Getting a charge. Board meeting. Violette Family Association.

Getting a charge

It was time to recharge the golf cart batteries, but first I knew I should top off the electrolyte in the cells. I got out the distilled water and my battery filler jug and got that job done. Glad to see the levels were not down far. Then I put the cart on charge for a few hours to bring them back up to full. We have to recharge the batteries every week or so. Continue reading Getting a charge. Board meeting. Violette Family Association.

Elaine computer ready.

new computer
Elaine’s new computer is now on her own desk, ready to use

I spent much of the day getting Elaine’s computer ready for her and by mid-afternoon I had it on her desk and turned over to her. She says she likes it! I have to say that I like it as well. I had to get used to the large screen (23.8″) compared with my 11″ tablet and my 17″ laptop, though I do have a second 22″ monitor I use with the laptop to give me some extra screen space. The Lenovo set up easily and quickly with the latest Windows 10 setup process. Continue reading Elaine computer ready.

Elaine new computer. Dave computer at Geek Squad.

Elaine new computer

new Lenovo
Elaine’s new Lenovo All-In-One has a 23.8-inch screen, The whole computer is contained in the screen housing.

It was way past time, so today we went to Best Buy and bought a new computer for Elaine. Hers has given good service for several years but has become slower and slower as time goes on. I have called on Dell tech support a couple of times to fix it, have taken it to Geek Squad, and have done some fixes several times myself. But the end result in each case was only temporary improvements. So what to buy? We have both used laptops for many years (since 1993 for me) but when we travel Elaine most recently has taken only her tablet. So maybe a laptop is not needed? A desktop? Too large, takes too much space on and under her desk. We finally decided on an all-in-one. Continue reading Elaine new computer. Dave computer at Geek Squad.

Back and forth. Carbonite vs CrashPlan. External hard drive.

I did some desk clearing today, making sure I did not have bills to pay and clearing up work papers from the last newsletter. I made several trips as a result of stuff I found. I went to Jo Elmore’s three times with checks and receipts associated with the newsletter. I dropped some stuff off at George Immerso’s. I went to Gail Brazell’s twice with some flyers and tickets for events coming up in January. I dropped off some forms with Mary Jane Caraher that the office had given me by mistake. Now my desk, while not totally clean (like Elaine’s is) it is at least more organized and there is much less on it. Continue reading Back and forth. Carbonite vs CrashPlan. External hard drive.

ReadeREST. Kaspersky vs WebRoot. LastPass. Squashage.

The ReadeREST eyeglass holder system

Once I saw the ReadeREST magnetic eyeglass holder system on Shark Tank I knew I had to have one. This is a simple device consisting of a metal frame that sits on the outside of your shirt and a backing that goes under the shirt, with the two held together through the cloth with a pair of strong magnets. I have been using this since I saw it in 2012, and I like it very much. Prior to that I would hook my glasses in one of my shirt pockets and they would often come loose and drop to the ground – sometimes scratching a lens. With the ReadeREST this almost never happens. My glasses are hooked at one hinge in the metal bar on my shirt and when I lean over the glasses swing out and stay vertical. Continue reading ReadeREST. Kaspersky vs WebRoot. LastPass. Squashage.

A new car key. Dinner at Outback Steakhouse.

key fob
This is the replacement key fob for our Equinox

Recently the Unlock button on my key fob for our Equinox got pushed too hard and the rubber cover got depressed inside and broken out. I was able to slightly rearrange the broken cover to be able to use the unlock function, but I figured it was only a matter of time before it broke out completely and I would not be able to use my key fob to unlock the doors. I have heard that dealers charge from $150-300 to make a new key fob for you so I did some research online and found I could avoid going that route. I bought a pair of blank key fobs on Amazon for less than $29 for the pair. Continue reading A new car key. Dinner at Outback Steakhouse.

3D printing. More on lobsters.

the printer
This is Pete’s 3D printer with the finished policeman object on the platen. The black filament spool is on the left.

Our friend Pete Petersen recently bought a 3D printer and this last week he has been bringing samples of the output to the pool to show the gang. He has made several little policeman dolls, a whistle, and other items. His printer is a┬áMP Select Mini 3D Printer and it can handle objects up to about four inches. Many people are confused by the term “3D printer”, since it does not actually do any printing as we normally think of printing. Instead, it forms three-dimensional objects using, in most cases, colored plastic filament. Continue reading 3D printing. More on lobsters.

Decorating golf cart. Dropbox vs. OneDrive.

front view golf cart
Front view of our golf cart decorated for Independence Day

Elaine did a wash job on the golf cart today – wow, it sure looks great again! (She also washed half the driveway as well.) That was in preparation for decorating it for the golf cart parade tomorrow morning. After swimming this afternoon we did the decorations and now it is ready to go. I think she did a great job in picking out decorations to use. It sure is colorful! Continue reading Decorating golf cart. Dropbox vs. OneDrive.

Kindle app. June 26 1990 =122. 112 today.

It was a simple request, and one I thought would be easy to accomplish. It turned into an hour or more of complexity! Elaine asked me to install the Kindle reading app on her new tablet. As it turned out, the app was already there but there were only four books showing when there should have been hundreds. That was because the app was logged in under her Amazon/Kindle account instead of mine. So my first step was to add her account to mine and form a household account so we can share the library. That way she can also share in my Amazon Prime account. Continue reading Kindle app. June 26 1990 =122. 112 today.

Backing up. Vacationers. 114.

Allway Sync
A typical Allway Sync screen shot

I discovered that my Allway Sync Pro backup system was not operating. It must have gotten lost when my computer was last worked on by Geek Squad. I use CrashPlan by Code42 for my online backups and also have CrashPlan do a backup to my external hard drive. But those backups are in a compressed format not directly readable without going through CrashPlan, so for convenience I also do plain file backups to the external hard drive using Allway Sync. I have been using Allway Sync for more than ten years, with great satisfaction. Continue reading Backing up. Vacationers. 114.