La Santisima. Meds finally. Trip cancellation process.

Santa Muerte
A painting of Santa Muerte from the restaurant walls.

Sharlene Froberg found a Mexican restaurant she thought we should try so a group of us headed there for supper tonight. La Santisima Gourmet Tacos near N 59th Ave on W Glendale Ave in downtown Glendale. And while they have a great selection of tacos, they also offer burros, fundidos, and other dishes as well. Their food is in the Jalisco style – Guadalajara is the capital of Jalisco. The decorations in the restaurant also mostly come from Guadalajara, and Santa Muerte (Holy Death, as in the Angel of Death) is featured in statue and paintings. Santa Muerte generally appears as a skeletal female figure, clad in a long robe and holding one or more objects, usually a scythe and a globe, and is associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife by her devotees. Continue reading La Santisima. Meds finally. Trip cancellation process.

Morning cool. Swimming again. Travel plans.

I couldn’t believe the temperature I saw on the thermometer this morning, it was 57°! We’ve had nights down in the 60s lately, but this is several degrees lower. Not that we won’t be seeing temps like that soon – but after several months with overnight lows in the 80s it is a surprise. Our heat even came on once this morning! I have the thermostat set for heating to 75° and cooling to 78° in the fall and spring, so it had dropped below 75. Our days are very nice this time of year; normal is around 98° and they will being dropping further still. Continue reading Morning cool. Swimming again. Travel plans.

Look back: San Antonio Riverwalk. Quiet day.

Photo of reflections in Riverwalk
The Riverwalk provides a peaceful setting in the heart of the city

[Note: Another photo from the past showing places we have been.] In December 2011 we visited San Antonio TX for the second time; our first visit was in December 2006. Our 2001 visit was planned to be there during the Christmas season, as we were impressed with the Riverwalk at that time on our first visit. For a wondrous tour through the heart of a city San Antonio’s Riverwalk is one of the best. You walk along the banks or float on the river 20-30 below street level and in a magical kingdom just barely aware of the world above. This watery kingdom has restaurants and shops, and connections to hotels that line the streets above. Bridges arch over the water to allow you to easily go from one side to the other, and bridges carry the streets over the water as well. Though colorful during the day, at night and especially at Christmas trees lining the river add their own magic of colored lights that make them seem almost imaginary. The photo here is one of my favorites and we use it as one of our wallpaper images on our computers; you can read my story from that visit at
Continue reading Look back: San Antonio Riverwalk. Quiet day.

Back home – boys ecstatic. Could have gone I-17.

Gizmo was in my recliner and Kerby was somewhere in the back of the house when we walked in the door this afternoon around 4:00. I headed for the front bathroom and Elaine to the rear, and Gizmo did not know which way to go. After a few pets from me he followed Elaine, and I could hear him squealing and crying with joy at seeing her. After a minute or so he came to where I was and squealed and cried some more. What a welcome! As I came out of the office Kerby was coming across the kitchen from the back of the house and as soon as he saw me he ran and wanted to be petted and loved. Continue reading Back home – boys ecstatic. Could have gone I-17.

Family breakfast. On the road again.

group at breakfast
The Ogden group at breakfast

It was leaving day for Destry’s family and for Elaine and me. They are returning to Gladstone OR, we are returning to Phoenix AZ.  Taylor Dockter will be leaving soon for Missoula MT. So the Ogden family got together one last time for this visit, and had breakfast at The Viaduct Grill in Green River. This is where Johnna Ogden works and her daughter Tara does as well; Tara was our server this morning. The food was good and the company was excellent. We filled quite a table, as you can see in the photo! Continue reading Family breakfast. On the road again.

In Wyoming. Lots of family. This Old House.

The house where we are staying for this visit

We arrived in Wyoming around noon today, leaving Beaver UT around 8:30. Elaine had been in touch with Destry and Rachel and we knew they were somewhere behind us. They had flown into Salt Lake City this morning, rented a car, and headed up. They had their lunch on the way so we stopped at JB’s in Evanston for our lunch. After that they got a little ahead of us, but we were both heading to the same place. Destry had rented a house under AirBNB for the weekend and we were going to stay there with them. Continue reading In Wyoming. Lots of family. This Old House.

On our way to WY.

halfway tree
I use this tree about ten miles north of Panguitch UT on US 89 as a halfway marker on our trips to Rock Springs WY.

We left home around 8:30 this morning – the first time. We got about 20 minutes out when I realized I forgot to pack my shirts. I had been heading to the bedroom to get them this morning when I got distracted by something else and I never got the shirt task done. So back we went, retrieving the shirts, and also allowing Elaine to do something SHE forgot. So that put us effectively on the road about 45 minutes later than we hoped. Continue reading On our way to WY.

Life after RVing – Royal Palm Community

A sunset as seen through our front motorhome window here in Royal Palm

Yesterday I wrote about “hanging up the keys” to our motorhome, and received many nice comments. A lot of folks talked about opening the next door, or starting a new chapter in our lives, or enjoying the rest of the adventures in our lives. There were some nice comments from people who have followed my posts for the many years of our travels, hoping I would continue writing; I will. So I thought I would follow yesterday’s story with a description of what we have moved on to; I have posted in the Facebook Living the RV Dream group and know there are a lot of people in that group who will someday be faced with the same choices. Here’s another aspect of our story. Continue reading Life after RVing – Royal Palm Community

Hanging up the keys

OurHous on a lot at Royal Palm RV Park

On our last trip in our motorhome last year we decided it was time to “hang up the keys”. A very sad decision in some ways, for we have had eleven years of great times seeing great places. I have enjoyed the romance of being free and on the road! But Elaine and I got tired on our trips lately and so our trips would likely be fewer in the future. I totaled up the costs and concluded that we spend about $1,500 per month to own our motorhome even when we do not use it. That was fine when we used it a lot, but doesn’t make as much sense if we don’t. Continue reading Hanging up the keys

Back home. Tough night for me.

A few days ago Elaine had a virus that resulted in many hours of dry heaves and about twelve hours of diarrhea. She recovered and yesterday I caught it. I mentioned in yesterday’s story that I wasn’t hungry for either the noon or evening meal. About 6:00 PM the diarrhea hit… and hit… and hit, for the next twelve hours. A very difficult night; now I know a little better what Elaine went through, though I never had the dry heaves! With all the activity on the toilet there was little time for sleep. Continue reading Back home. Tough night for me.