Happy Birthday, Elaine. Pappadeaux. Gizmo escapes.

Pasta Mardi Gras
Elaine’s favorite – Pasta Mardi Gras

Happy Birthday, Elaine! For the most part we had a quiet day. She fixed breakfast burritos this morning (yum!) and we took it easy the rest of the morning. This afternoon she worked at her computer doing minutes from the last Park Association board and club meetings and I spent a couple of hours working on the upcoming newsletter. It was easy. She had birthday phone calls from her kids, which made her very happy. Tonight I took her to Pappadeaux for dinner – it was her choice. Continue reading Happy Birthday, Elaine. Pappadeaux. Gizmo escapes.

Fast Eddies breakfast. White chocolate M&Ms. Decorations packed. Driving peeve: signal use.

Fast Eddies breakfast

eat at Fast Eddies
One of the fun signs at Fast Eddie’s. I love their sense of humor!

Our Saturday breakfast out this morning was at Fast Eddie’s, at 35th Ave and W Bell Rd. This is one of our favorites. Elaine had a Denver Omelet and English Muffin, I had the Saturday Special: Chef’s Choice. Today the Chef chose to make a ham and spinach scramble with chopped tomatoes, served with hash browns. While I ordered an English Muffin, the wheat bread toast I got was quite good! There were two slices and I brought one home. I always like spinach in omelets and such, so that was a good choice the chef made for me. I picked out lots of little ham chunks to bring home for the boys instead of ordering sausage or such.

White chocolate M&Ms

white chocolate M&Ms
24-pack White Chocolate M&Ms from Amazon

Whenever Elaine is looking for M&Ms candies she always looks first for those with white chocolate. She seldom finds them in stores, though. She was able to recently, and had a 1.5 oz package on her side table the other day and we got to talking about them with Pete Petersen. So I immediately got on Amazon and found and purchased a 24-package box, 1.5 oz size packages! They came today. So now she should not run out soon, and when she does I know where to get more. They were reasonably priced at $16.41 for 24 packs.

Decorations packed

We spent a couple of hours this afternoon packing away the Christmas decorations taken down a few days ago. We still have to store them, but have to do some rearranging for that to happen. But at least everything is packed in tubs and ready for the next step.

Driving peeve: signal use

A practice that peeves me when driving is how some people either fail to use a turn signal or use it improperly. I was taught early in my driving “career” that turn signals should be used to indicate an INTENT to make a turning movement and, at least in Massachusetts back when I got my second license there around 1959 (first was in NH in 1955), should be turned on at least 400 feet ahead of making the turning movement.

So I get peeved when someone makes a turning movement or lane change WITHOUT using a turn signal.

I also get peeved when someone activates their turn signal as they are MAKING the turn.

Another peeve is when people are in a designated turn lane at a traffic signal and leave their blinkers going. Hey: you are in a right turn only lane – why do you have to tell people you are going to make a turn?

Of course then there are the cases of someone “making a left turn around the world”, as Elaine calls it when someone is driving down the road a great distance with their signals still on. It is distracting to other drivers.

Okay: peeves noted and expressed!

Twelve Days of Christmas – decorations down. Breakfast in the Park.

Twelve Days of Christmas

Today is the Day of Epiphany, and the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas. I have traditionally left Christmas decorations in place for those twelve days, so today they started coming down. Pete Petersen helped me take down the icicle lights today and I have them all bundled and ready to store. Tonight I turned off the controllers that turn on and off our outside lights, and tomorrow we will continue taking down decorations. Our house always looks so plain once our violet lights and the decorations are gone. But they will be back next year! Continue reading Twelve Days of Christmas – decorations down. Breakfast in the Park.

Weather or not. Last full day at Lighthouse Pointe.

Elaine, Kenley, deck chairs
Elaine and Kenley enjoying the sun on the pool deck

Our day started with overcast and winds, though it did warm up from yesterday’s cooler weather – 72° instead of 68 or so. There was a light rain this morning so we kept under cover on our way to breakfast. But by mid morning the clouds had blown away and it turned sunny, so off to the pool area we headed where we joined Taylor and Kenley and later Morgan and Ryan. We got a good three hours of sunshine in before another storm rolled in and the wind blew harder and the rain came down. That was a good break, though, and we got to enjoy the last of our full days here at Lighthouse Pointe. Continue reading Weather or not. Last full day at Lighthouse Pointe.

