Taco Tuesday at Beaver Bar. Craft Tuesday. Shopping. More yard sale items.

at Beaver Bar
A gang of 18 from Royal Palm at The Beaver Bar tonight

There were eighteen of us from Royal Palm at The Beaver Bar tonight! This is the third Tuesday in a row that a group of us have gone, and the group has gotten larger each week. The Beaver Bar is not normally staffed to handle such a crowd so this week someone called in advance to let Mike Beaver know about how many were coming, and they had our tables all rearranged for us when we got there. And Mike had made sure he had enough staff to handle the load. Other than our group, there were only about 6-8 people there tonight. Part of the draw is their 99¢ Taco Tuesdays. Continue reading Taco Tuesday at Beaver Bar. Craft Tuesday. Shopping. More yard sale items.

Happy Birthday, Agnes. Stamping show. Shelves.

Agnes and cake
Agnes Volk and her birthday cake. Donna Volk in upper right

Happy Birthday, Agnes Volk! She is 93 years old and a lively, wonderful person – a real asset to Royal Palm. Her daughter-in-law, Donna Volk, organized a surprise birthday party for her and invited a lot of people from the Park – there were 23 of us at North Mountain Brewing Company for dinner tonight. We all enjoyed a great dinner and then shared a birthday cake with Agnes. I don’t know how Donna did it, visiting in Agnes’s house, but she made tons of decorations for the tables and had lots more for the walls. She and husband Glen, Agnes’s son, arranged for him to take Agnes out on some pretense and they “just happened” to end up at North Mountain where we were all gathered. It was a total surprise for Agnes! Continue reading Happy Birthday, Agnes. Stamping show. Shelves.

Back to Beaver Bar. Tubbier.

group at Beaver Bar
The group at The Beaver Bar tonight

It being Tuesday, we headed back to The Beaver Bar and Grill for Taco Tuesday with a group of friends. We were apprehensive about potential crowding since it was Halloween, but there was no need to worry. It was no more crowded than it was last week. There were fourteen of us there tonight: Jeff Tennyson and Lisa Boyd, Bill and Nancy Schuling, Pete Petersen, Gail Brazell, Mitzi Wrona, Agnes Volk, Donna Volk, Kay and Larry Hale, Bill Russell, and Elaine and me. Elaine and I both had tacos and brought some home; we also ordered some appetizers but our tables were overloaded with appetizers since so many others ordered them as well so we also brought home appetizers. Continue reading Back to Beaver Bar. Tubbier.

Breakfast at Joe’s Diner. Halloween Parade. Halloween Dinner.

interior at Joe's
The interior of Joe’s Diner

We tried a new (to us) place this morning – Joe’s Diner on 7th Ave in the Melrose District. It is a family-style restaurant that seems to have a large clientele. We arrived just before 8:00 with plenty of seating and within 20 minutes it was almost full. Service was fast and we were served our breakfast in a reasonable amount of time. Continue reading Breakfast at Joe’s Diner. Halloween Parade. Halloween Dinner.

Shed addition. Newsletter printed. Leftovers. Internet down.

addition framing
Part of the shed addition framing is in place.

Marv worked some more on our shed addition today and now has two walls up as well as the roof structure. I expect he will continue with it now that he has gotten back to it. He sometimes has to juggle projects, as he has a number of them going at any time. That’s the way it is in the life of a contractor handyman! He has to have several jobs on tap or in the works to keep the revenues flowing. Continue reading Shed addition. Newsletter printed. Leftovers. Internet down.

The Beaver Bar for supper. Back to swimming. 99°.

group at The Beaver Bar
Our group: Bill Russell, Kay, Agnes Volk, Pete Petersen, Elaine, Donna Volk, Lisa Boyd, Jeff Tennyson, Larry

We have heard from Pete Petersen and Bill Russell how good the food is at The Beaver Bar & Grill is so tonight a group of us headed there; it’s on N 19th Ave. In addition to Pete, Elaine, and me there was Agnes Volk, Donna Volk, Lisa Boyd and Jeff Tennyson, Bill Russell and his sister, Kay and her husband Larry. It was a fun gang to go with. The place is what it sounds like – a bar and grill. Lots of sports TVs, loud music, pool tables, and a bar. Their Tuesday special is 99¢ tacos and $4.95 margaritas. Continue reading The Beaver Bar for supper. Back to swimming. 99°.

Fast Eddie’s Breakfast. Social Club meeting.

Fast Eddie's decor
The decor at Fast Eddie’s is always fun to view

Saturday morning breakfast out was at Fast Eddie’s Diner at 33rd Ave and W Bell this morning. We go there on occasion and always enjoy the atmosphere and the food. It is a fun place with lots of character; the photo shows examples of signs and photos seen on their walls – always humorous. Elaine discovered a part of the menu we had not seen before – half size meals! That suited us just fine, and she ordered the half size French toast with bacon and egg and I ordered the half waffle with bacon and scrambled eggs plus a couple of sausage links to have some to take home to the boys. Both meals came with cheesy hash browns, but we didn’t have much of those. Continue reading Fast Eddie’s Breakfast. Social Club meeting.

Rain this morning. Social Club Board meeting. Women On The Go. Bingo.

I call that a one-inch Arizona rainfall – the drops are one inch apart

We were pleased to hear some raindrops on our awning roof this morning. It was about 7:30 or so and I had the front door open to get the morning air, so we could hear the rain quite clearly. As I mentioned a couple of days ago it’s been over 55 days now since the last measurable rainfall, so this was a big event! Don’t know when we’ll get rain again, though. Continue reading Rain this morning. Social Club Board meeting. Women On The Go. Bingo.

Busy day. Neighbor update.

Interior at Kiss The Cook
The interior at Kiss The Cook is kitschy-cute

“Every meal served with a kiss!” That’s the motto at Kiss The Cook (KTC), a favorite restaurant on W Glendale Ave in Glendale and where we went for breakfast this morning. The kiss, of course, is a Hershey’s Kiss placed on your bill at the end of the meal. The decor at KTC is eclectic, with mostly kitschy antiques and household items. We ate inside, but they also have outside seating. On Saturdays you should plan to get there by 7:45 AM at the latest, for it gets quite busy after 8:00! Continue reading Busy day. Neighbor update.

Shake Shack. Office work.

gang at Shake Shack
The gang eating out at Shake Shack

60 Minutes on last Sunday featured Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer in one segment, and several at the pool on Monday talked about it. The report seemed to give Shake Shack a good review on their fare, so several of us decided to go try them. There are three stores in the Valley, one in the shopping center at Camelback and Central and two in Scottsdale. We went to the first one tonight. Elaine and I brought Pete Petersen and Agnes Volk; Dale and Betty Stroh were there as were Bill Russell and Marty House and Bill’s sister Kay and Larry Hale. My first impression was negative: WAY TOO LOUD and the seats are very hard to sit on. Continue reading Shake Shack. Office work.