Colorful season. New tool for Elaine. Newsletter work.

Bright bougainvillea in front of the office in Royal Palm

With cooler temperatures the plants and flowers here in Royal Palm are starting to put out more blossoms. They don’t have to defend themselves from the heat as much, so can put more energy into blooming. I especially noted the bougainvillea shrubs in front of the office this morning; they are covered with bright blossoms. Continue reading Colorful season. New tool for Elaine. Newsletter work.

Signmakers. Ed Nagle update. Newsletter.

making signs
Chris Nugent making a Women’s Club sign and Elaine making a Flu Shot Clinic sign

It was crafts day at the Clubhouse, but only Elaine and Chris Nugent were there. Both were working on sign projects, and the large tables in the Clubhouse make it easier to do such work. Chris, President of the Women’s Club, was making signs that go out each month to remind women of the upcoming meeting. Elaine was making signs to advertise the Flu Shot Clinic coming up this Friday. These signs get set out on sandwich boards placed for good visibility within the Park. Continue reading Signmakers. Ed Nagle update. Newsletter.

Busy day. Neighbor update.

Interior at Kiss The Cook
The interior at Kiss The Cook is kitschy-cute

“Every meal served with a kiss!” That’s the motto at Kiss The Cook (KTC), a favorite restaurant on W Glendale Ave in Glendale and where we went for breakfast this morning. The kiss, of course, is a Hershey’s Kiss placed on your bill at the end of the meal. The decor at KTC is eclectic, with mostly kitschy antiques and household items. We ate inside, but they also have outside seating. On Saturdays you should plan to get there by 7:45 AM at the latest, for it gets quite busy after 8:00! Continue reading Busy day. Neighbor update.

Tablet stand. Breakfast at IHOP. Elaine to card class. Dinner at Papa Joe’s.

tablet stand
Elaine using her new tablet stand. It holds her tablet (or phone) so she does not have to hold it in her hands.

Elaine uses her tablet or her smartphone much of the time while sitting in her recliner. In the past she just held the device in her hands, but she complained that after some time her hands would hurt. Granddaughter Taylor told her about an expandable button that can be attached to the back of the phone or tablet around which you place a couple of fingers and this avoids having to grip the tablet or phone. I got her one of those and it worked fine, but her fingers still got tired. Then she spotted a different device intended for the same purpose and I ordered that. She has used it now for a couple of days and seems to like it. Continue reading Tablet stand. Breakfast at IHOP. Elaine to card class. Dinner at Papa Joe’s.

Look back: San Antonio Riverwalk. Quiet day.

Photo of reflections in Riverwalk
The Riverwalk provides a peaceful setting in the heart of the city

[Note: Another photo from the past showing places we have been.] In December 2011 we visited San Antonio TX for the second time; our first visit was in December 2006. Our 2001 visit was planned to be there during the Christmas season, as we were impressed with the Riverwalk at that time on our first visit. For a wondrous tour through the heart of a city San Antonio’s Riverwalk is one of the best. You walk along the banks or float on the river 20-30 below street level and in a magical kingdom just barely aware of the world above. This watery kingdom has restaurants and shops, and connections to hotels that line the streets above. Bridges arch over the water to allow you to easily go from one side to the other, and bridges carry the streets over the water as well. Though colorful during the day, at night and especially at Christmas trees lining the river add their own magic of colored lights that make them seem almost imaginary. The photo here is one of my favorites and we use it as one of our wallpaper images on our computers; you can read my story from that visit at
Continue reading Look back: San Antonio Riverwalk. Quiet day.

Copic bin fix. Fall flags now. Newsletter printed.

Copic bin
Elaine’s bin for storing her Copic pens. I had to fix it today so the cover would snap in place.

I had added a false floor to the bin Elaine bought to store her Copic pens in, so the whole grillage could be lifted out if needed to access the bin bottom. But she told me a couple of days ago that she was having trouble latching the lid. Today I checked it out and realized that all I needed to do was change the nut and remove the washer that were at the bottom end of the four corner bolts holding the grillage and false bottom together. The original nuts were the self-locking type so were thicker. I swapped for regular ¼-inch nuts and left off the washers and now the cover can be latched in place fine using the blue handles at each end, as you can see in the photo. Continue reading Copic bin fix. Fall flags now. Newsletter printed.

Below average temps continue. Newsletter work. Crafts session.

Our cooler trend continues. Normal temps are around 100.

We delight in the continued below-average temperatures. Normal for this time of year is 100° but we’ve had temps 2-3° below that and the forecast calls for this to continue. Look at the 88 and 89 and 90 in the forecast! We’ve enjoyed those lower temps and the Park even had to start up the pool heater again because pool temps were getting down into the low 80s. It was comfortable enough that Elaine washed down and cleaned the golf cart after we returned from swimming this afternoon; it really needed it. Continue reading Below average temps continue. Newsletter work. Crafts session.

Heart testing. Surgery setup. Heat – 25 days 110 and over.

gamma camera
Dave in a Gamma Camera, which takes specialized photos of the heart to study oxygen use

I had three hours of testing this morning at the Honor Health Heart Group, under the direction of Dr Gary Kauffman. He wanted to get more thorough information about how my heart is functioning and today’s tests were designed to accomplish that. It started with injecting a radioactive dye which attaches to oxygen in the heart and will show where oxygen is being used. Those areas where oxygen is not present may be damaged or otherwise not active. Continue reading Heart testing. Surgery setup. Heat – 25 days 110 and over.

Garden flags flying again. Wound healing nicely. Crafts going on.

garden flags
My garden flags now have a more secure way to be displayed. One at the awning, the other at the other side of the house.

I have wanted to have my garden flags flying again but needed to make a better way to hang them. They came with a plastic and metal stand that could be stuck in the ground and with an arm from which to hang the flags. The problem was that the flags kept being blown off the arm. I attached a piece of conduit to an awning post and used it to hang one flag, but with the high wind last week the plastic ties that held the conduit to the post were broken. So I ordered a pair of flag pole holders and today I fastened one to the awning post and the other to the corner trim of the house at the other end.  Continue reading Garden flags flying again. Wound healing nicely. Crafts going on.

Fast Eddie’s. More newsletter. Bottle rack. Potluck.

Fast Eddie's decor
Some of the decor at Fast Eddie’s Restaurant

We went to Fast Eddie’s at N 33rd Ave and W Bell for breakfast this morning. We have been there often and enjoy the food and the atmosphere. Fast Eddie’s has an antique auto theme, with photos of old autos and their owners adorning the walls and other items in the auto theme as well. The sign shown in the photo is typical of the tongue-in-cheek attitude shown in some of the decorations. Continue reading Fast Eddie’s. More newsletter. Bottle rack. Potluck.