Meal on the grill. Elaine’s hand. Construction in yard. Duplicate emails.

Meal on the grill

garlic steak
Garlic Steak and Cheesy Bacon Potato Hash Foil Packs

It sure smelled great around our place late this afternoon as the meal Elaine prepared was cooking on our grill. In fact, it raised some comments from the construction workers in our back yard! I can attest that it was delicious!

She saw the recipe on Facebook and downloaded it from CafeDelites. You can get it at She mostly followed the recipe she says, but did make her own changes to suit herself.

If you use the recipe I think the potatoes should either be cut into smaller pieces or partially cooked before putting them in the foil packages; ours were still a little hard. We also cooked it about five minutes longer to get the steak cooked more for Elaine’s taste. Continue reading Meal on the grill. Elaine’s hand. Construction in yard. Duplicate emails.

Dinner at Anzio’s. Well don’t do that.

Dinner at Anzio’s

lemon cod dinner
My Lemon Cod dinner and our Coconut Macadamia Nut Shrimp appetizer

One of Pete’s Picks in the last Royal Palm newsletter was Anzio’s Italian Restaurant, so we decided to try it out tonight. We invited Pete (Petersen), Agnes Volk, and Mitzi Wrona but Pete Petersen could not go with us. It turned out that this was one of Agnes and Mitzi’s favorite places to eat! We had never heard of it before Pete listed it. But we are certain to go back again.

Elaine had Lobster Ravioli (Ravioli Stuffed W/ Maine Lobster & Cheese, Covered W/ A Creamy Vodka Sauce & Topped W/ Cheese) and I had the Baked Fish Dinner (North Atlantic Cod Baked In A Lemon Butter Sauce & Served W/ Fresh Vegetables). Both were excellent, and we had lots to take home as leftovers. I also ordered the Coconut Macadamia Nut Shrimp (Battered, Tossed In Macadamia Nuts & Coconut & Lightly Fried) to share as an appetizer. Mitzi and Agnes each got a 7-inch pizza, and I must say they looked good.

Well don’t do that

I was reminded today of an old joke. A fellow goes to his doctor and when asked what was wrong he raised his right arm and told the doctor “It hurts when I do this!” “Well, don’t do that,” his doctor replied! It came to mind after visiting a surgeon about possibly having gall bladder surgery.

During a recent ultrasound exploration of my right stomach area to search for the source of pain that I experienced on occasion over the last few months they found that I have two gallstones. Over time I determined that the pain only comes when I eat more than a certain amount and I have learned to limit my intake at any time to stay below that amount. Not always successfully, I must say.

Dr Rodriguez explained to me how the gall bladder functions and why gallstones would cause this problem. He also explained the surgical procedures for gall bladder removals (laparoscopic or open surgery). However, he suggested that if I can control the situation with eating patterns perhaps surgery was not called for. I opted for that route.

Pharmacy shock. Newsletter printing. Elaine and Gladys shopping.

Pharmacy shock

I mentioned yesterday that I was prescribed an ointment to use on precancerous skin lesions – actinic keratosis – on my face. Tirsa, the NP who treated me and made the prescription said there were two versions. The more expensive takes three days, the less expensive seven days. She wasn’t sure if the insurance company would cover the first but would try it first. I learned today that the insurance company did, indeed, cover the three-day version and I picked it up at Walgreen’s this afternoon. It was when I read the details on the prescription label that the shock came: I paid $45 as my share for the prescription and the insurance company paid the other $1,157.09! Yes, $1,157.09! I hope it works! Continue reading Pharmacy shock. Newsletter printing. Elaine and Gladys shopping.

Skin checkup. Newsletter wrap-up. Women’s Club. Chest clear.

