A Thank You Dinner. A sun streak. More web work.

A Thank You Dinner

Diners at the Thank You Dinner tonight.

We were invited tonight by Gail Brazell to a thank you dinner for those who helped with the recent Taco Dinner event here at Royal Palm. About thirteen of us gathered at the Clubhouse to enjoy salad and lasagna and cake, and it was delicious. The place was decorated in an Italian restaurant theme – in keeping with the lasagna – and she had Italian music playing in the background. The latter was a nice touch. We enjoyed the company and had a good time.

We were also invited to a Super Bowl party, but neither of us felt we wanted to take on more food or snacking, so we went home. Elaine is napping while I am writing this, in fact. Continue reading A Thank You Dinner. A sun streak. More web work.

Family trees. 216000 people. Breakfast in the Park.

Family trees

DAV family tree
The start of my ancestral family tree. It goes back several generations more on both sides of my family.

I made a major step forward for the Violette Family Association web site over the last few days by incorporating the ability for people to search their family trees – at least those who are related to the Violette family descended from François Violet/Violette. People can go to http://VioletteFamily.org/FamilyTree and do searches. They might want to see if they are in this Violette family or may want to know more about their ancestors. They can also check to see if we are missing family members or need to correct info about family members. I will be encouraging those in our Violette Family Facebook group to visit the site and do searches. Continue reading Family trees. 216000 people. Breakfast in the Park.

Escapee foiled. Kerby and Gizmo clean. Violette Family genealogy on web.

Escapee foiled

blocking Gizmo
I have installed four concrete pads next to the gate in our dog run to keep Gizmo from digging his way out

I mentioned earlier how I used some concrete blocks (and a bucket of water) to block Gizmo’s access to the gate in the dog run. He had escaped three times – twice by springing the bottom of the gate out to make an opening and once by digging under the gate. Now I have replaced the temporary blocks and bucket with four permanent concrete blocks (12x12x2 inches) to make it neater. I don’t think he will be able to move those! I still use a bungee cord (red in the photo) to keep him from springing the gate, but I will replace that with a slide bolt. Continue reading Escapee foiled. Kerby and Gizmo clean. Violette Family genealogy on web.

Getting a charge. Board meeting. Violette Family Association.

Getting a charge

It was time to recharge the golf cart batteries, but first I knew I should top off the electrolyte in the cells. I got out the distilled water and my battery filler jug and got that job done. Glad to see the levels were not down far. Then I put the cart on charge for a few hours to bring them back up to full. We have to recharge the batteries every week or so. Continue reading Getting a charge. Board meeting. Violette Family Association.

Christmas decorations. Violette genealogy web.

Christmas decorations
Our Christmas decorations in their current status. There’s more to do.

Being rested a little, I decided that today was a good time to continue with the Christmas decorations. I added the two small spiral lighted trees out front, hung a wreath on the wall in the deck, and set up the Christmas tree on the deck. Plus I got all those connected to electricity. Elaine and the boys joined me on the deck and watched as I was working, and Elaine helped with the large tree and the deck wreath. I also did some work to set up the tall skinny vinyl tree we’ve used for several years. i have been lighting this one from inside with a string of small violet lights and I made a modification to better attach the light string at the top. I’ll install that tree tomorrow. Continue reading Christmas decorations. Violette genealogy web.

New printer. Costco shopping. Web progress.

Envy 4500
The HP Envy 4500 all-in-one printer

Though my existing HP 4500 Envy all-in-one printer has been doing a great job for me, it was time to buy another. One thing the Envy would NOT do is print on heavy card stock, and Elaine needs that capability. I did a lot of research – there is simply very little information about what paper stock thicknesses printers will handle. They instead list the paper “types”, and I have to impute to what thickness each type is equivalent. The replacement? A Canon Pixma TS9020. I have had Canon Pixma printers in the past and was happy with them, and this one had good ratings. Continue reading New printer. Costco shopping. Web progress.

Elaine and the box. Breakfast in the Park. More drips. Database progress.

craft box
The box Elaine made today. It is designed to hold custom cards and/or envelopes.

Elaine and Jan Ostlund took a class at The Paper Collage, a craft store in Sun City West, today. This one was on making a paper box designed to hold paper cards and envelopes. It’s a neat design, and can be customized with different papers and designer covers. I can imagine this being used to hold custom cards and envelopes made for sale or for gifting. The ribbon you see above it can be used to wrap the box for closure. While it looked good to me, Elaine was not satisfied with this, her first effort. But I know it will improve with the next ones!

This being the first Saturday of the month, it was time for Breakfast in the Park. We attended, along with over 65 other people, so it was a great success. As usual, the meal was great and was easy to overeat.

drip feeds
These four planter pots now have drip irrigation, fed by the 1/2-inch pipe you see on the ground and with individual 1/4-inch drip feeds leading from it.

I did some more work on our drip irrigation system today. Yesterday I went to Ace Hardware on W Glendale Ave to purchase a couple of tools I forgot to get before and to get a different kind of drip head. I needed a tool to punch the holes in the ½-inch supply piping for connecting the barb fittings, and I also got a ratcheting cutter for pipe.

I tried to make the first connection to the ½-inch pipe but was not able to push the barb connector into the pipe wall. Grrr. I figured I would have to get someone with more strength to do those for me, but later this afternoon I thought of using pliers to hold the barb fitting while doing the pushing and it worked fine. No help needed.

So then I went on and did the drip lines for the five pots we have out front. In the four at the right in the photo I used regular 1 gallon per hour (gph) drip heads, but on the larger pot on the left I used an adjustable spray head since the pot is larger. I tested, and no leaks. Then I set the controller to run this zone twice a week for an hour at 7:00 AM. I still have to place a drip line to the tray in front of the larger pot; I will try a soaker line for that.

I am excited about the progress I am making on the new database system under WordPress for the Violette Family Association membership. I am using the Participants Database WordPress plugin. I had to work my way through several setup glitches, figuring out how to set things up and how to make corrections or changes when I want to do something different. It’s a learning curve situation, but I  am quickly getting stronger and more confident.

Gizmo’s eyes improving! Wind and rain. Gathering ad bucks.

Gizmo went today to his eye doctor for a three-month checkup at Eye Care for Animals. His eyes have improved enough that Dr Ronald Sigler says he can go six months for his next checkup instead of three! Great news. He was diagnosed with pigmentosa keratitis a year or more ago and has been treated with various eye drops twice daily ever since. He gets two different drops in each eye twice a day and will have to the rest of his life. Dr Sigler says the keratitis is receding and the white “blobs” that appeared in the top and bottom of his left eye are getting thinner. Continue reading Gizmo’s eyes improving! Wind and rain. Gathering ad bucks.

Newsletter 1. Newsletter 2.

The cover of the October issue of The Palm Press

Whew! Glad to get the newsletter out! The volunteers gathered at 9:30 this morning in the clubhouse and by 10:00 all 320 newsletters had three flyers inserted, had a rubber bank wrapped around them, and were distributed into bags for the delivery volunteers – there are seven “routes”. They were augmented today with three ladies who will be involved with an upcoming health fair, which was the subject of one of the flyer inserts. This newsletter is larger than my previous two, at 20 pages. I think that is an optimum size since it seems to give me enough room to express what I want and to report on what is happening. We use the  UPS office near Central and Dunlap; the newsletter is printed with the covers, inside and out, in color and the rest in black-and-white. The 20-page version costs us less than 87¢ each. Continue reading Newsletter 1. Newsletter 2.