain. More motorhome shopping.

More motorhome clearing. Elaine’s cards. Ron Murphy 80th birthday.

more motorhome stuff
Five more tubs and some other stuff was added to the pile today

I went back to the motorhome this morning, while it was cooler (about 90°) to remove more stuff. I hauled five more plastic tubs back to the house plus some other loose items, but I still have to purchase at least three more large tubs to finish the kitchen! It always amazes us how much stuff can get stored away in a motorhome! The pile on the patio is growing and growing. The next difficult job will be to sort through all this to decide what will go into the next motorhome we have. There is no question that that next motorhome will be smaller, and so there will be less room in which to store items. What’s more, we will only be using the new rig on an occasional basis rather than fulltime as we did in the Phaeton, so we won’t need to carry as much in any case. Continue reading More motorhome clearing. Elaine’s cards. Ron Murphy 80th birthday.

Motorhome clearing. Card class. Breakfast at JB’s.

motorhome stuff
I added the five plastic tubs and the sewer hoses today to the other stuff brought over earlier

I brought a couple more loads from the motorhome today. I packed five plastic tubs and brought them to the house. I removed the plaques from the front of the Phaeton, and I removed the sewer hoses from the storage tubes under the coach and brought all that as well. I think we can finish clearing the Phaeton with one or two more loads now. We need to get it ready for trading or selling; if all goes well we will deliver it next week. We will need to go through and do some interior cleanup and will run it through a truck wash for the exterior. Continue reading Motorhome clearing. Card class. Breakfast at JB’s.

Newsletter delivered. RV shopping. Monsoon storm.

folding newsletters
Here’s the volunteer team who stuffed and folded the newsletters this morning.

The volunteer crew assembled this morning at 9:30 to stuff the newsletters with the two inserts, fold them, and wrap them with a rubber band preparatory to delivery. We had a larger-than-usual team this morning and the job got done faster than I could get them sorted into the bags for the delivery teams! As a result I got lost in my counts and worried that I was short about 30 newsletters, but Elaine and I found out later that I had forgotten that I had loaded the bag for the RV section! The count was actually proper. Continue reading Newsletter delivered. RV shopping. Monsoon storm.

Newsletter published. Kim Kommando.

newsletter cover
Cover of the August issue of The Palm Press. Click the cover to download the newsletter.

The Royal Palm newsletter has been printed and is going out electronically tonight. The printed version will be delivered tomorrow. I had already copied to the USB drive last night, ready to go this morning. Then, after it was at UPS being printed, Park management said they wanted to get some news out to residents about testing of the new gate next week. So I went back home and did a quick flyer, printed ten color copies for bulletin boards, and printed a black and white copy for copying. Then this afternoon I took the flyer to UPS so they could print 330 copies to go as inserts in the newsletter. Good thing they said something about it in time! Continue reading Newsletter published. Kim Kommando.

Not that Shemar. Newsletter done.

Ancho Salmon has a spicy sauce

We went to Chili’s at Metro Center for supper tonight and when we were seated the fellow said that Shemar would be our server. We both immediately thought of Shemar Moore, the actor who played on Criminal Minds, and laughingly mentioned that to the fellow. He also laughed and as he was seating us said “Shemar is a she!” He must have mentioned our byplay to the waitress because when she came to our table we all had a good laugh about it. And as Elaine told her later, this Shemar is every much as beautiful as the other one is handsome. Continue reading Not that Shemar. Newsletter done.

Newsletter almost done. More ads. Milder storm. Golf cart lights.

The push has been on over the last couple of days to wrap up the Royal Palm newsletter, and it went out to the reviewers this afternoon – meaning it is essentially done. That is always a good feeling. I will do the final edits tomorrow and deliver it to the printer on Thursday morn. It was a little more relaxing pace this month as I got more done earlier. I still need to do the spotlight interview earlier in the month, though! Continue reading Newsletter almost done. More ads. Milder storm. Golf cart lights.

Our turn for storm. Cooler today. Golf cart lights update. Newsletter.

I took the dogs out around 9:15 for their evening walk last night and was treated to a spectacular lightning display off to the northeast. The lightning was probably 20-25 miles away. About a half hour later the wind started blowing – hard. That is the first sign a monsoon storm is coming, for the wind direction was from where the lightning had been. Within 10-15 minutes the rain hit – hard – blowing horizontally. The storm ran for a half hour or more and then died out. This is typical of a summer monsoon storm around here. Continue reading Our turn for storm. Cooler today. Golf cart lights update. Newsletter.

Flash floods. Golf cart lights.

flash flood
This is what a flash flood looks like – a wall of debris and water rushing at you. (Source: AZFamily.com, Photo courtesy of Amy Lloyd)

With monsoon comes the danger of flash floods. This is desert country, which means low annual rainfall and very few streams. But the whole area is “drained” with a wide series of dry washes; these have water flowing only when it rains in the watershed that feeds the wash. And the land that the washes drain is not flat; there is a noticeable slope from the foothills down through the “flatlands” below. When it rains up in the watershed the water flows down quickly and the washes become flooded. Especially in the outlying areas around the cities there are no culverts where the washes cross the roads, so the road just dips down to accommodate the wash and its flow. Continue reading Flash floods. Golf cart lights.

Cracker Barrel breakfast. Social Club meeting. July birthdays dinner at North Mountain Brewing Co. New headlights.

gang at brewery
The Royal Palm gang who attended the July Birthday Bash at North Mountain Brewery

There being ten Royal Palm residents with birthdays in July, Sharlene Froberg came up with the idea of getting together to celebrate and Gail Brazell did the organizing; both have July birthdays. Gail set it up for all to gather at North Mountain Brewing Co at 522 E Dunlap Ave, not far from the Park. What a great gathering, and what a great place to eat! The group included some with July birthdays and family and invited guests, such as Elaine and me. Continue reading Cracker Barrel breakfast. Social Club meeting. July birthdays dinner at North Mountain Brewing Co. New headlights.