Skin checkup

Today was the day for my semiannual skin check with Tirsa Quartullo, Nurse Practitioner at Arizona Dermatology. I have been going to them for about three years now, and have been happy with their services. She does a full body scan at these semi-annual sessions and so far we seem to stay ahead of any problems. I have experienced both basil-cell and squamous-cell skin cancers in the past. Today she just froze 6-8 precancerous lesions on my scalp and prescribed a cream treatment to use on my face to take care of some things that keep coming back but have required surgery in the past. Continue reading Skin checkup. Newsletter wrap-up. Women’s Club. Chest clear.

Birthday Bash. Medical stuff. Newsletter.

Birthday Bash

group at The Horny Toad
This is the group from Royal Palm that attended the Birthday Bash at The Horny Toad tonight

Tonight a group from Royal Palm went to The Horny Toad in Cave Creek to celebrate January birthdays. About 35 or so people went; six of these actually had January birthdays, including Elaine. We took up two long table groups in the back room at the restaurant. This gave each person a chance to visit with at least six to eight others in the group, which made it enjoyable. Having such a large group meant some were served way ahead of others, but ti all worked out well in the long run. Continue reading Birthday Bash. Medical stuff. Newsletter.

Newsletter work. Still coughing. Instant Pot cooking.

Newsletter work

I spent most of the day wrapping up the Royal Palm newsletter today, and printed out a copy late this afternoon for Elaine and me to review. She did her review and I will do mine later on. Tomorrow I will do the fixes and print it out for the other reviewers. This issue has 22 pages, down from 26 last month, and it took some creative editing to get everything to fit in. We are trying to keep the newsletter costs down and within the ad revenue, and this issue should be close. At this point I am pleased with the final results. Continue reading Newsletter work. Still coughing. Instant Pot cooking.

More storage emptied. Still hacking. Gout receding.

More storage emptied

west storage tray almost empty
Yesterday the nearest roll-out tray was stuffed full. Today it is almost empty.

I did some work in the west roll-out tray today; that’s the one that has been sitting for many months with no attention. In fact, we had forgotten just what we had stored in there! I discovered today that it had contained some tubs that came from our motorhome basement storage as well as a couple of boxes that we had stored after selling our home in late 2010. That tray is now about ¾ empty, and what is in there are seasonal items. We also have some added empty tubs, but there are about four I did not process because I will need Elaine’s help to determine what to do with their contents. Continue reading More storage emptied. Still hacking. Gout receding.

Gizmo escape hole blocked. Decorations stored. Best chip clips. Gout attack.

Gizmo escape hole blocked

Gizmo escape gate
The GizmoGate, now secured with a bungee at the bottom

Last night I had wired shut the bottom of the gate in our back area, through which Gizmo found his escape hatch. The gate is somewhat flimsy, and he was able to push his way out at the bottom corner of the gate. I wired that closed. Today Elaine and Pete Petersen used a bungee cord to provide an alternate system. I will make a more permanent fix. We don’t use that gate often, so a double latching system would not be a hindrance. I guess you could call this the GizmoGate affair! Continue reading Gizmo escape hole blocked. Decorations stored. Best chip clips. Gout attack.

Recent books read. Diagnosis: bronchitis.

Recent books read

An avid reader, I have decided to include in this blog a description of books that I read. I’ll try to continue doing that over time. I read using the Kindle app on my tablet for the most part, and Elaine uses Kindle on her tablet as well. Our Kindle library currently has 896 books, but we also read some for free and they do not show up in our library. Continue reading Recent books read. Diagnosis: bronchitis.

Dirty white boy no longer. More decorations down. Panic.

Kerby before
Kerby before his bath and grooming
Kerby after
Kerby after his bath and grooming

A week overdue, Kerby and Gizmo went to Danielle’s home shop today for grooming. We were shocked when we returned home from our trip to see how dirty Kerby had become. He always gets dirty legs, but this time they were even dirtier, as was his belly. With so much white hair it really shows on him, where it doesn’t on Gizmo with his black/grey hair. Continue reading Dirty white boy no longer. More decorations down. Panic.