The Paper Collage. RV consignment.

Elaine went to The Paper Collage in Sun City West for a card class today, only to find out those classes have been canceled for the time being. Apparently she did not get the email that Pamela sent out. But that was OK; Pam invited her to come on in and work on some cards anyway! She’s good that way. This is the shop Elaine and Jan Ostlund go to often because they like the shop and the quality of their material and instruction. Continue reading The Paper Collage. RV consignment.

Gizmo cutie. New batteries.

Gizmo on lap
Sometimes Gizmo will lay on my lap, but is more likely to be found on Elaine’s

I had a piece on Kerby a few days ago, so thought I would give Gizmo a turn today. Unlike Kerby, Gizmo is not camera-shy and will usually let me take his photo. However, he is easily distracted by anything that sounds like food or a package being opened so if you want him to stay for a photo you make sure not to have those noises going on. Gizmo loves being close to us and to sit in a lap or beside us in our recliners. He snuggles in close between us and the arm of our chair. But he can often be found curled up on the couch or in the dog bed on the floor. Continue reading Gizmo cutie. New batteries.

Still no flasher. Consignment maybe. Halibut delicious.

As you may recall, once we switched to LED lights on the golf cart the signal lights no longer worked properly. They come on but do not flash; they stay solid. Steve Fritts told me to get “low pass flashers” – the kind that will work with LEDs instead of incandescent. Incandescent bulbs have a resistance that LEDs do not. I went to O’Reilly’s a few days ago and was given a flasher unit that, while it said on the package “for incandescent bulbs only”, the sales guy assured me from his computer screen they would work with LEDs. Believe the package, fellow! Continue reading Still no flasher. Consignment maybe. Halibut delicious.

Kerby posed. Battery change. More on motorhome values.

Kerby posed
I got Kerby to hold still long enough to get his photo. Doesn’t happen very often.

Over the years Kerby’s behavior has slightly changed, as he gets older. He used to be very lively and we could get him to play with ease, but as he gets older he has slowed down a lot and now can’t be teased into romping. When a visitor comes Kerby will go over to them and greet them; if the visitor sits on the couch Kerby will go sit at the person’s feet and enjoys being petted. But he can’t jump onto the couch as Gizmo does. One behavior is that he does not like to have his photo taken. Usually if he sees me get my phone camera out he turns around or will head for another room. So I felt fortunate this morning when he sat still so I could get the photo at right. Continue reading Kerby posed. Battery change. More on motorhome values.

Breakfast at Wildflower Breads. More cleanout on motorhome. OurHous pamphlet.

Three cheese and tomato frittata, sausage, and home fries

Gail Brazell had told us about Wildflower Bread Company as a breakfast spot, so we headed there this morning. We went to the one off Deer Valley Rd and west of I-17. The food was great! Elaine had Steelcut Oatmeal. I had a Three Cheese Mushroom & Tomato frittata (eggs, Swiss, feta, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach topped with slow-roasted tomatoes, scallions and goat cheese served with Wildflower Home Fries and buttered Ciabata toast) plus some sausage. The sausage was among the best I have had and the frittata was delicious. I did not finish my breakfast so brought a lot home, and that was what I had for supper tonight. While we enjoyed the food very much, we both had a hard time in the restaurant itself due to the noise level. The interior has a very harsh metallic atmosphere and coupled with music playing a little too loud people had to talk loud above the background noise. Continue reading Breakfast at Wildflower Breads. More cleanout on motorhome. OurHous pamphlet.

Tired slowdown; slow day.

Elaine and cards
The artist Elaine hard at work on her cards.

I started the day tired, but it improved as the day went on. I think I was reacting to the turmoil and pressure over the last few days associated with choosing a new Class C motorhome and not having the one we want available locally. I spent much of the morning reading and relaxing and it helped. Elaine read for a while as well, but then repaired to her craft room and was busy for hours, working on her cards. She has been doing a lot of work on cards lately, and the results are great. She’s building up quite a stock of finished cards. Continue reading Tired slowdown; slow day.

Texas Sage blooming. Dead batteries. Class C search.

Texas Sage
Texas Sage shrubs are in bloom again due to recent rains.

