We are the Last Ones

I was born in 1939, Elaine in 1944, so this piece that has been circulating via email pertains to us. Yes, this was life as we knew it growing up! I have added some comments in [] and italics that pertain to Elaine and me, showing things that were different for us. I grew up in a small NH town – Warner – and Elaine grew up near Vernal UT, a small city; Lamont WY, population a few dozen at the time and 6 now; and Rock Springs WY, another small city. The times were different and they shaped what we have become later in life to some extent, though we have each progressed far beyond what those early years offered. Thanks to Bob Violette, who passed it along to me.
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Tablift tablet stand. Quiet day.

TabLift in use
The illustration on the box shows better what the Tablift looks like in use.

I should have known better last night when writing about the new tablet and smartphone holder Elaine got. I was too lazy at the time to get out of my chair to get the box to show better detail and to get the Amazon link for purchase. Thank Chris Yust for not letting me get away with it! She commented on the Facebook post of the story asking about just those very details. So here they are! Continue reading Tablift tablet stand. Quiet day.

Rebuilding our history.

When we started RVing in June 2006 I started writing a blog. At first it was to record where we were and what we were seeing and to keep family and friends aware of where we were. In fact, in those early days if I didn’t write a story for a couple of days or so we would get phone calls checking to see if we were OK! I used a system of my own design on which I did all the programming – one that I developed starting in 1996 and had improved on over the years. Continue reading Rebuilding our history.

Gyro at Lucky’s. Craft stuff from Shauna. Yet another load. Elaine to WinCo.

chowing down
Chowing down at Lucky’s Burgers and Shakes

In a change from usual, we headed to Lucky’s Burgers & Shakes for our supper tonight. Pete Petersen mentioned Lucky’s while we were at the pool and it sounded like a good idea to us, especially since Elaine had not decided what to make for supper yet. Plus, she had not been to Lucky’s yet. Pete and I had a gyro and Elaine had a burger and fries. Those gyros are delicious and generous; I brought half back for another meal. Elaine did the same with her burger. The fries are so outstanding I bought another order to take home; we’ll heat them up in the toaster oven tomorrow. Continue reading Gyro at Lucky’s. Craft stuff from Shauna. Yet another load. Elaine to WinCo.

Good heart report. Newsletter flurry.

Good news from Elaine’s heart doctor, Dr Kauffman, today. The mild beta blocker he prescribed for her seems to be working well and he doesn’t need to see her again for six months! She has had none of the symptoms she experienced over the months prior to seeing him the first time. That is good news for us both, but especially since she can stop worrying so much. Continue reading Good heart report. Newsletter flurry.

Stuff for sale. New cards.

The BLS 36A when installed in your 36-volt battery system is designed to reduce sulfating of the plates, increasing the battery life.

I posted a couple of items for sale on Craigslist today. One is a golf cart battery desulfator for 36-volt systems (the link is for my craigslist listing). New. Never used. It is intended to keep the batteries from building up sulfates, which can reduce their capacity. I bought this when we had our first golf cart, which had a 36-volt system, but we bought our current one, which has a 48-volt system, before I could install it. I haven’t gotten around to buying a 48-volt version. Continue reading Stuff for sale. New cards.

Breakfast at IHOP. Mail lists. Potluck supper.

My breakfast: a half omelet, some sausage, and a pancake. The leftover sausage came home for the boys. I only ate half of the rest.

Breakfast at IHOP this morning for Elaine and me. We had much the same as last week: she ordered a Colorado Omelet which she shared with me. I ordered a pancake and some sausage to go with it and she ordered an English muffin. The omelet was delicious but so huge that even when we split it we each could only eat about half of our split! Continue reading Breakfast at IHOP. Mail lists. Potluck supper.

Kasperksy. Alerts and mailings.

Kaspersky screen shot
A Kaspersky screen shows the three computers that are using the service and which applications have been installed. I had not yet installed the password manager on Elaine’s computer.

It was a busy morning! I finally installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 on Elaine’s computer; our Bitdefender subscription is close to running out and I have switched to Kaspersky because it is part of our Best Buy Geek Squad support package. I have already installed it on my laptop and my tablet (both are Windows computers) and the last of our three installs went on Elaine’s. There will be a learning curve for her since Kaspersky does a few things different, but I can help her through that. Continue reading Kasperksy. Alerts and mailings.

Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Ho, Ho, Ho.

Christmas card
My electronic Christmas card. Click on the image to see the card.

It’s a magical season for many, at least in this country, with the holiday season upon us. For us it is a quiet time, since we are not traveling anywhere and no one is coming here. We have been in touch with many and are not, thus, “alone”. We went out for our usual Saturday Breakfast Out (to IHOP) and did some grocery shopping, but spent the rest of the day at home. Elaine made some chicken noodle soup for supper using the chicken we rotisseried a couple of days ago. It was delicious! And I sent out my electronic Christmas cards via JacquieLawson.com. Continue reading Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Ho, Ho, Ho.

Thank goodness for Akismet!

From June 2006 until October 30, 2016 I did not allow comments at my web site. I had never built commenting ability into my SitePower system. Most readers read my stories through my Facebook link and others received them by email, and since both those routes had built-in commenting capabilities I never saw the need for doing it otherwise. With my switch to a WordPress-based site commenting ability was built in, however. And that is when the spam began! Continue reading Thank goodness for Akismet!