Women’s Club. Flyers and tickets. More Violette Family work.

Women’s Club

Twice a month, the Women’s Club meets and today was the day. Elaine spent the latter half of the morning at the meeting; she is Vice President. The Women’s Club holds several events during the year and a most notable one is coming up next month. They honor the Paramedics that serve our community with a party at which they give them a check from the donations given by the Royal Palm community. One of their events – a penny and bake sale – had to be canceled in January because so many in our community were sick. Continue reading Women’s Club. Flyers and tickets. More Violette Family work.

Meal on the grill. Elaine’s hand. Construction in yard. Duplicate emails.

Meal on the grill

garlic steak
Garlic Steak and Cheesy Bacon Potato Hash Foil Packs

It sure smelled great around our place late this afternoon as the meal Elaine prepared was cooking on our grill. In fact, it raised some comments from the construction workers in our back yard! I can attest that it was delicious!

She saw the recipe on Facebook and downloaded it from CafeDelites. You can get it at cafedelites.com/steak-cheesy-bacon-potato-hash-foil-packs/. She mostly followed the recipe she says, but did make her own changes to suit herself.

If you use the recipe I think the potatoes should either be cut into smaller pieces or partially cooked before putting them in the foil packages; ours were still a little hard. We also cooked it about five minutes longer to get the steak cooked more for Elaine’s taste. Continue reading Meal on the grill. Elaine’s hand. Construction in yard. Duplicate emails.

Elaine a model. VFA membership.

Elaine a model

Elaine and five other women from Royal Palm will be models in an upcoming fashion show here in the Park. She and two others, Nina Page and Gladys Swartz, went up to Anthem this morning to select three outfits each that they will model in the show. They went to the store that is sponsoring the event, which will take place on Feb 28th. The fashion show will benefit the Park Association through ticket sales to attend the event. I made tickets for the event and they will go on sale this week. Continue reading Elaine a model. VFA membership.

A Thank You Dinner. A sun streak. More web work.

A Thank You Dinner

Diners at the Thank You Dinner tonight.

We were invited tonight by Gail Brazell to a thank you dinner for those who helped with the recent Taco Dinner event here at Royal Palm. About thirteen of us gathered at the Clubhouse to enjoy salad and lasagna and cake, and it was delicious. The place was decorated in an Italian restaurant theme – in keeping with the lasagna – and she had Italian music playing in the background. The latter was a nice touch. We enjoyed the company and had a good time.

We were also invited to a Super Bowl party, but neither of us felt we wanted to take on more food or snacking, so we went home. Elaine is napping while I am writing this, in fact. Continue reading A Thank You Dinner. A sun streak. More web work.

Family trees. 216000 people. Breakfast in the Park.

Family trees

DAV family tree
The start of my ancestral family tree. It goes back several generations more on both sides of my family.

I made a major step forward for the Violette Family Association web site over the last few days by incorporating the ability for people to search their family trees – at least those who are related to the Violette family descended from François Violet/Violette. People can go to http://VioletteFamily.org/FamilyTree and do searches. They might want to see if they are in this Violette family or may want to know more about their ancestors. They can also check to see if we are missing family members or need to correct info about family members. I will be encouraging those in our Violette Family Facebook group to visit the site and do searches. Continue reading Family trees. 216000 people. Breakfast in the Park.

Sonoran Saguaro and winter. Manuel’s dinner.

Saguaro shadow
Our Sonoran Desert winter prognosticator, according to Phoenix’s 12News Facebook page.

This isn’t Punxsutawney  PA and we have no groundhogs here to prognosticate, but we have other means in the Sonoran Desert. And we don’t even need to bundle up or have a special event to determine whether there will be six more weeks of winter. Channel 12 News provided the accompanying image at their Facebook page today and I borrowed it to share with you. See it at https://www.facebook.com/12news/photos/a.62388959014.69061.32616834014/10156289658464015/?type=3 Continue reading Sonoran Saguaro and winter. Manuel’s dinner.

How’s your forecast. Geek Squad and network.

