Great Alfredo. Newsletter work.

Elaine made a great Alfredo sauce tonight and served it with Brown Rice Pasta Spirals and shrimp, with steamed asparagus on the side. She found the recipe (labeled as The Best Homemade Alfredo Sauce Ever) somewhere and it came from The Recipe Critic web site. The photo at right is from the web site and shows fettuccine, but she had already packed our fettuccine so she used the rice pasta I had bought recently. The dish was delicious, and the sauce creamy and tasty. Continue reading Great Alfredo. Newsletter work.

Grilled shrimp and fried rice. WordPress progress.

Shrimp on the barbie!

Take some fried rice cooked with mixed vegetables, add some steamed green beans and an egg roll. Then add some grilled shrimp with barbeque sauce. That’s what’s for supper! It was a team effort, and it came out great. Elaine is very good with fried rice dishes, with a good imagination about what can be added. I do a good job on the grill. Continue reading Grilled shrimp and fried rice. WordPress progress.

Trader Joe’s. Web work.

chop wizard
The Vidalia Chop Wizard Elaine likes so much

A broken vegetable chopper required a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond so we decided to go on to Trader Joe’s while we were close by. Elaine bought one of those Vidalia Chop Wizard choppers some months ago and has used it extensively several times a week. But earlier this week it broke at the hinge point in the base, making it no longer usable. We definitely do not want to be without one; it gets so much use. She chops fresh vegetables just about every day for our supper meal and lately she has been eating soup often and she chops the vegetables for that as well. Continue reading Trader Joe’s. Web work.