Beautiful quilt

A beautiful quilt made by Shauna Dockter and sent to us.

We received a mysterious package in the mail yesterday. A small box closed with bright pink duct tape. It came from Shauna Dockter, daughter. We thought at first it was for Christmas until Shauna told her Mom to open it right away. Among the items in the box was the beautiful quilt you see in the photo at right. Elaine put it on the couch in our living room, where we can enjoy it every day. Continue reading Beautiful quilt

Elmer’s. Craft Warehouse. Finger painting.

Elmer's German Pancake with Apple and Caramel topping
Elmer’s German Pancake with Apple and Caramel topping

Whenever we are in Oregon I always try to get to an Elmer’s Restaurant if I can, especially for breakfast. The reason? German Pancakes! I love German Pancakes. So this morning that is where we went, and that is what I had. While I usually get the Combo, today I had just the pancake but with an Apple Caramel topping. Yum! And Elaine topped it off with some of her Slivered Almonds, Raisins, and Cranberries. Even the waitress thought that looked good. Continue reading Elmer’s. Craft Warehouse. Finger painting.

Gizmo good eye report. HostGator. Bearizona.

Gizmo got a good report from his eye doctor today! It has been two weeks since we took him to Eye Care for Animals because of a swelling on the cornea of his left eye. Dr Sigler prescribed an eye salve which I have been applying to his left eye three times a day. Dr Sigler said there has been an improvement, and we can see the reduction in swelling as well. He must have the salve for another month, though on a reduced dosage. Good news! Continue reading Gizmo good eye report. HostGator. Bearizona.

Warehouse scrapbook shopping. More WordPress.

_at-the-entryOff they go, heading into the warehouse for a shopping spree. Elaine met her friend Jan Ostlund at the warehouse about 9:00 this morning for an advertised sale event of scrapbooking supplies. They came back to our place around 1:30 this afternoon after each spending about $40 or so. Elaine expressed disappointment with the selection of items; she had been hoping to find more dies but apparently there were few. They left that place and went to Hobby Lobby (maybe?) and had lunch at SmashBurger – a first time for Jan. She liked it.

Continue reading Warehouse scrapbook shopping. More WordPress.

Great Alfredo. Newsletter work.

Elaine made a great Alfredo sauce tonight and served it with Brown Rice Pasta Spirals and shrimp, with steamed asparagus on the side. She found the recipe (labeled as The Best Homemade Alfredo Sauce Ever) somewhere and it came from The Recipe Critic web site. The photo at right is from the web site and shows fettuccine, but she had already packed our fettuccine so she used the rice pasta I had bought recently. The dish was delicious, and the sauce creamy and tasty. Continue reading Great Alfredo. Newsletter work.

Busy day, I think. Crafts. Swimming.

I tried to think back on what I did today, but am really drawing a blank! I know I was very busy all morning long, but  am not sure what, if anything I accomplished. I know I worked mostly on trying to get MailChimp hooked up with the web site but was not successful. I want MailChimp to grab the RSS feed from the site and send out an email to everyone on the list with the latest post. I have a support request in to MailChimp to find out. I have used them for years with other sites. Continue reading Busy day, I think. Crafts. Swimming.

Samsung TV remote. Golf car batteries. Elaine and Jan.

Samsung app
The Samsung remote app on my smartphone

We have a Samsung Smart TV in the office and from the very start we could  not find the remote that came with it. Pete Petersen helped me select a universal remote and we have been using that all along. But recently we lost channel 51 and needed to reprogram the channel list and needed the Samsung remote to do it. So I went to the Google store and found an app for my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone which seems to provide all the functions the original remote would have, so now we are back in business again. See photo at left. And we have channel 51 again. While I was playing around with that app I took the time to modify the channel list we see on-screen to eliminate all the Spanish-language ones as well as a couple of others we don’t watch. That makes the list much smaller. Continue reading Samsung TV remote. Golf car batteries. Elaine and Jan.

El Encanto. Newsletter.

table view
The view off the end of our table included a pond, some ducks, and some turtles

Dinner tonight was at El Encanto restaurant in Cave Creek. Pete Petersen and Sharlene Froberg went with us and we had a great time. While it was a first time in this restaurant for the other two, Elaine and I have eaten there several times over the years and always enjoy it. This restaurant is set as a Mexican town, with a pond in the middle, complete with ducks and turtles, an inside eating area, and an open patio and closed patio area. There is also a large open space in the front that is a popular venue for weddings and celebrations. All in all a great experience. Continue reading El Encanto. Newsletter.

OurHous to storage. Shopping.

OurHous behind bars. Well, only in storage as it turns out.

We moved OurHous into storage today. I had done enough with it on an RV space to get it ready and it was time to make the move. It took me about 15 minutes to get it done! I decided that this time I would store it with the rear facing south to limit sunlight on the windshield side. All I had to do was disconnect the water and electric lines, stow them, and bring in the slides. Once in the storage spot I brought down all the night shades, opened the refrigerator and freezer doors, and opened two of our roof vents to relieve heat buildup. Those two vents have covers over them to prevent rain from coming in. Continue reading OurHous to storage. Shopping.

Christmas cards. Newsletter. Web site.

For the past few weeks Elaine has been busy in her craft corner here at the house, making Christmas card kits. She is going to offer these kits to people at the Royal Palm craft sessions in October, so they can make the cards for themselves. I think she has about 10-12 different designs so far, and she is busy making the parts for these for a session in mid-October. These are all her own designs, using components available thru her Cricut system and other sources. And I have to say, these are truly outstanding cards and truly unique. I think these will go over well. Continue reading Christmas cards. Newsletter. Web site.