“Awful” House. Still no flashers.

We got a surprise visit by son John Ogden today. He posted on Facebook yesterday that he was in Panguitch UT and expected to be in Phoenix today to take his Mom for breakfast; he knows we always go out for breakfast on Saturdays. Then he contacted Elaine late yesterday that his truck was late in getting loaded and he would not arrive in Phoenix until late so would not see us until today. Elaine called him about 8:00 this morning – no answer. Again around 8:20 – no answer. Then she left a message around 8:45 that unless we heard from him by 9:00 we would head out on our own. Continue reading “Awful” House. Still no flashers.

Still no flasher. Consignment maybe. Halibut delicious.

As you may recall, once we switched to LED lights on the golf cart the signal lights no longer worked properly. They come on but do not flash; they stay solid. Steve Fritts told me to get “low pass flashers” – the kind that will work with LEDs instead of incandescent. Incandescent bulbs have a resistance that LEDs do not. I went to O’Reilly’s a few days ago and was given a flasher unit that, while it said on the package “for incandescent bulbs only”, the sales guy assured me from his computer screen they would work with LEDs. Believe the package, fellow! Continue reading Still no flasher. Consignment maybe. Halibut delicious.

Tired slowdown; slow day.

Elaine and cards
The artist Elaine hard at work on her cards.

I started the day tired, but it improved as the day went on. I think I was reacting to the turmoil and pressure over the last few days associated with choosing a new Class C motorhome and not having the one we want available locally. I spent much of the morning reading and relaxing and it helped. Elaine read for a while as well, but then repaired to her craft room and was busy for hours, working on her cards. She has been doing a lot of work on cards lately, and the results are great. She’s building up quite a stock of finished cards. Continue reading Tired slowdown; slow day.

Newsletter almost done. More ads. Milder storm. Golf cart lights.

The push has been on over the last couple of days to wrap up the Royal Palm newsletter, and it went out to the reviewers this afternoon – meaning it is essentially done. That is always a good feeling. I will do the final edits tomorrow and deliver it to the printer on Thursday morn. It was a little more relaxing pace this month as I got more done earlier. I still need to do the spotlight interview earlier in the month, though! Continue reading Newsletter almost done. More ads. Milder storm. Golf cart lights.

Our turn for storm. Cooler today. Golf cart lights update. Newsletter.

I took the dogs out around 9:15 for their evening walk last night and was treated to a spectacular lightning display off to the northeast. The lightning was probably 20-25 miles away. About a half hour later the wind started blowing – hard. That is the first sign a monsoon storm is coming, for the wind direction was from where the lightning had been. Within 10-15 minutes the rain hit – hard – blowing horizontally. The storm ran for a half hour or more and then died out. This is typical of a summer monsoon storm around here. Continue reading Our turn for storm. Cooler today. Golf cart lights update. Newsletter.

Flash floods. Golf cart lights.

flash flood
This is what a flash flood looks like – a wall of debris and water rushing at you. (Source: AZFamily.com, Photo courtesy of Amy Lloyd)

With monsoon comes the danger of flash floods. This is desert country, which means low annual rainfall and very few streams. But the whole area is “drained” with a wide series of dry washes; these have water flowing only when it rains in the watershed that feeds the wash. And the land that the washes drain is not flat; there is a noticeable slope from the foothills down through the “flatlands” below. When it rains up in the watershed the water flows down quickly and the washes become flooded. Especially in the outlying areas around the cities there are no culverts where the washes cross the roads, so the road just dips down to accommodate the wash and its flow. Continue reading Flash floods. Golf cart lights.

Cracker Barrel breakfast. Social Club meeting. July birthdays dinner at North Mountain Brewing Co. New headlights.

gang at brewery
The Royal Palm gang who attended the July Birthday Bash at North Mountain Brewery

There being ten Royal Palm residents with birthdays in July, Sharlene Froberg came up with the idea of getting together to celebrate and Gail Brazell did the organizing; both have July birthdays. Gail set it up for all to gather at North Mountain Brewing Co at 522 E Dunlap Ave, not far from the Park. What a great gathering, and what a great place to eat! The group included some with July birthdays and family and invited guests, such as Elaine and me. Continue reading Cracker Barrel breakfast. Social Club meeting. July birthdays dinner at North Mountain Brewing Co. New headlights.

Headlights not good. Golf cart rain cover.

We got a few complaints about the headlights on our golf cart being aimed too high. They were blinding oncoming drivers. Some time ago I added some plastic bumpers at the bottom of the lights, trying to tip them down. While it may have helped a little, it was not enough. So I tried adding another layer of bumpers, but still no good. My next trial was to add some screws at the bottom of the light fixture so I could maybe tip them further. That did not work. Continue reading Headlights not good. Golf cart rain cover.

Naked golf cart. Hot. Dry.

Independence Day is over, so today we stripped all the decorations off the golf cart. They came off faster than they went on, though we were careful in removing them so they can be used again another year. Elaine carefully packed almost all of them in a single large tub and I snapped a cover on it. The large flag wreath that was on the back of the golf cart is too large to fit in the tub, so it stayed separate; I will pack it in a large plastic bag to keep it clean. We set the tub in the shed in a temporary place; I will make a spot for it on the shelves when I reorganize some of the stuff already on the shelves. Continue reading Naked golf cart. Hot. Dry.

Happy Independence Day!

Golf carts on parade

I hope that everyone who reads this had a happy day and enjoyed celebrating the 241st anniversary of our nation’s independence! I hope that your personal celebration was enjoyable. Elaine and I took part in some of the FRIENDS & FAMILY FUN FOURTH AND POTLUCK event that started at 10:00 this morning with a golf cart parade, followed by a Poker Run at 11:00, and then a hot dog cookout and potluck lunch at noon. Most people were dressed special for the day, and the eight or so golf carts and scooters that took part in the parade were all festively decorated in red, white, and blue. Continue reading Happy Independence Day!