From motorhome to mobilehome

Our house decorated for Christmas

Up until the end of 2010 we lived in a 2,850 square foot (sf) ranch-style home here in Phoenix. We had lived in similar in other places we have lived. Then we sold that and moved into our 360 sf motorhome and lived in it for another two years. We then traded for a 450 sf motorhome and lived fulltime in it for another two and a half years. What a change! But we lived well and learned how to use the reduced space. Today’s motorhomes are so well designed that every cubic inch of space is made usable. I should mention that those square footages I quote are based on gross dimensions and with the slides extended. Then in mid-2015 we bought and moved into a 960 sf mobilehome, our now permanent home. Continue reading From motorhome to mobilehome

Hanging up the keys

OurHous on a lot at Royal Palm RV Park

On our last trip in our motorhome last year we decided it was time to “hang up the keys”. A very sad decision in some ways, for we have had eleven years of great times seeing great places. I have enjoyed the romance of being free and on the road! But Elaine and I got tired on our trips lately and so our trips would likely be fewer in the future. I totaled up the costs and concluded that we spend about $1,500 per month to own our motorhome even when we do not use it. That was fine when we used it a lot, but doesn’t make as much sense if we don’t. Continue reading Hanging up the keys

End of an era, moving out. Moving web stuff.

Our 2006 Itasca Sunrise 35A towing our 2002 Trailblazer

Back in the spring of 2006 we bought our first motorhome, a 36-foot Itasca Sunrise gasser. In the spring of 2012 we traded it for a 2012 40-foot Phaeton diesel pusher. We lived in the Sunrise about half time from 2006 through 2010, and then fulltime the next year or so. And we lived fulltime in the Phaeton from 2012 until May 2015. And now we are getting ready to sell the Phaeton. Continue reading End of an era, moving out. Moving web stuff.

Tiny houses. Motorhome recharge.

I read an article recently about a trend in New York City and large California cities where new apartments are being built that are much smaller than previous standards. These are in the 350-450 square foot (sf) size. A major reason for this trend is the higher cost of housing in those places and trying to create more affordable housing. Many of these are being built in inner cities, close to employment, and mostly of interest to younger workers. The story made much of how to live in such a small space, but we lived in such for several years – in a motorhome. Continue reading Tiny houses. Motorhome recharge.

Motorhome clearing. Prescriptions. Web frustration.

We made another trip over to OurHous to move some of Elaine’s craft supplies back to the house. You can’t imagine how much stuff she uses and keeps on hand to do her wonderful card and other projects. She maintains quite a stock here in the house, but she also keeps a stock in the motorhome for when we are traveling. That saves her from having to move it all back and forth at trip start and end. But she is at this time moving stock and equipment that she needs for current projects. I am sure we’ll have several more trips of this nature as she gets it all sorted out. It is so easy to go into the storage yard with the golf cart, load it up, and come back home. We are able to bypass the gate with an end-around the fence using a path only wide enough for golf carts. Continue reading Motorhome clearing. Prescriptions. Web frustration.

OurHous to storage. Shopping.

OurHous behind bars. Well, only in storage as it turns out.

We moved OurHous into storage today. I had done enough with it on an RV space to get it ready and it was time to make the move. It took me about 15 minutes to get it done! I decided that this time I would store it with the rear facing south to limit sunlight on the windshield side. All I had to do was disconnect the water and electric lines, stow them, and bring in the slides. Once in the storage spot I brought down all the night shades, opened the refrigerator and freezer doors, and opened two of our roof vents to relieve heat buildup. Those two vents have covers over them to prevent rain from coming in. Continue reading OurHous to storage. Shopping.

Springville in Autumn. More fuel flow problems.

We can see the Wasatch Mountains from our site

We are in the Springville UT KOA tonight; this is just south of Provo and Salt Lake City. We’ll head out tomorrow for Wyoming. This park is a fairly large one with paved streets and parking pads and grass in between. It seems to be very well kept up, and is attractive. We’re on a pull-through space that is just barely long enough for motorhome and towed car, but we fit. Unfortunately I was not able to park straight on the pad because there is a lamp post at the left edge of our pad so I was not able to swing wide and come in straight. It is sometimes tough with a long wheelbase rig. It was about 81° when we arrived, so very pleasant weather. Continue reading Springville in Autumn. More fuel flow problems.

On the road. Into Kanab. Fuel flow.

I wish problem-solving was always this easy! We headed out from Phoenix about 9:45 this morning and as we started the climb up the Mogollon Rim I noticed a fast reduction in power; our motorhome was not performing as usual. We made the climb, though at a reduced speed, but once on top we went back to normal speeds fine. Then a little later I got a “Check Engine” message on the instrument panel and we had similar performance reduction. So I pulled off at Cordes Junction and into a truck stop area where we could park safely. Freightliner Custom Chassis offers 24/7 Direct service – a phone number direct to support at Freightliner. The support tech had me do some operations in the instrument panel that reached Engine Diagnostics and then displayed the error code. He said it was a fuel flow issue. Continue reading On the road. Into Kanab. Fuel flow.

Newsletter. Motorhome.

Final edits are being done on the Royal Palm Social Club newsletter – The Palm Press – and it will go to the printer tomorrow morning. I printed out two draft copies yesterday and gave them to  George Immerso and Leslie Nielsen for review. George and Leslie both reviewed the content and Leslie also did an excellent job of proofreading and suggested some valuable changes. As of late this afternoon I have all the copy available and will wrap it up this evening and have Elaine do a fresh review before it goes out. Then on Friday our volunteer team will do two inserts and fold them, then they will be delivered. Continue reading Newsletter. Motorhome.

Passport renewal. Motorhome to LaMesa.

passport pics
If you see them coming, better run away! Our latest passport photos.

It was time to renew our passports. They were set to expire in February 2017, but you can’t go into places such as Mexico if your passport will expire in less than six months, so it was time. I filled in our application forms online and this morning we went to the Walgreens at 19th Ave and Northern to  get our photos taken. Then it was just a matter of writing the checks ($140 each) and getting it all in the mail. I opted to get both the passport book and the passport card; the latter is all you need to go to Canada or Mexico if you are not flying, and is a lot easier to carry. I expect it will take a month or so to get our new ones. Continue reading Passport renewal. Motorhome to LaMesa.