Shelf fixed. Proof reading. Newsletter.

shelf fixed
I fixed the attachment for the lower floating shelf so it no longer tips to the front.

First thing this morning I went to Ace Hardware and bought some 3/16″ toggle bolts so I could fix the floating shelf I could not do yesterday. I left the fasteners in place at each end that Marv had used and added the toggle in the top hole of the middle pair of mounting holes. Once tightened in place, the floating shelf is now more stable and does not tip to the front. As you can imagine from the photo, that tall Galileo Thermometer at the right end would quickly indicate any tipping out of level. Continue reading Shelf fixed. Proof reading. Newsletter.

Weeds be gone. Current reading.

I’ve shown you the California Poppies that have been blooming the last few weeks, but so also are the weeds starting up. Warmer weather and occasional rain has gotten the weeds a good hold and without attention they will soon take over our yards. Our Park managers have posted signs reminding people to clear weeds from their yards and I am sure they will be making personal contact with those who ignore the message before long. Continue reading Weeds be gone. Current reading.