Love our purple flowers! Still great weather.

Three blossoms this morning. More buds on the way.

Every morning when I take the boys out I look for how many blossoms there are on the two plants in a pot by the front of our deck. The blossoms are a pretty purple, which is special to Elaine and I. And I announce to her how many there are each day. Our neighbor across the street, Chino, gave us the plants and he put them in the pot they are in. Continue reading Love our purple flowers! Still great weather.

Just in time. Elaine coughing. Good swim.

Dark skies this evening just before the rain started.

I took the boys out for their evening walk just in time. While our skies were mostly blue most of the day, but by mid-afternoon some grey and black clouds started moving in from the south. And the sky got more and more cloudy. We headed out for a walk around 4:45, and there were some few rain drops on the sidewalks as we proceeded. We had not been back in the house for five minutes when the rain came down in a cloudburst. Continue reading Just in time. Elaine coughing. Good swim.

Great weather. Web work. Prepare for kitchen remodel.

We had great seasonal weather today. Temps got into the mid-80s, which is normal for this time of year. And it looks like it will stay that way for the rest of the week. Tonight is Hallowe’en, and it will be very comfortable for all the kids out here in the Valley of the Sun.

Continue reading Great weather. Web work. Prepare for kitchen remodel.

Hot. Granite. Good customer service.

It was hot today here in Phoenix!

Talk about hot – it reached 100° today here in Phoenix. It was the latest day on record to reach 100°, a record temperature for this date, and it was the 24th day this month with a temperature at 90° or higher. Average temps for this time of year are in the mid-80s. It honestly didn’t feel that hot, though. While the skies were fairly clear this morning it got clouded over this afternoon. Humidity was in the low 20% range, so  it was comfortable. We expect to have a few more 90+ days, but then the forecast is for temps to drop closer to normal. Continue reading Hot. Granite. Good customer service.

Halloween decorations. Newsletter. New webs.

Elaine, witch
Elaine (R) working on her witch (L)

Hallowe’en season is here, and decorations at the Violettes now show it. We dug out decorations we used last year and Elaine has added some to them for this year. A notable addition is the large witch on our deck. I know there are yet a few more to put up and I am sure Elaine has some in mind beyond what I already know about. That’s a given! Hallowe’en is a fun time to decorate, and is a popular holiday in general. Elaine gets excited about Hallowe’en but it seems she got started later this year than usual. Probably because we took that trip to Wyoming a short time back. Continue reading Halloween decorations. Newsletter. New webs.

Kerby foot. Gizmo eyes. New lock.

Kerby at the vet’s office
Kerby with green bandage stiil on

Kerby had the bandage and stitches removed this morning from the surgery to remove a wart on his left hind foot. He has done well since the surgery, with no indication of any pain or discomfort. And the wart came off cleanly and healed well according to his vet, Dr Young and Dr Campanile of Companion Pet Clinic. There is still some redness around the wound, but that will continue to heal and he will be alright. He was very calm at the vet’s office this morning and handled being worked on very well. Continue reading Kerby foot. Gizmo eyes. New lock.

New door latch. Sunset.

Sunset looking south
Sunset looking west

Around noon today some clouds started rolling in, part of the front of Hurricane Newton that is working up from Cabo San Lucas into southeastern Arizona and western New Mexico. As a result, we were treated to a beautiful sunset tonight, with the clouds becoming colored from the setting sun. We may have a similar sunrise tomorrow morning and perhaps a sunset tomorrow night. But there is a forecast of rain, so there may too much  cloud cover for a colorful sunset. We have rain forecast for the next couple of days. We need it. Continue reading New door latch. Sunset.

Storage containers. Wiped out. Channel 12.

Our lunch meat containers

I know it is not an earth shattering thing, but some time ago Ziploc quit making 4-cup (32-oz) storage containers. Instead, they started making 5-cup (40-oz) containers. But those larger ones are just too large for our needs and waste space in the refrigerator and in the cabinet. Our leftovers usually fit quite nicely in the 4-cup size. What’s more, we could not find the 4-cup size by any other manufacturer. But then we started buying lunch meats at Fry’s (Kroger, nationally) and those come in very nice 4-cup reusable containers so we are back in business again. Between the two of us we go through about two of those sliced meat packages a week, so the containers have started building up. Continue reading Storage containers. Wiped out. Channel 12.