Christmas Eve.

If you have ever had one of Elaine’s Breakfast Burritos you know how lucky I was this morning. That’s a regular Sunday feature in our house. I have half for breakfast and the other half for lunch. Yum!

The discomfort I had the last two days did not return this morning. I hope it is over. Continue reading Christmas Eve.

Jan Ostlund visit. Crafts. Jared’s. Newsletter.

Jan Ostlund visit

Jan and Elaine
Jan and Elaine at Las Glorias

Jan called this afternoon to let Elaine know she wanted to come in for a visit. We haven’t seen her for quite a while, so looked forward to her visit. We were out shopping when she called but got back home for her arrival around 3:30. The two of them visited while I finished up printing the newsletter draft copies for the reviewers. Then around 5 we headed to Las Glorias Grill for supper; this is one of our favorite places but Jan had not been there yet. She liked it, too. Continue reading Jan Ostlund visit. Crafts. Jared’s. Newsletter.

Birthday Bash. Cardiologist. Newsletter.

Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash
Birthday Bash crowd at Bobby-Q tonight

We had our monthly Royal Palm Birthday Bash tonight at Bobby-Q, a famous and award-winning local steak and barbecue restaurant. Our group numbered around 35, with about six actually having a birthday in December. This is the sixth month we have done this birthday thing, and it has proven to be very popular – judging from the numbers who attend. Bobby-Q is always a good choice, and it is close to Royal Palm so it is easy to get to (getting back is a little tricky due to the local street pattern). Elaine and I shared a Three Meat Platter, with baby back ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. Yum! Continue reading Birthday Bash. Cardiologist. Newsletter.

Day off. Breakfast at Melrose Kitchen. Instant Pot dinner. Newsletter.

You may have noticed that there was no post from me yesterday. I took the day off. When it got time to do the post I was huddled under a blanket in my recliner, with a chill, too tired to do much except snuggle with Gizmo. Better today!

Elaine at Melrose Kitchen
Elaine at Melrose Kitchen for breakfast. Interesting interior!

We went for breakfast on Saturday to Melrose Kitchen on N 7th Ave in the Melrose District. It was our first time there, but it won’t be our last. Excellent food, great menu choices, and an eclectic interior. Elaine said it reminded her of the Sugar Bowl, an old-time restaurant in Green River WY when she was young.  The decorations are old time and the restaurant interior is as well. But it is well kept and clean and the tables and seating are fairly new. The staff was mostly Chinese, which I found unexpected for the restaurant theme! Continue reading Day off. Breakfast at Melrose Kitchen. Instant Pot dinner. Newsletter.

Christmas Dinner. More icicle lights.

Christmas Dinner

at serving line
The first table is up and at the serving line.Ro

It was our turn to eat at the Christmas Dinner tonight. This was the second of two nights. We had a total of 160-170 people eating, counting both nights, which is a good turnout from our roughly 550-person community. There were about 15 volunteers that worked at each dinner to set out the cooked foods and served them to diners; many worked both nights. There were also volunteers who helped to set up the hall each night and others who did cleanup each night. We have a great community here, with lots of spirit and helping hands. Continue reading Christmas Dinner. More icicle lights.

Christmas Bazaar. Warm again. Breakfast at The Cracked Egg.

Christmas Bazaar

Sharlene buying some of Elaine’s fudge at the baked goods table. There was a wide selection of items for sale.

The Royal Palm Women’s Club Christmas Bazaar today was a success. Chris Nugent reported that the Club took in around $600 from the event. There were only nine tables where members had their crafts and other items for sale – fewer than in some years past – but they had a great selection of beautiful items. Elaine helped with the baked goods table, which featured many selections including her banana bread and fudge. It all sold out. Her chili was also a hit, and the big Crock Pot was empty before they were done. Elaine stayed with it until around 11:00 or so, but decided to return home due to being tired. Continue reading Christmas Bazaar. Warm again. Breakfast at The Cracked Egg.