Breakfast in the Park. Video visit with Destry family.

We had Breakfast in the Park this morning; 45 people attended, which was a good turnout for this time of year. It was the usual offerings – biscuits and sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage and/or bacon, blueberry pancakes, hash browns, fruit, and juice. While I didn’t eat all of those things, my biscuit and gravy, eggs, and sausage were great. The best part is all the people we got to have breakfast with! Continue reading Breakfast in the Park. Video visit with Destry family.

Getting warm. Lizards. Violette sign. Organizing workshop.

Here’s our weather forecast for the next week here in Phoenix.

It is June, and as usual it is getting warm. If you do a Bing search for hottest month in Phoenix you will probably get the following: “The hottest month of the year in Phoenix, Arizona is July with an average daily temperature of 106.2. The second hottest month is August at 104.5 degrees, followed closely by June at 104 degrees, and then September 100 degrees even.” Today we were at a high of 102° – just barely above the average for this date of 100°. So, while for those who do not live in this area those may seem to be high temperatures, they are only a few degrees above average. Continue reading Getting warm. Lizards. Violette sign. Organizing workshop.

Outstanding House. 24PetWatch. Shed light switch.

Our house was selected as the Outstanding House Of The Month here in Royal Palm

Our house was selected as Outstanding House Of The Month in Royal Palm for June. This was the second time we were selected; the first was after our remodeling and repainting a year or so ago. We are proud to be so designated. We have put a lot of work into making our house more attractive, and would enjoy the result even without this honor. You can see the sign in our front yard all this month.

Having updated the licenses for Kerby and Gizmo, today I updated the info at – where their microchips are registered. The last address on file was our Texas mailing address and Gizmo’s info was not complete and there was no photo for him. While I was at it, I updated Kerby’s photo as well.

I added a z-wave light switch to operate the ceiling lights in the shed today. Or rather, I should say that Marv Fitchett did the wiring for me. This replaces the regular switch that has been there all along. The GE 12722 In-Wall Smart Switch connects nicely in our Nexia system. While it works locally by pushing the paddle on the switch, with a z-wave connection I can also operate the light from my smartphone, tablet, or computer. I also set up two buttons on the button panel by the front door to turn the light on and off as well.

Elaine did some major shopping at Winco and at 99¢ Only Store today. Part of it was shopping for the Royal Palm Rescue Pantry, part was for our own stores. Pete Petersen is an avid shopper at both places but has no car of his own, so he went along with her. I wish I could, but the Winco store is so large I cannot walk that far so Elaine has to handle it.

Stuff for sale. New cards.

The BLS 36A when installed in your 36-volt battery system is designed to reduce sulfating of the plates, increasing the battery life.

I posted a couple of items for sale on Craigslist today. One is a golf cart battery desulfator for 36-volt systems (the link is for my craigslist listing). New. Never used. It is intended to keep the batteries from building up sulfates, which can reduce their capacity. I bought this when we had our first golf cart, which had a 36-volt system, but we bought our current one, which has a 48-volt system, before I could install it. I haven’t gotten around to buying a 48-volt version. Continue reading Stuff for sale. New cards.

New deadbolt, finally. Garden flags. Fire extinguishers. Refrigerator cleaning. Dentist. Dog licenses.

Our new deadbolt for the shed door

I recently wrote about changing the deadbolt on the shed door; I had installed a Schlage BE365NX model. But when I started setting it up I realized it would not work the way I wanted. I wanted to be able to unlock the deadbolt remotely from the house and lock it the same way. I did some further research and found out that the model BE469NX would do that. Too bad this was not discussed either at the Nexia web site or at Schlage’s. I ordered the BE469NX and installed it today. It works great – we can lock/unlock it using a key or using the keypad at the lock. We can also lock/unlock it using the Nexia app on smartphone, tablet, or computer. Continue reading New deadbolt, finally. Garden flags. Fire extinguishers. Refrigerator cleaning. Dentist. Dog licenses.

Memorial Day. Party at Royal Palm.

Main St flags
Main St, Warner NH, flags line the street for Memorial Day. This was the view from my parents living room window, and it meant a lot to my Dad whose chair was beside that window.

