Warehouse scrapbook shopping. More WordPress.

_at-the-entryOff they go, heading into the warehouse for a shopping spree. Elaine met her friend Jan Ostlund at the warehouse about 9:00 this morning for an advertised sale event of scrapbooking supplies. They came back to our place around 1:30 this afternoon after each spending about $40 or so. Elaine expressed disappointment with the selection of items; she had been hoping to find more dies but apparently there were few. They left that place and went to Hobby Lobby (maybe?) and had lunch at SmashBurger – a first time for Jan. She liked it.

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Great Alfredo. Newsletter work.

Elaine made a great Alfredo sauce tonight and served it with Brown Rice Pasta Spirals and shrimp, with steamed asparagus on the side. She found the recipe (labeled as The Best Homemade Alfredo Sauce Ever) somewhere and it came from The Recipe Critic web site. The photo at right is from the web site and shows fettuccine, but she had already packed our fettuccine so she used the rice pasta I had bought recently. The dish was delicious, and the sauce creamy and tasty. Continue reading Great Alfredo. Newsletter work.

Elaine, sign-maker. Shave one, freeze two.

_signSome of the pressure came off when Elaine realized that today was Wednesday, not Thursday. She was making signs for the upcoming Royal Palm Community Yard Sale to be held this Friday and Saturday and she felt a lot of pressure to get them done in time. Once she realized the there was another day yet to be ready, she immediately breathed a sigh of relief. That took a lot of pressure off. The main sign is the one you see in the photo at left; she mounted this near the door to the Clubhouse so it will be visible to those going in and out, especially tomorrow for Bingo. The Women’s Club will sell refreshments during the Yard Sale hours.

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Send text message by email.

Text message sent to my phone by email

Bet you didn’t know you could do this – use your email to send a text message to a cell phone! Yup, and it is quite easy. I knew about this before and had used it a couple of times, but the need for it came up recently in the Royal Palm Social Club. When I told the officers about building a web site I also mentioned being able to send alert messages by email or text as well as being able to send newsletters by email. So having said it could be done I now had to prove it and make it happen. Put up or shut up! Continue reading Send text message by email.

Love our purple flowers! Still great weather.

Three blossoms this morning. More buds on the way.

Every morning when I take the boys out I look for how many blossoms there are on the two plants in a pot by the front of our deck. The blossoms are a pretty purple, which is special to Elaine and I. And I announce to her how many there are each day. Our neighbor across the street, Chino, gave us the plants and he put them in the pot they are in. Continue reading Love our purple flowers! Still great weather.

Grilled shrimp and fried rice. WordPress progress.

Shrimp on the barbie!

Take some fried rice cooked with mixed vegetables, add some steamed green beans and an egg roll. Then add some grilled shrimp with barbeque sauce. That’s what’s for supper! It was a team effort, and it came out great. Elaine is very good with fried rice dishes, with a good imagination about what can be added. I do a good job on the grill. Continue reading Grilled shrimp and fried rice. WordPress progress.

Ethernet hub. Bill Schuling. WordPress expansion.

My Ethernet hub allows up to four devices to connect.

Ethernet is the wired system for connecting computers and devices, and was the only way prior to wireless (WiFi) becoming popular. And Ethernet remains the most reliable and fastest when it can be used. I had our house wired so that Ethernet cables were run to the office so we could connect our computers there. But only one of the four ports was working, so only one device (my computer) could be connected. I bought an Ethernet hub which solves that problem by splitting the one connection with up to four uses. Continue reading Ethernet hub. Bill Schuling. WordPress expansion.


SPAMfighter screen

I have been using SPAMfighter for several months now and wanted to let you know the results. It seems to have worked well for me! Over that time the amount of spam in my inboxes has greatly reduced. I easily installed it on several of my email accounts in my Thunderbird email client and it runs automatically. Continue reading SPAMfighter.

Celebrate Dave Day! Longmire.

Jan giving her tribute as we all gathered in preparation for a toast to our dear friend, Dave Ostlund.

We went to a Celebrate Dave Day event at Jan Ostlund’s tonight. Her husband, Dave Ostlund, died while they were in Minnesota this summer and this was a gathering of friends here in their Arizona home. About thirty people gathered with Jan to celebrate Dave and his connection with all of us. The food available was overwhelming as was the camaraderie and good cheer. Continue reading Celebrate Dave Day! Longmire.