Violette Family Association web site almost ready. George Immerso. Dave’s plug strip.

VFA web
New Violette Family Association web site

I did more work today on the new Violette Family Association web site, and it will probably go live tomorrow. I am pretty happy with the results so far, but still have some tweaking to do to get it the way I want it. This site has some features I have not used yet in my previous WordPress-based sites, so I have some learning to do on how to incorporate and manage those features. That is all part of the fun! Continue reading Violette Family Association web site almost ready. George Immerso. Dave’s plug strip.

New glasses. Violette Family website rework.

Dave Violette, new glasses

My old glasses were getting scratched and then the left bow broke at the hinge, so it was time for new ones. I went to Nationwide Vision last week and they called to tell me the new glasses were in late this afternoon. So off I went after supper and picked them up. I think they got the prescription correct; upper zone for computer work, lower zone for reading (I don’t need glasses for distance vision). I know better in this coming week. Continue reading New glasses. Violette Family website rework.

Los Cabos city tour

Our tour bus and driver at the Marina Mercado Arts & Crafts Market

Leni did a great job as our tour guide today as we explored Los Cabos. We are in the State of Baja California Sur (BCS) and the county of Los Cabos (The Capes, plural). The two main cities in southern Los Cabos are Cabo San Lucas (St Luke’s Cape) and San Jose del Cabos ( St Joseph of the Capes), and we toured both cities today on a Gray Line tour. The tour bus could hold 17 passengers, and we were two short of being full. Elaine and I were fortunate to be able to sit in the second row of seats behind the driver and tour guide, so we heard everything well. Continue reading Los Cabos city tour

Riu Santa Fe. Cabo San Lucas.

A sunny day at Riu Santa Fe

It was a bright and windy day (sorry Snoopy: I know you always start your stories with “It was a dark and stormy night…”) and we slept in this morning. Getting out around 9:00 we headed over to the plaza for breakfast. We have usually stopped at the Sports Bar, which is open long hours and offers coffee and pastries and rolls in addition to the bar drinks, but today we decided to have a “proper breakfast” of scrambled eggs, sausage, and bacon. Continue reading Riu Santa Fe. Cabo San Lucas.

The Arch. Glass Bottom Boat Tour.

The Arch from the Sea of Cortez (north) side
The Arch from the Pacific Ocean (south) side

Where the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) meets the Pacific Ocean – that’s at the point of Baja California and Cabo. And the most famous rock formation at that junction is The Arch, featured in various boat tours from Los Cabos. The Sea of Cortez is the long narrow bay separating Baja California from the mainland of Mexico. Today we took a tour in a glass bottom boat out of the harbor at San Lucas that cruised around the rock formations in that area and passed briefly into the Pacific. Continue reading The Arch. Glass Bottom Boat Tour.

Women’s Club. Errands. HostGator.

Women’s Club meeting today

Elaine attended the Royal Palm Women’s Club meeting this morning and came back with notes for me to include in the upcoming newsletter. The Club is planning for their Annual Christmas Bazaar, and we will be back in time for it. The Women’s Club meets twice a month from October through May. Continue reading Women’s Club. Errands. HostGator.

Gizmo good eye report. HostGator. Bearizona.

Gizmo got a good report from his eye doctor today! It has been two weeks since we took him to Eye Care for Animals because of a swelling on the cornea of his left eye. Dr Sigler prescribed an eye salve which I have been applying to his left eye three times a day. Dr Sigler said there has been an improvement, and we can see the reduction in swelling as well. He must have the salve for another month, though on a reduced dosage. Good news! Continue reading Gizmo good eye report. HostGator. Bearizona.

We’ll pass on torture. Trader Joe’s shopping.

“…Expedia will be assigning me as your personal concierge for your trip to cobble (Cabo) as your local expert concierge. I can arrange a port transportation, set up dinner reservations or help set up any torture activities that may interest you…” That was a transcribed voice mail message I received today. What are we getting in for? Maybe we don’t want to go to Cabo San Lucas after all!?! Continue reading We’ll pass on torture. Trader Joe’s shopping.

Jason’s Deli. Shopping. Halloween’s gone.

Now THAT’s a Reuben! Half a Reuben from Jason’s Deli.

“Darn, I forgot to take something out for supper!” “That’s OK, sweetie. We can go to Pei Wei or Jason’s Deli and we’ll also have some leftovers for tomorrow night.” Elaine plays Marbles & Jokers on Sunday night and Hand & Foot on Monday night, so not having to prepare a meal is a benefit to her on those days. I ordered a Reuben sandwich and Elaine got the salad bar. Continue reading Jason’s Deli. Shopping. Halloween’s gone.