Deck and a half Pinochle. Web work.

Elaine was invited to play the resurrected Pinochle game here in Royal Palm. Apparently there used to be a group that played the game regularly but it quit some time ago for some reason. Last week was the first time back, and she said there was an enthusiastic group of four. As anyone knows who has played Pinochle in more than one place, there are several Pinochle versions so one thing this group must do is to agree on what set of rules and standards of play they will use. I guess that brought some lively discussion last week! Continue reading Deck and a half Pinochle. Web work.

Perfume in the air. Tax meeting. Elaine hearing check.

citrus blossoms
Citrus blossoms and buds contribute a heady perfume to the air

It is that time of year when you immediately notice a distinct perfume in the air when you walk outside. That comes from the citrus fruit trees as they put out a new set of blossoms for the spring. We have orange, lemon, and grapefruit trees in Royal Palm so there are a mix of scents depending on where you are. The photo at right shows, if I remember correctly, lemon blossoms on a tree behind our neighbor’s house. Right next to it is a grapefruit tree. Continue reading Perfume in the air. Tax meeting. Elaine hearing check.

Condense, donate, dispose. Grey and cloudy.

Today I went through all the stuff I brought from the motorhome yesterday, stuff from my bathroom there. A number of items duplicated things we already had here (e.g.: acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc) and others we did not have on hand at the house (e.g.: band-aids, neosporin, etc), so those got consolidated with containers in or added to our medicine cabinet. Some items were so outdated that I pitched them: this included a number of pet medicines and products we had acquired over the years. Other items were in good shape but not things we currently use, so I set them aside to donate at the Card Room: this included toothpaste samples and other items. Continue reading Condense, donate, dispose. Grey and cloudy.

Breakfast in the Park. Stuff from motorhome. Swimming.

breakfast line
Folks lined up for breakfast

We started our day at the monthly Breakfast in the Park, along with about 80 others. These breakfasts, put on as a fundraiser for the Social Club, are a great deal: all you can eat for $5 and that includes biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, pancakes, fruit, and beverages. We appreciate all the volunteers who put on these breakfasts. Continue reading Breakfast in the Park. Stuff from motorhome. Swimming.

Supper at Garcia’s. Twitter.

Garcia's entrance
Elaine at Garcia’s entrance

We figured we needed a meal out, so we chose Garcia’s on W Peoria Ave. We haven’t been there for a while – since Chris and Charles Yust were visiting a few months ago. It is a great place for Mexican food; one of the old time Mexican restaurants in Phoenix. It being Friday evening, we went early to avoid the crowd. Our 4:45 arrival was timely and we got in right away and were served with no waiting. Continue reading Supper at Garcia’s. Twitter.

Weeds be gone. Current reading.

I’ve shown you the California Poppies that have been blooming the last few weeks, but so also are the weeds starting up. Warmer weather and occasional rain has gotten the weeds a good hold and without attention they will soon take over our yards. Our Park managers have posted signs reminding people to clear weeds from their yards and I am sure they will be making personal contact with those who ignore the message before long. Continue reading Weeds be gone. Current reading.

Elaine nails. Park gate is closed. Ladder on a rack.

The entry gates at Royal Palm now remain closed unless a vehicle is going in or out

Starting today, the entry gate to Royal Palm Community will be closed all the time instead of just from 6 PM to 6 AM. This is in response to a number of factors: an increase in traffic in and out of the gate having nothing to do with Royal Palm and its residents, an increase in transients entering the Park and the potential for mischief, and an increase in unease of Royal Palm residents. The Park is (or was) advertised as a gated community and many residents plus the new managers want it to be that way. This will require a change in a number of behaviors. Continue reading Elaine nails. Park gate is closed. Ladder on a rack.

Elaine and Crafts. Dave and dentist. Tax prep is done.

tee shirt
Elaine’s I Am Not A Hoarder tee shirt

Today was craft day for Elaine. She did a lot of preparation work prior to going to the craft session at the Clubhouse and I helped her with some of that. She wanted copies of several stamping designs made so that she could print them out in the future, and I did that using our scanner/printer. And she wore the shirt in the photo at left; she had bought it online as soon as she saw it advertised. Continue reading Elaine and Crafts. Dave and dentist. Tax prep is done.

Cheeses. Taxes. SitePower.

Toscana with Black Pepper, Cheddar, Gruyere, Cheddar and Gruyere, Havarti, Dill Havarti, Jalapeño Havarti, Irish Cheddar, Muenster, Swiss, Pepperjack, Habanero Pepperjack, Jarlsberg, Gouda, Smoked Gouda – these are just some of the cheeses I have been eating lately. I like cheese, but Elaine doesn’t care for cheese as much. I usually have two slices in my sandwich at lunch and I often have a chunk with supper. As I reported a few days back Gizmo likes cheese as well, as does Kerby. So I share some small bites of my supper cheese with them. Continue reading Cheeses. Taxes. SitePower.

Back to Home Depot. Breakfast treats. If all else fails.

in shopping cart
Kerby and Gizmo in shopping cart at The Home Depot

We were back at The Home Depot again this afternoon; this time to return some items purchased a couple of days ago and to purchase some others. Pete Petersen took advantage of our trip to go along and buy some lumber items he needed for projects he is working on. And Kerby and Gizmo went again, too. They love to go shopping! They didn’t get as much attention today as the last time, but they still enjoyed it. I just had to buy some shelf supports and some brackets; I am going to install them on the outside of the shed and use them to hang an extension ladder to get it out of the way. Continue reading Back to Home Depot. Breakfast treats. If all else fails.