After a period of a day or two of rain the Texas Sage shrubs in the Park (and elsewhere) bloom copiously with their little purple blossoms. The blossoms only last a few days and get shed, and then come back again with more rain. Since we have so little rain here in Phoenix it is always a special event when the blooms do come. While the Texas Sage shrubs here in the Park are not shaped, in many places around the Valley people have shaped the shrubs by flattening the tops and sometimes the sides. Some people make them rounded, some make them more square or rectangular. Whatever, they are spectacular for short periods several times a year.

I went over to the motorhome today to take some photos of various features we have added. Among these is the painted box ends for the slides; this feature is only available from the factory on higher-end motorhomes, but we had our Phaeton boxes done a few years ago. When I got there I found I could not start the engine or the generator! Batteries for both were dead. I had just recharged them a couple of week ago, but apparently I did not shut off the cutout switches.

I tried using my battery pack, but it does not have enough power to turn over the large diesel engine. So I called our Good Sam Roadside Assistance Service for a jump start. They came out about an hour later – at the time they said they would – and successfully jumped the engine batteries so I could start the engine.  Once the engine was started, I was then able to start the generator. I let the engine run for about an hour then shut it off. I will leave the generator run for about four hours to fully recharge the house batteries.

We seem to be getting closer to making a decision on a Class C motorhome to replace our Class A Tiffin Phaeton. Based on what is available in the Phoenix and Tucson areas we think we will go for a Fleetwood Jamboree motorhome. We test drove a Jamboree 30F this morning at La Mesa RV’s Phoenix store and spent a fair amount of time going over interior and exterior details. I reviewed the construction details and am satisfied with those and the apparent fit and finish seems adequate. Elaine likes the kitchen layout and the furniture seems to fit us. Two “problems” with the 30F is that it comes with a king bed and with an outside kitchen (refrigerator, microwave, and sink). We prefer a queen bed, and the outside kitchen is superfluous for us. La Mesa also has a 31U model, which does not have an outside kitchen and does have a queen bed; the problem here is that it is at their Port San Lucie FL dealership. We thought about flying to FL and driving it back, but the interior woodwork is a dark color and we don’t like that. I have checked dealer inventories from Prescott to Tucson, and did not find a satisfactory 31U anyplace. We’ll probably make a decision in a day or so.

Gyro at Lucky’s. Craft stuff from Shauna. Yet another load. Elaine to WinCo.

chowing down
Chowing down at Lucky’s Burgers and Shakes

In a change from usual, we headed to Lucky’s Burgers & Shakes for our supper tonight. Pete Petersen mentioned Lucky’s while we were at the pool and it sounded like a good idea to us, especially since Elaine had not decided what to make for supper yet. Plus, she had not been to Lucky’s yet. Pete and I had a gyro and Elaine had a burger and fries. Those gyros are delicious and generous; I brought half back for another meal. Elaine did the same with her burger. The fries are so outstanding I bought another order to take home; we’ll heat them up in the toaster oven tomorrow. Continue reading Gyro at Lucky’s. Craft stuff from Shauna. Yet another load. Elaine to WinCo.

Dark thirty. Soaking rain. More motorhome shopping.

I got up around 6:30 this morning and was surprised to see it was dark enough in the kitchen I had to turn on the lights. I even double-checked the time, to see if by some chance it was 5:30 instead. It wasn’t. It was just that the sky was totally clouded, and that is unusual for Phoenix. I know it is only a matter of time before it will be dark enough at that time even with clear skies so I will have to turn on kitchen lights in the morning, though. I don’t turn on lights unless I really need them. Continue reading Dark thirty. Soaking rain. More motorhome shopping.

More motorhome clearing. Elaine’s cards. Ron Murphy 80th birthday.

more motorhome stuff
Five more tubs and some other stuff was added to the pile today

I went back to the motorhome this morning, while it was cooler (about 90°) to remove more stuff. I hauled five more plastic tubs back to the house plus some other loose items, but I still have to purchase at least three more large tubs to finish the kitchen! It always amazes us how much stuff can get stored away in a motorhome! The pile on the patio is growing and growing. The next difficult job will be to sort through all this to decide what will go into the next motorhome we have. There is no question that that next motorhome will be smaller, and so there will be less room in which to store items. What’s more, we will only be using the new rig on an occasional basis rather than fulltime as we did in the Phaeton, so we won’t need to carry as much in any case. Continue reading More motorhome clearing. Elaine’s cards. Ron Murphy 80th birthday.