Christmas Dinner. More icicle lights.

Christmas Dinner

at serving line
The first table is up and at the serving line.Ro

It was our turn to eat at the Christmas Dinner tonight. This was the second of two nights. We had a total of 160-170 people eating, counting both nights, which is a good turnout from our roughly 550-person community. There were about 15 volunteers that worked at each dinner to set out the cooked foods and served them to diners; many worked both nights. There were also volunteers who helped to set up the hall each night and others who did cleanup each night. We have a great community here, with lots of spirit and helping hands. Continue reading Christmas Dinner. More icicle lights.

Breakfast in the Park. Christmas decorations.

Christmas Decorations

lights at front, Christmas decorations
We now have a coherent look in our lighting – violet and white. Note the added window candle. The swag lights are new.

Remember I said we were not happy with the violet/purple rope light Christmas decorations I bought? While the casing was purple, the incandescent lights inside were white and when lighted they showed as a red color. That just doesn’t fit with our violet-and-white scheme! So I found an LED rope light set at Amazon and ordered a 24-foot set which came yesterday. I made the swap this afternoon. As you can see in the photo, the new ones fit in with our scheme of violet and white lights. That is the look we want, so I ordered another two violet rope light sets that will go on our deck railing. Continue reading Breakfast in the Park. Christmas decorations.

Newsletter delivered. Missed appointment. Thermostat being updated.

newsletter cover
Click on the cover image to download the newsletter.

Our volunteer crew met this morning at 9:30 and got the newsletter inserts done and the newsletters prepared for delivery in about a half hour. While usually several people do the distribution, today, Dale and Betty Stroh and Mary McDougale offered to distribute them all! Elaine and Mary usually do Streets A through E, but since we were heading to Elaine’s doctor appointment later we would not have time to do it this morning. Many thanks to Dale, Betty, and Mary! With winter coming on the RV section is filling up and the newsletter print run has grown. I had 365 printed this time, but should have had 380. Not sure where I miscounted, but at least we had enough to give to all. I also posted the newsletter to the web site so the electronic version is available there. You can also click the cover image here to get the newsletter. Continue reading Newsletter delivered. Missed appointment. Thermostat being updated.

Yeah, Ruellia. More decorations. Newsletter printed. Elaine.

ruellia blossom
The ruellia plant I had almost given up on produced a blossom today

I really like the Ruellia plant (Ruellia brittoniana, Mexican Petunia) because of its purple blossoms and because it is hardy and a perennial here in Phoenix. We first saw them in a neighbor’s (Chino Barrios) yard and he gave us some cuttings to plant. We started with two plants in our front yard and when one of them started growing too wild I cut it back. I put the cuttings in a water-filled vase inside and it continued to blossom for several weeks and still looked healthy when it stopped. Elaine transplanted those cuttings into the yard later.  Continue reading Yeah, Ruellia. More decorations. Newsletter printed. Elaine.

Christmas decorations. Violette genealogy web.

Christmas decorations
Our Christmas decorations in their current status. There’s more to do.

Being rested a little, I decided that today was a good time to continue with the Christmas decorations. I added the two small spiral lighted trees out front, hung a wreath on the wall in the deck, and set up the Christmas tree on the deck. Plus I got all those connected to electricity. Elaine and the boys joined me on the deck and watched as I was working, and Elaine helped with the large tree and the deck wreath. I also did some work to set up the tall skinny vinyl tree we’ve used for several years. i have been lighting this one from inside with a string of small violet lights and I made a modification to better attach the light string at the top. I’ll install that tree tomorrow. Continue reading Christmas decorations. Violette genealogy web.

Starting Christmas decorations. At the pool. Christmas display.

violet icicle lights
Our violet icicle lights are in place

For many people the passing of Thanksgiving is the signal to put up Christmas decorations. While we don’t necessarily hold to that schedule, I took advantage of Casey being here to help put up the violet icicle lights around the edge of our roof and awning. This has been a chore in years past, because there are a lot of support points where the light strings have to be attached. Pete and I had installed a series of hooks last year to which the light strings are attached, but we used a stepladder to reach those hooks. I have these lights set to come on at dusk and off at dawn. Continue reading Starting Christmas decorations. At the pool. Christmas display.

Kerby and Gizmo maintenance. Patio cleaning. Great leftovers. Newsletter.

clean patio
Our patio, tables, and chairs are now clean from the summer accumulation of dust and dirt.

We finished up the patio cleaning task this afternoon. Elaine cleaned tables and stair railings while I hosed down the patio floor and the patio chairs.  I had swept the floor earlier to remove the majority of the dust and debris, mostly leaves, to make it easier to clean. It all looks clean and sparkly now, especially when the floor was still wet. While I had the hose in hand I also washed down the skirting around the house in the patio area as well as the awning posts. The posts tend to collect dust and dirt over time. Continue reading Kerby and Gizmo maintenance. Patio cleaning. Great leftovers. Newsletter.

Pizza at Joey’s. Social Club meeting. Elaine better. Patio cleanup.

pizza from Joey's
The Meat Pizza (sausage, salami, pepperoni) with anchovies on my half and pineapple on Elaine’s.

Since we did not go out for breakfast this morning we decided to go out for lunch instead. I have been wanting to go back to Joey’s California Bistro, near 7th St and Bell Rd, so we headed there. We’ve been to Joey’s once in the past, when we lived on Sweetwater Ave, and I remembered the fare as being good but I could not remember why we have not been back since. Perhaps it is because we seldom go out for pizza. In any case, we had the 12-inch pizza (the only size on the menu). We ordered the Meat Pizza: sauce, cheese, sausage, salami, and pepperoni. I had anchovies added to my half, Elaine had pineapple added to hers. Continue reading Pizza at Joey’s. Social Club meeting. Elaine better. Patio cleanup.

Elaine: better. Alexa Dot.

Good news – apparently the antibiotic is working, and Elaine is starting to feel better. She went to Dr Warren Johnson today, our primary care physician, and he ordered some blood tests which should help identify what is happening. And we should have the urine culture results back in a day or so, which may indicate a change in antibiotic. While still very tired, she has better color today, and by this afternoon seemed a little more lively. Continue reading Elaine: better. Alexa Dot.

More yard sale stuff. Newsletter work. Gizmo eye drops.

I spent some time this morning getting out some more items for our yard sale tables. These latest ones included the Iris home automation kit I bought but never used, a Schlage remote operation deadlock I tried but did not use, and a 36-volt battery saver unit for golf carts. I bought the latter when we still had a 36-volt golf cart but we soon after bought a 48-volt golf cart so did not need it. Those three items are being offered at great discounts from their price new. I had two customers today and brought in another $4. Continue reading More yard sale stuff. Newsletter work. Gizmo eye drops.