Memorial Day always brings me memories of my home town, Warner NH. Unlike living in a large city such as Phoenix, many aspects of life are much closer in these small towns. There is a closeness and community and sense of history that you don’t find in large cities. In Warner, as perhaps in many other towns. Memorial Day has a lot of meaning. Those who died in service are remembered with ceremony. I don’t know if they still do, but when I was a youngster even school kids participated in Memorial Day exercises and we knew what it was all about.

Bill Russell (l) and Wayne Moderson (c) cooking burgers and brats

Meanwhile, here in Royal Palm we celebrated Memorial Day with a party attended by about 25 residents. The invitee list started with those of us who frequent the pool on summer afternoons and grew from there. Bill Russell sort of organized it and Elaine expanded on his ideas. It was a total potluck, and we had an overwhelming amount of food. Bill with Wayne Moderson’s help cooked some burgers and brats on the grill, but the rest was prepared and brought in by us all. Elaine baked two pies: one regular apple and one caramel apple. They must have been good, because only half of one came home with us. I contributed my premixed margaritas.

Folks enjoying visiting. Pete Petersen, Elaine Elaine Immerso, George Immerso

We got there around 2:30 and left around 5:30, so it was an afternoon of fun. The party was held outside at the Clubhouse and Pool, with the food tables in the shade outside the Clubhouse. We mostly chatted and chewed for about an hour and then Agnes Volk started the move to the pool, followed by me. Others came in a soon we had more people in the pool than we have seen in a long time. I think there were at least a dozen at one time.

Immersos getting immersed

A high point (of sorts) was when the Immersos got immersed (sorry, couldn’t help that one). George Immerso’s parents are here for the season and his mother has been wanting to get in the pool for several weeks. In her 90s, she doesn’t get around well and gets to the pool area via motorized scooter chair. But with the help of son George and Wayne Moderson, Dale Stroh, and her husband she was able to get in the water, slowly. But once there she walked around the pool freely with the help of a pool noodle for support.

The potluck food laid out on a table. There were two tables, full.

Elaine and Bill put together some takeout dinners and Elaine and Pete delivered them to some who could not get out for the party. They were well appreciated!

More stoning. Schlotzsky’s again.

That extra half-ton of stone has been moved. Andy Goodhart came over at 8:00 this morning as did George Krause with a small dump rig. Andy and I shoveled the remaining stone from our front yard project into the dump body and then it was driven to two different yards that needed some fresh white stone and to whom we donated those leftovers. We did not need any more. Both Andy and I were amazed that the whole job was completed in less than an hour! He had been dreading the effort of shoveling all that stone again and had anticipated a 2-3 hour project. Glad it turned out to be less! Continue reading More stoning. Schlotzsky’s again.

New flag. Lunch at Silver Spur Saloon. Breakfast at Schlotzski’s.

I am proudly flying the flag in front of our house now.

Proudly flying the US flag at our house now. I finally added a flag and flagpole, attached to the front of the house, and will continuously display it from now on. I have been meaning to do this for a LONG time but kept forgetting about it. I would think about it when I was not in a place to buy one, and when in such a place I would forget to get one. There is a street light across the street from us and I will initially call that good enough for lighting at night, but I will soon add a small spotlight shining on the flag. Continue reading New flag. Lunch at Silver Spur Saloon. Breakfast at Schlotzski’s.


shoveling stone
Andy shoveling stone, and Elaine picking up loose stone to toss into the yard

The stone for the front yard was delivered today, and Andy Goodhart and I got it spread in its final spot. The truck that delivered the stone from Pioneer Sand was too large to be able to dump directly into the yard, so I had him dump in three piles on the sidewalk and street in front. But that meant it all had to be shoveled from the street into the yard. I pitched in and did some shoveling – about 800-1000 pounds of it – but Andy did the rest of the 3000-3200 pounds. Yes, I was tired. Oh, and Elaine laid claim to 6-8 chunks of stone placed in the yard. Continue reading Stoning.

New shed lock. Lunch with John.

The outside and inside of the new deadbolt lock for the shed

I installed a new deadbolt lock on the shed door today. This is a Schlage BE369 lock that works with Z-Wave technology so I can connect it into my Nexia home automation system. My goal is to have a lock we can operate from inside the house. This will make it easier to control as well as make it easier to lock the door at night on those occasions when I forget to lock the door after using the shed. Continue reading New shed lock. Lunch with John.