Bye, bye, Shauna.

We took Shauna to the airport early this morning for her return to her Green River WY home. We had a wonderful visit with her! Now that we don’t travel as much we don’t get to see kids often, and she had never been to our new place in Phoenix though she had visited our previous residence on Sweetwater Ave. Her flight went out at 8:40 from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, so we all had to get up before breakfast to get her there in time – we left home at 6:00. But all went smoothly. Continue reading Bye, bye, Shauna.

Kiss The Cook for breakfast. Quilting shopping. Dinner at Pappadeaux.

Elaine and Shauna
Elaine and Shauna at our outside patio table at Kiss The Cook
My Carrot Cake Pancake breakfast, with sausages

Saturday Breakfast Out was at Kiss The Cook in Glendale, a place we like to go to if we can get there early enough to avoid the rush and wait lines. Getting there around 7:45 accomplished that. Shauna spotted the Spinach Omelet on the board outside and had that, and I spotted the Carrot Cake Pancakes and had that. Elaine had Oatmeal with the works. It was such a nice day that we decided to eat on the outdoor patio at the front. Very comfy, but somewhat noisy. My sausage with my meal provided some leftovers for the boys, which they “attacked” me for upon arriving at home. Continue reading Kiss The Cook for breakfast. Quilting shopping. Dinner at Pappadeaux.

Bingo Cushion. Allergies lessened. O’Reilly Auto Parts. Web work.

Bingo cushion
The Bingo Cushion Raffle flyer I made this afternoon

Gail Brazell called this afternoon and after apologizing for the short notice asked if I could make a flyer for her. She and others who run the Bingo operation here at Royal Palm had done some shopping this afternoon and they found seat cushions for sale. The one that caught their attention had Bingo sheets imprinted on it. These cushions would be good for stadium seats but also for typical folding chairs such as are found in Bingo parlors. While the folding chairs in our Royal Palm clubhouse are much more comfortable than others, I am sure they can get tiring after a time. So the Bingo team will raffle off the first one they bought today and, if successful, may purchase more for raffling in the future. Ticket prices are shown in the flyer. The proceeds will go to the Social Club, which sponsors the Bingo operation here. Bingo runs every Thursday evening and Elaine is a regular. Continue reading Bingo Cushion. Allergies lessened. O’Reilly Auto Parts. Web work.

New glasses. Violette Family website rework.

Dave Violette, new glasses

My old glasses were getting scratched and then the left bow broke at the hinge, so it was time for new ones. I went to Nationwide Vision last week and they called to tell me the new glasses were in late this afternoon. So off I went after supper and picked them up. I think they got the prescription correct; upper zone for computer work, lower zone for reading (I don’t need glasses for distance vision). I know better in this coming week. Continue reading New glasses. Violette Family website rework.

Fritatta supper. Web site redesign. Changed to normal. Racks on the wall.

My chicken fritatta

I had bought some ricotta cheese a week or so ago and decided it was time to use it. So I prepared a chicken frittata for supper tonight; the ricotta got mixed in with the eggs while being beaten, to give the egg mixture a bit fluffier texture. I also chopped up some green onion and red, green, yellow, and orange peppers and sauteed them with the shredded chicken. Continue reading Fritatta supper. Web site redesign. Changed to normal. Racks on the wall.

Gizmo and Kerby checkup – all OK. Dave eye checkup – OK.

The boys are OK. Today they both had their annual checkup session with Dr Brandon Young at Companion Pet Clinic in Phoenix. We have been going to this clinic almost the whole time we have been in the Phoenix area and like them very much. What’s more, both Kerby and Gizmo like them as well. Both boys are in good health. And now their immunizations are up to date. Continue reading Gizmo and Kerby checkup – all OK. Dave eye checkup – OK.

An Uber experience. VFA newsletter going out.

At 9:30 this morning my smartphone alerted me to a dental appointment coming up at 10:00. Slight panic; both Elaine and I had forgotten that was coming up and she had a nail appointment at 9:30! She had the car. I quickly decided to take a taxi and thought of Uber. I had never used Uber, and wasn’t even sure how it worked. But I installed the Uber app on my phone, created an account, and made a request for a pickup in about 8 minutes. The request was made and I soon had a map on my phone showing who was coming, what car he was driving, and the map showed his progress to my location along with a countdown timer to his arrival. The address I was able to enter did not include our lot number, so he did not get right there. But he quickly called me and we met up. Continue reading An Uber experience. VFA newsletter going out.

Hectic day. Newsletter.

It was a busy and hectic day today! I started off putting on the finishing touches to the Royal Palm newsletter, then took it to UPS for printing around 8:30 this morning. When they brought it up on the screen there we noted a problem with the front page; the masthead is supposed to have a faded-back photo of the entry sign with the words The Palm Press superimposed near the top. However, the photo was not faded, so the name did not show up well. I headed back home and worked on that, finding that I  had not used the correct PDF printing routine to produce the file I took to the printer. Once I used the correct driver the front page came out properly. Then back to UPS again. It was a busy morning for them with only one person on duty, so it took a while before the project was a go. I got home around 10:00. Continue reading Hectic day. Newsletter.