Back to satellite. Social Club meeting. Karaoke.

Our satellite dish on the shed roof

You’ve read recently about my frustration with Tablo and hard drives. Table provides DVR functions for over the air TV and uses an external hard drive to do its work. But I had a problem with Tablo and one hard drive and then again with a second. So I bit the bullet and called DISH to come install a satellite dish for us. We have used DISH TV in our motorhome for several years, so we had the receiver and hard drive for DVR. And one time while in the RV section here we had to have a dish installed. So we had all the equipment. Continue reading Back to satellite. Social Club meeting. Karaoke.

Tablo frustration.

Tablo antenna DVR

I have been frustrated with using Tablo for recording over-the-air (OTA) TV because the hard drive keeps filling up and recordings are not made when called for. When setting the schedule for recording a show there is no option to only store the last five (or whatever) episodes such as we had with our Dish receiver. And this means I had to go in on-screen and delete one episode at a time; this process takes four clicks to accomplish for each episode: OK to select the show, left arrow to move to Delete on the menu, up arrow to select Delete again, then OK to approve. Continue reading Tablo frustration.

Coax and splitter. Elaine tablet.

My temporary solution is a splitter on the feed from the antenna. I’ll clean up the wiring later.

Our TV in the office/craft room should now work as well as the one in the living room. I had installed an indoor antenna in the office, along with an amplifier, but still Channel 12 and sometimes others were subject to pixelating. Not a good situation. So I ran a new coax cable from the office, out through the wall, and along the trim at the top of the outside wall all the way to the back end of the house. From there I made a temporary run over to the other side of the back wall, where the feed from our outside antenna comes down the house. I installed a splitter in that feed and connected both the previous cable running under the house to the living room as well as the new coax I had run to that splitter. Continue reading Coax and splitter. Elaine tablet.

Storage containers. Wiped out. Channel 12.

Our lunch meat containers

I know it is not an earth shattering thing, but some time ago Ziploc quit making 4-cup (32-oz) storage containers. Instead, they started making 5-cup (40-oz) containers. But those larger ones are just too large for our needs and waste space in the refrigerator and in the cabinet. Our leftovers usually fit quite nicely in the 4-cup size. What’s more, we could not find the 4-cup size by any other manufacturer. But then we started buying lunch meats at Fry’s (Kroger, nationally) and those come in very nice 4-cup reusable containers so we are back in business again. Between the two of us we go through about two of those sliced meat packages a week, so the containers have started building up. Continue reading Storage containers. Wiped out. Channel 12.