Kitchen counter. Christmas decorations.

Before: The kitchen with the temporary countertops.
After: The new granite countertops are in place

At long last, our kitchen countertops were installed today! And we are as pleased with our choice of granite material as we hoped we would be. The granite crew spent much of the day doing the install. Marv Fitchett was here all the time to help in preparing for the countertop install and to pitch in when needed. And now this evening Elaine is unpacking more boxes and putting things away in the kitchen; only seven boxes to go. She did not want to do that before the tops were finished. Now we get to make those decisions about how to arrange our kitchen and everything that goes into it. Continue reading Kitchen counter. Christmas decorations.

More deck cleaning. Golf cart. Christmas Dinner.

Rear seat up for riding
Rear seat down for hauling cargo

Yesterday the new golf cart deck was loaded with cardboard going to recycle so I couldn’t show it fully. So here’s a couple of photos to show you the features of that new seat/deck. The seat can be folded up as in the first photo to provide a seat for one or two people. By flipping the seat down, as in the second photo, it forms a deck for hauling cargo. In both photos you can see the lower step that makes a foot rest when riding; that same step provides room for more cargo when the seat is down. In addition, the original cargo space now under the seat is still there and can be used whether the seat is up or down. Continue reading More deck cleaning. Golf cart. Christmas Dinner.

Christmas labels, continued. Purple wheel cover. Christmas decorations.

Our new steering wheel cover for our golf cart

I found yet another purple item for our golf cart – a black-and-purple steering wheel cover – and installed it today. It was a little larger diameter to fit a regular steering wheel, so I had to cut a 3-inch chunk out of it. But I applied the steering wheel knob bracket to cover the split so it worked out okay. It looks pretty good, and fits with Elaine’s popular purple/violet motif. Continue reading Christmas labels, continued. Purple wheel cover. Christmas decorations.

Back in the turmoil. Setting up kitchen.

A view of the range and refrigerator area showing our temporary counter and new cabinets

We got back into activity quickly, or at least Elaine did. Immediately that we returned she had a sign project to do for an upcoming bazaar this Saturday. Yesterday she started unpacking kitchen stuff, at least enough for us to start living in our new kitchen for the next few days. You see, while our new cabinets are installed, our new countertops won’t be installed until next Tuesday! Marv did his work on schedule, but the company doing the countertops was slow in getting here to make the templates and then it will take 7-10 days to produce and install the countertops! Continue reading Back in the turmoil. Setting up kitchen.

Lots to do.

Clean my desk, work on the newsletter, pay some bills, clean my desk, get newsletter drafts out for review, put tape flags on some mailbox posts, clean my desk, work on newsletter – this is how my day went. I have to complete the newsletter so it can go to the printer tomorrow morning, but could not finish it until after the Social Club meeting yesterday and a couple of other events because I needed info from them. I got it done enough so I felt comfortable printing out draft copies for George Immerson (club president) and Leslie Nielsen (activities coordinator and a good reviewer) to work on today. Continue reading Lots to do.

Tablo frustration.

Tablo antenna DVR

I have been frustrated with using Tablo for recording over-the-air (OTA) TV because the hard drive keeps filling up and recordings are not made when called for. When setting the schedule for recording a show there is no option to only store the last five (or whatever) episodes such as we had with our Dish receiver. And this means I had to go in on-screen and delete one episode at a time; this process takes four clicks to accomplish for each episode: OK to select the show, left arrow to move to Delete on the menu, up arrow to select Delete again, then OK to approve. Continue reading Tablo frustration.

Love our purple flowers! Still great weather.

Three blossoms this morning. More buds on the way.

Every morning when I take the boys out I look for how many blossoms there are on the two plants in a pot by the front of our deck. The blossoms are a pretty purple, which is special to Elaine and I. And I announce to her how many there are each day. Our neighbor across the street, Chino, gave us the plants and he put them in the pot they are in. Continue reading Love our purple flowers! Still great weather.

Just in time. Elaine coughing. Good swim.

Dark skies this evening just before the rain started.

I took the boys out for their evening walk just in time. While our skies were mostly blue most of the day, but by mid-afternoon some grey and black clouds started moving in from the south. And the sky got more and more cloudy. We headed out for a walk around 4:45, and there were some few rain drops on the sidewalks as we proceeded. We had not been back in the house for five minutes when the rain came down in a cloudburst. Continue reading Just in time. Elaine coughing. Good swim.

Great weather. Web work. Prepare for kitchen remodel.

We had great seasonal weather today. Temps got into the mid-80s, which is normal for this time of year. And it looks like it will stay that way for the rest of the week. Tonight is Hallowe’en, and it will be very comfortable for all the kids out here in the Valley of the Sun.

Continue reading Great weather. Web work. Prepare for kitchen remodel.

Hot. Granite. Good customer service.

It was hot today here in Phoenix!

Talk about hot – it reached 100° today here in Phoenix. It was the latest day on record to reach 100°, a record temperature for this date, and it was the 24th day this month with a temperature at 90° or higher. Average temps for this time of year are in the mid-80s. It honestly didn’t feel that hot, though. While the skies were fairly clear this morning it got clouded over this afternoon. Humidity was in the low 20% range, so  it was comfortable. We expect to have a few more 90+ days, but then the forecast is for temps to drop closer to normal. Continue reading Hot. Granite. Good customer service.