How’s your forecast?

7 day forecast
Our 7-day forecast here in Phoenix

This is why we live in Phoenix: here it is February 1st and the temperature was 80°. What’s more, we expect even higher temps in the next week, as the graphic at right shows. With very little wind, it was very pleasant to be out today. We left our front door open most of the day and into the evening to enjoy the mild weather. And this weather was greatly enjoyed by the more than 80,000 people who attended the Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament on it’s opening day today. Continue reading How’s your forecast. Geek Squad and network.

Costco shopping. Violette Family web site.

Costco shopping

We ran out of prunes, so it was time to head to Costco. We get them there because they offer them in a large package size that lasts longer. Of course while there we also bought some other items, including a couple that were suggested at the little sample stands along our route. One of those was some turkey meatballs; I tried one and turned around and went back to buy a package. Pete Petersen went with us so he could buy some of his Costco-only items.

While at the Christown Mall Elaine also got a case for her new Samsung Note 8 handheld. Continue reading Costco shopping. Violette Family web site.

Dinner at Anzio’s. Well don’t do that.

Dinner at Anzio’s

lemon cod dinner
My Lemon Cod dinner and our Coconut Macadamia Nut Shrimp appetizer

One of Pete’s Picks in the last Royal Palm newsletter was Anzio’s Italian Restaurant, so we decided to try it out tonight. We invited Pete (Petersen), Agnes Volk, and Mitzi Wrona but Pete Petersen could not go with us. It turned out that this was one of Agnes and Mitzi’s favorite places to eat! We had never heard of it before Pete listed it. But we are certain to go back again.

Elaine had Lobster Ravioli (Ravioli Stuffed W/ Maine Lobster & Cheese, Covered W/ A Creamy Vodka Sauce & Topped W/ Cheese) and I had the Baked Fish Dinner (North Atlantic Cod Baked In A Lemon Butter Sauce & Served W/ Fresh Vegetables). Both were excellent, and we had lots to take home as leftovers. I also ordered the Coconut Macadamia Nut Shrimp (Battered, Tossed In Macadamia Nuts & Coconut & Lightly Fried) to share as an appetizer. Mitzi and Agnes each got a 7-inch pizza, and I must say they looked good.

Well don’t do that

I was reminded today of an old joke. A fellow goes to his doctor and when asked what was wrong he raised his right arm and told the doctor “It hurts when I do this!” “Well, don’t do that,” his doctor replied! It came to mind after visiting a surgeon about possibly having gall bladder surgery.

During a recent ultrasound exploration of my right stomach area to search for the source of pain that I experienced on occasion over the last few months they found that I have two gallstones. Over time I determined that the pain only comes when I eat more than a certain amount and I have learned to limit my intake at any time to stay below that amount. Not always successfully, I must say.

Dr Rodriguez explained to me how the gall bladder functions and why gallstones would cause this problem. He also explained the surgical procedures for gall bladder removals (laparoscopic or open surgery). However, he suggested that if I can control the situation with eating patterns perhaps surgery was not called for. I opted for that route.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Facebook spam claim. Record tied.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy S8 Note
Elaine’s new Samsung Galaxy S8 Note handheld

Elaine has been frustrated with various issues with her Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge handheld for some time, but last week it got dropped on the pavement and run over. This added a major issue, since the screen was severely cracked; it continued to work but was hard to read. We have been ready to upgrade it and this just made it imperative to do so soon. I had gone to a Samsung S8+ and like it very much. When Lisa Violette was visiting she showed us her phone, which I believe is a Note 8, and Dennis Murphy showed us his Note 8 on his recent visit. When I discovered that the Note is within fractions of an inch the same size as my S8+, there was no question that the Note 8 is what we wanted. The larger screen size coupled with the stylus that fits in a built-in slot made it a no-brainer. This afternoon we went to BestBuy and made the upgrade with the Verizon representative there. They transferred some of her content at the store and I did the rest when we got home. I also did some setup as well. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Facebook spam claim. Record tied.