Not much new. Newsletter.

It was a quiet day for both of us today. Elaine did some work at her desk, finishing the minutes for the Social Club for the monthly meeting tomorrow. I went to the office to talk with Lisa Boyd, Manager, to discuss items for the upcoming newsletter. I also collected the Park’s financial contribution to the newsletter while there, then took those moneys to our Treasurer, Jo Elmore.

In addition, I also had several email communications with Sherry Saxon, Operations Manager for Continental Communities – the owners of Royal Palm. She had several questions about where we get TV, telephone, and Internet services. We also discussed advertising in our newsletter and she took out six months’ worth of full page color ads for Continental. That will greatly help the newsletter to pay for itself, and that is our goal.

With those commitments from the Park and Continental Communities along with other new advertisers we have added in the last month we should have a surplus over the next few months at least!

I did a lot of resting today, following the angiogram yesterday. I found that when I lay back in the recliner it eases the discomfort but if I sit in my office chair for long the discomfort comes back. So I stretch out as much as I can.

Nothing found

Dave angiogram
Dave checking in at hospital for angiogram

Dave spent most of the day at John C Lincoln Honor Health Hospital (JCL) having an angiogram done. A recent stress test showed some abnormality and Dr Kauffman ordered the angiogram to see if the problem was associated with heart plumbing. It was not. Dr Aquino, who performed the angiogram (Dr Kauffman had a back injury so could not do the procedure), reported that all the large and medium blood vessels around the heart had less than 25% blockage and some had little or none. We haven’t talked with Dr Kauffman yet but I have an appointment with him on Monday afternoon. We don’t know exactly what the stress test told him, and we will learn more about what he wants to do next at that appointment. Continue reading Nothing found

Golf cart undecorating. Christmas dinner prep. Elaine update.

This morning I removed some of the decorations on the golf cart, but only the wings, crown, and halo. Elaine wanted to leave the rest for a while at least, but I wanted to get rid of the things that caused obstructions (the wings) or were likely to come apart (the crown and halo). What’s left will still leave a brightly decorated golf cart for the season! Continue reading Golf cart undecorating. Christmas dinner prep. Elaine update.

Elaine feeling better. Starting newsletter. Great new ad.

Elaine feeling better

I am happy to report that Elaine has been gaining back her health slowly, a little each day. She has been more chipper each day, though she still tires as the day wears her down. Over the last couple of days she has gone with me on trips outside the house for activities such as shopping. Today she even went to the craft session at the Clubhouse. That involved a flurry of activity in getting prepared and assembling the materials and tools she wanted to bring with her. She stayed for a couple of hours, getting back home around 1:00. But she was tired this afternoon. Continue reading Elaine feeling better. Starting newsletter. Great new ad.

More rope lights. Lab and shopping. Prescriptions timing.

More rope lights

more rope lights
I added the rope lights on the deck railings today plus some added ornaments hanging from the edge of the awning

The second and third set of rope lights came in today, so I installed them this afternoon. One rope extends from the rope on the planter boxes, wraps around the top rail on front of the deck and the stair railing, and ends on the rail post. The other starts at the stairs end of the top rail along the main part of the deck and wraps its way as far as it will go. Both ropes are 24-foot with violet LED lights. They are sold by Lamplust on Amazon. I discovered after receiving the first rope that you can join together up to seven of these ropes. This would give you about 170 feet of lights. Continue reading More rope lights. Lab and shopping. Prescriptions timing.

Elaine better, at doctor. Dave stress test.

bread loaves
The loaves of bread Elaine made this morning.

Elaine had a little better day today; she was active early in the morning baking bread loaves for the Bazaar Bake Sale next weekend and later she decorated our Christmas tree on the deck and hung some ornaments from the awning. But by late afternoon she was worn out and after supper she is laid back in her recliner resting. Those who see her also note, as I do, that she is looking better and when she is “up” she is more sparkling. Continue reading Elaine better, at doctor. Dave stress test.

Elaine better. Shopping, shopping, shopping. Purple lights, red lights.

As proof that Elaine is feeling better, we went shopping this morning at Trader Joe’s and Costco and this afternoon at Winco! Each of those stores has things that we buy there rather than other places, including our regular grocery shopping store – Fry’s. Pete Petersen went with us to take advantage of the transportation and to share in the shopping. Elaine made it through the morning quite well, but took a short nap after lunch. And then she handled the afternoon shopping as well. That was good news! Continue reading Elaine better. Shopping, shopping, shopping. Purple lights, red lights.

Newsletter delivered. Missed appointment. Thermostat being updated.

newsletter cover
Click on the cover image to download the newsletter.

Our volunteer crew met this morning at 9:30 and got the newsletter inserts done and the newsletters prepared for delivery in about a half hour. While usually several people do the distribution, today, Dale and Betty Stroh and Mary McDougale offered to distribute them all! Elaine and Mary usually do Streets A through E, but since we were heading to Elaine’s doctor appointment later we would not have time to do it this morning. Many thanks to Dale, Betty, and Mary! With winter coming on the RV section is filling up and the newsletter print run has grown. I had 365 printed this time, but should have had 380. Not sure where I miscounted, but at least we had enough to give to all. I also posted the newsletter to the web site so the electronic version is available there. You can also click the cover image here to get the newsletter. Continue reading Newsletter delivered. Missed appointment. Thermostat being updated.

Bye bye Shauna and Casey. Still warm. Newsletter to reviewers.

Casey, Gizmo, Kerby, Shauna
Casey checking in at his plant while Gizmo and Kerby pal with Shauna.

We said goodbye to Casey and Shauna this morning. They came by around 7 or so, all packed up and ready to head back to Rock Springs WY. They fly into Salt Lake City and will do some shopping there before driving back home to Rock Springs. We’ve had a great visit with them, but we all need to head back to our regular lives again. I think not only Elaine and I but the boys as well will miss them. Notice in the photo that Kerby is up on the couch and Shauna’s lap; that is very rare. He does not get on lap or couch very often so it amazes us when it happens. As usual, he did not stay long. Continue reading Bye bye Shauna and Casey. Still warm. Newsletter to reviewers.

A great sunset. Elaine update. Shopping. Hot forecast.

sunset and moon
Another glorious sunset here in Phoenix, accompanied by a sliver moon.

Occasionally I comment about, and show photos of, our Arizona sunsets. Tonight it was so bright and brilliant I had to share once again. Our mostly clear skies that have clouds on the western horizon late in the day create conditions for these great sunsets. We also have conditions in the morning for great sunrises, but they are harder to take photos of because of the mountains to the east of the Valley. That is why you are most likely to see sunset photos here. Continue reading A great sunset. Elaine update. Shopping. Hot forecast.