SPAMfighter screen

I have been using SPAMfighter for several months now and wanted to let you know the results. It seems to have worked well for me! Over that time the amount of spam in my inboxes has greatly reduced. I easily installed it on several of my email accounts in my Thunderbird email client and it runs automatically. Continue reading SPAMfighter.

Celebrate Dave Day! Longmire.

Jan giving her tribute as we all gathered in preparation for a toast to our dear friend, Dave Ostlund.

We went to a Celebrate Dave Day event at Jan Ostlund’s tonight. Her husband, Dave Ostlund, died while they were in Minnesota this summer and this was a gathering of friends here in their Arizona home. About thirty people gathered with Jan to celebrate Dave and his connection with all of us. The food available was overwhelming as was the camaraderie and good cheer. Continue reading Celebrate Dave Day! Longmire.

Back to sunny. Pool season may be over. Geek Squad. Haircuts.

Clear blue skies this morning at our home

Despite the sunny skies and no wind today, I suspect that the pool season is over for most people. Once again I had a nice, quiet day being the only one in the pool this afternoon. It has mostly been that way all week. And that does not surprise me; probably most people think that the pool season should end here in Phoenix sometime in October. Our pool here at Royal Palm is heated, of course, and 85° water is still comfortable. But the sun has lost much of its warmth here now and the angle is lower in the sky. The high was 79° today; two degrees below normal. Continue reading Back to sunny. Pool season may be over. Geek Squad. Haircuts.

Just in time. Elaine coughing. Good swim.

Dark skies this evening just before the rain started.

I took the boys out for their evening walk just in time. While our skies were mostly blue most of the day, but by mid-afternoon some grey and black clouds started moving in from the south. And the sky got more and more cloudy. We headed out for a walk around 4:45, and there were some few rain drops on the sidewalks as we proceeded. We had not been back in the house for five minutes when the rain came down in a cloudburst. Continue reading Just in time. Elaine coughing. Good swim.

57 degrees this morning. Womens Club. Dummies books.

I heard the furnace come on twice before getting out of bed this morning, so I knew it had cooled down outside during the night. Our morning temps have been in the mid-60s lately, and I have been opening our front door to enjoy the nice morning air. But this morning I left the door closed, since it didn’t make sense to make the furnace run more. But I left the door open after taking the boys out later on and by 9:30 it warmed up to 72°. Continue reading 57 degrees this morning. Womens Club. Dummies books.

Gizmo eyes. Stuff for sale. Crafts. Swim.

Gizmo laying out in the sun in the backyard.

We noticed a few days ago that Gizmo’s left eye had a bulge in the center. So I called Eye Care for Animals, the eye clinic he has been going to, and made an appointment for today. Since Gizmo has Pigmentosa Kerititas, he has regular visits with the eye doctors there. The conclusion today is that he may have injured that eye somehow and there is an edema (a fluid buildup) just under the cornea. They gave him some ointment to put in his left eye three times a day and want to see him in two weeks.

Continue reading Gizmo eyes. Stuff for sale. Crafts. Swim.

Great weather. Web work. Prepare for kitchen remodel.

We had great seasonal weather today. Temps got into the mid-80s, which is normal for this time of year. And it looks like it will stay that way for the rest of the week. Tonight is Hallowe’en, and it will be very comfortable for all the kids out here in the Valley of the Sun.

Continue reading Great weather. Web work. Prepare for kitchen remodel.

Finally solved

I have been struggling with Arvixe about my web site for a couple of months, and my email service for a month or so. Despite numerous contacts with tech support by chat and by support ticket nothing has gotten resolved. I was sick of it! For a while they offered me a temporary way to get around email problems but that stopped working a day or so ago. But they did nothing to help me understand what had happened to my web site.

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