Getting flu shots. A shed extension. October birthday bash.

Elaine getting shot
Elaine getting her flu shot, with Annie Wallace helping her

Walgreen’s sponsored a flu shot clinic here at Royal Palm today. They provided flu shots to residents at no co-pay cost; all we had to do was show up and bring our ID and insurance card. We just needed a minimum of 25 to keep it free. Elaine does not like needles, however. She shielded her eyes while I got my shot and then Annie Wallace had fun with her by offering to hold her while she got hers. It was a fun scene, as you can see in the photo, and all those in the room got quite a charge from it! The lady administering the shots did not quite know what to make of it. Continue reading Getting flu shots. A shed extension. October birthday bash.

Looks Halloween-y. Surgery followup. Dinner planning. George Immerso birthday. Update on neighbor.

Pete and spider
Pete Petersen working on setting up our Halloween spider

We took more steps in getting our house decorated for Halloween today. This morning Pete Petersen came over and started helping Elaine put up some decorations – the ones requiring use of a ladder – while I was at a doctor appointment. They got quite a bit done by the time I got back, but there is still a lot to go, I am sure! Continue reading Looks Halloween-y. Surgery followup. Dinner planning. George Immerso birthday. Update on neighbor.

Peaceful at pool. Thanks, Bobby. Falls. Christmas stamps.

palm trees
The palms to the west of the pool

I went to the pool with Elaine this afternoon, though I cannot swim yet. It was good to be with our pool gang – a group of friends who go to the pool regularly in the afternoon. I found a chair in the shade and read on my tablet, occasionally joining in the conversations. It was a peaceful scene, with the tall Royal Palm trees reaching to the sky in all directions. No wind. Bright sunshine. Blue skies. 98°. It is quite restful. There are lounges at the east end of the pool area, set under three pergolas, as well as some chairs under umbrellas so there are plenty of shady areas in which to enjoy the scene. Continue reading Peaceful at pool. Thanks, Bobby. Falls. Christmas stamps.

La Santisima. Meds finally. Trip cancellation process.

Santa Muerte
A painting of Santa Muerte from the restaurant walls.

Sharlene Froberg found a Mexican restaurant she thought we should try so a group of us headed there for supper tonight. La Santisima Gourmet Tacos near N 59th Ave on W Glendale Ave in downtown Glendale. And while they have a great selection of tacos, they also offer burros, fundidos, and other dishes as well. Their food is in the Jalisco style – Guadalajara is the capital of Jalisco. The decorations in the restaurant also mostly come from Guadalajara, and Santa Muerte (Holy Death, as in the Angel of Death) is featured in statue and paintings. Santa Muerte generally appears as a skeletal female figure, clad in a long robe and holding one or more objects, usually a scythe and a globe, and is associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife by her devotees. Continue reading La Santisima. Meds finally. Trip cancellation process.

Sorry, no Missoula trip.

We had plans and plane tickets to fly to Missoula MT this Thursday so Elaine could attend a bridal shower for granddaughter Taylor Dockter this weekend. But our plans have now changed and we can’t go.

Over the weekend I started getting a large lump in the area below the upper incision from the laparoscopic hernia surgery done last Wednesday. It seemed to get larger as time went on and was becoming painful to touch. While I had an appointment scheduled with the surgeon for tomorrow, I called the office and spoke with his medical assistant and when she heard the description she said it would be better to come in today, so I made an appointment. Continue reading Sorry, no Missoula trip.

Shopping and then some. Let’s go a year. Fever gone.

Pete Petersen needed to do some shopping this morning as did Elaine, so she picked him up and headed out; he can’t haul much on his scooter. At first she only thought they were going to Albertson’s, but it got to be more than that! He had a list of stuff to buy for Lois, so they headed off to other stores and by the time they were done they had been to Albertson’s, Walmart Neighborhood Market, Fry’s (for fuel), the 99¢ Store, and St Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop. And not having done enough this morning, she went to Hobby Lobby this afternoon! Continue reading Shopping and then some. Let’s go a year. Fever gone.

Bingo’s back. Blood tests. Recovering.

After taking the summer off, the Bingo crew has it back in operation here at Royal Palm starting tonight. There were several that were traveling this summer so they would have had a problem assembling the needed team; those who work Bingo games have to be licensed by the state, so not just anyone can work the games. Elaine knew all day that there was something she was supposed to do but it wasn’t until just before dinner that she remembered Bingo. She dug out her daubers and set them out to be ready for tonight. Continue reading Bingo’s back. Blood tests. Recovering.

Hernia repair surgery.

wrist band
My wrist band from Honor Health John C Lincoln hospital

Today was the day for my inguinal hernia repair surgery at Honor Health John C. Lincoln hospital (JCL). Elaine took me to the hospital around 6:30 AM to get prepared for the surgery, scheduled for 8:45 AM, and she brought me home again around 12:30 with the surgery done and recovery completed. Dr Rodriguez reported that the surgery went well and got the job done. I suspected a hernia a few months ago, and the pain has increased over that time. Most of the time the pain levels had been in the 1-2 range but there have been several episodes in the 5-6 range. I am glad to have it done. Continue reading Hernia repair surgery.

Morning cool. Swimming again. Travel plans.

I couldn’t believe the temperature I saw on the thermometer this morning, it was 57°! We’ve had nights down in the 60s lately, but this is several degrees lower. Not that we won’t be seeing temps like that soon – but after several months with overnight lows in the 80s it is a surprise. Our heat even came on once this morning! I have the thermostat set for heating to 75° and cooling to 78° in the fall and spring, so it had dropped below 75. Our days are very nice this time of year; normal is around 98° and they will being dropping further still. Continue reading Morning cool. Swimming again. Travel plans.

Grooming day. John quick visit. Cardiologist visit. Expired registration.

Kerby after
Kerby after grooming today
Kerby before
Kerby before grooming today

For some reason Kerby looked much shaggier this time than usual, but he sure cleaned up nicely as did Gizmo! Lately they have been going on Sundays to Danielle, but this time it went an extra day to Monday, but I don’t think an extra day made a shag difference. Kerby, having a light-colored coat, gets dirty looking so quickly it is always nice to see him clean again but it only lasts for a day or so. Continue reading Grooming day. John quick visit. Cardiologist visit. Expired registration.