I finished the addition to Elaine’s Copic bin. Social Club meeting. Breakfast at Moon Valley Cafe. Class at The Paper Collage.

Copic bin
This is the bin for Elaine’s Copic pens to store upright

I finally got around to finishing the project on Elaine’s Copic storage bin. She had bought this to store all her Copic pens but found that they slipped right through if she lifted the grillage that holds the pens upright. My solution was to add a sheet of plastic to the bottom of the grillage so the pens would not drop through and a week or so ago I made my first attempt at doing this. Unfortunately my first attempt did not work because I did not cut the plastic square, despite using a combination square to lay out the cut lines. The second time I did it correctly and now she has the bin fixed. Continue reading I finished the addition to Elaine’s Copic bin. Social Club meeting. Breakfast at Moon Valley Cafe. Class at The Paper Collage.

The Paper Collage. RV consignment.

Elaine went to The Paper Collage in Sun City West for a card class today, only to find out those classes have been canceled for the time being. Apparently she did not get the email that Pamela sent out. But that was OK; Pam invited her to come on in and work on some cards anyway! She’s good that way. This is the shop Elaine and Jan Ostlund go to often because they like the shop and the quality of their material and instruction. Continue reading The Paper Collage. RV consignment.

Box for Copic pens. More office organizers. Hotter.

smaller box
This is one of the smaller boxes in which Elaine stores Copic pens

Elaine has been keeping her Copic pens in some plastic boxes that will hold about 144 pens. She has two and they are mostly full so she needs more storage. She recently found and ordered a larger box, about 11×15 inches in size, that will hold ALL her Copic pens plus more that she hasn’t bought yet. This new box will hold 406 pens. She thinks it will be easier to carry the single box and have all her colors available when she goes to a class. And she has A LOT of Copic pens – more than 250 of them, in fact! Continue reading Box for Copic pens. More office organizers. Hotter.


Elaine’s new organizer in place on her desk

Elaine has been busy off and on over the last couple of weeks reorganizing her craft workspace. She cleared out some space in her craft storage closet and she has rearranged her desk. She recently bought a desk organizer unit and assembled it today and set it up on her desk. I think this will allow her to keep tools and other items close to hand. Remember, she also has six desk drawers in which to keep tools, etc! The craft paper you see filed on top of the organizer was previously stored on edge in the space where the organizer sits. Continue reading Cardmaker.

Tired slowdown; slow day.

Elaine and cards
The artist Elaine hard at work on her cards.

I started the day tired, but it improved as the day went on. I think I was reacting to the turmoil and pressure over the last few days associated with choosing a new Class C motorhome and not having the one we want available locally. I spent much of the morning reading and relaxing and it helped. Elaine read for a while as well, but then repaired to her craft room and was busy for hours, working on her cards. She has been doing a lot of work on cards lately, and the results are great. She’s building up quite a stock of finished cards. Continue reading Tired slowdown; slow day.

Gyro at Lucky’s. Craft stuff from Shauna. Yet another load. Elaine to WinCo.

chowing down
Chowing down at Lucky’s Burgers and Shakes

In a change from usual, we headed to Lucky’s Burgers & Shakes for our supper tonight. Pete Petersen mentioned Lucky’s while we were at the pool and it sounded like a good idea to us, especially since Elaine had not decided what to make for supper yet. Plus, she had not been to Lucky’s yet. Pete and I had a gyro and Elaine had a burger and fries. Those gyros are delicious and generous; I brought half back for another meal. Elaine did the same with her burger. The fries are so outstanding I bought another order to take home; we’ll heat them up in the toaster oven tomorrow. Continue reading Gyro at Lucky’s. Craft stuff from Shauna. Yet another load. Elaine to WinCo.

More motorhome clearing. Elaine’s cards. Ron Murphy 80th birthday.

more motorhome stuff
Five more tubs and some other stuff was added to the pile today

I went back to the motorhome this morning, while it was cooler (about 90°) to remove more stuff. I hauled five more plastic tubs back to the house plus some other loose items, but I still have to purchase at least three more large tubs to finish the kitchen! It always amazes us how much stuff can get stored away in a motorhome! The pile on the patio is growing and growing. The next difficult job will be to sort through all this to decide what will go into the next motorhome we have. There is no question that that next motorhome will be smaller, and so there will be less room in which to store items. What’s more, we will only be using the new rig on an occasional basis rather than fulltime as we did in the Phaeton, so we won’t need to carry as much in any case. Continue reading More motorhome clearing. Elaine’s cards. Ron Murphy 80th birthday.

Motorhome clearing. Card class. Breakfast at JB’s.

motorhome stuff
I added the five plastic tubs and the sewer hoses today to the other stuff brought over earlier

I brought a couple more loads from the motorhome today. I packed five plastic tubs and brought them to the house. I removed the plaques from the front of the Phaeton, and I removed the sewer hoses from the storage tubes under the coach and brought all that as well. I think we can finish clearing the Phaeton with one or two more loads now. We need to get it ready for trading or selling; if all goes well we will deliver it next week. We will need to go through and do some interior cleanup and will run it through a truck wash for the exterior. Continue reading Motorhome clearing. Card class. Breakfast at JB’s.

Flag Day. Card class. Motorhome batteries. Dolls.

We are proud to fly the US flag, especially on this Flag Day.

Today is Flag Day, and the Violettes made sure their flags were out. I am so pleased to finally have a US flag displayed at our house full time now; I have been wanting to do this for a very long time. And a couple of weeks ago Elaine fastened two smaller flags on our golf cart. You can see all three in the photo at left. Continue reading Flag Day. Card class. Motorhome batteries. Dolls.

Back yard awning. Card class. Potluck.

awning in place
This is the first step: the awning structure is in place

Marv Fitchett worked today installing our back yard awning. This awning is about 4 ft wide by 20 ft long and covers the back porch and back to the rear of the house. The idea is to keep rain off the porch and to some extent off the dogs’ outside area. It will also provide some shade except in late afternoons in the summer. We have fenced the area off so far using the portable foldable dog fence we used during our RVing years, but Marv will be installing a 4 ft high lattice fence in the new system. Continue reading Back yard awning. Card class. Potluck.