Rain. Snow. Shopping.


detention basin
There was water still in the Royal Palm detention basin this afternoon from last night’s storm

I mentioned in last night’s story that we expected rain. And the rain came. We got ¾ inch here in Royal Palm. There were puddles everywhere this morning, including on the floorboards of our golf cart. We had moved it in under our patio awning last night but the wind blew so hard from the west that the golf cart still got soaked. The reported amounts varied from ¼ inch in downtown Phoenix and further south to over an inch north of us. The storm lasted for a couple of hours or more and was accompanied  by thunder and lightning for some of the time. We left our front door open for much of the storm so we could enjoy the sound of the rain hitting the patio awning. It’s a rare enough experience! Continue reading Rain. Snow. Shopping.

Favorite Velcro strips. X-Rays. Lemon-frosted brownies. Rain coming.

Favorite Velcro strips

velcro strips
Finally found them – my favorite Velcro fasteners

Several years ago I found some Velcro strips that came on a roll, and I loved ’em! These are ½-inch wide by 8 inches long and come connected end-to-end on a roll. You simply unroll as many as you need and separate them one at a time to use them. They are perfect for cables and wires because they can be attached to the cable using the loop at the wide end and then wrapped around the coiled cable when needed. What’s really great about them is that they are thin and not fuzzy. Continue reading Favorite Velcro strips. X-Rays. Lemon-frosted brownies. Rain coming.

Brrrr: first day of winter. Choco treats. Off to printer.

Brrrr: first day of winter

7day 171221
Our 7-day forecast here in Phoenix shows some quite cold morning temps the next day or so.

For once, the first day of winter here in Phoenix is the first winter day. It started with an overnight low of 41° – which is not unusual recently – but by noon it had only gotten up to 53° and did not get above 54°. With a 15 mph wind, it felt downright chilly outside, and the wind chimes on the patio were clinking! Bright sunshine, though. When I took the boys out for their morning walk around 7:30 the wind had not started up yet, so it was not too bad. As part of wintery conditions, Flagstaff AZ had its first snow of the season. All this is the result of a cold front moving into the area. Continue reading Brrrr: first day of winter. Choco treats. Off to printer.

Elaine feeling better. Lots of cooking. Cooler weather.

Elaine feeling better

It is so good to see Elaine feeling better! She still tires easily, but she usually gets 5-6 hours of activity in before it hits her. She recovers faster, too. Dr Johnson told her she would recover slowly and that it would take some time, but that she would get over the viral infection in time. It has been 3-4 weeks now that she has been not well and that is strange for her. She is rarely sick for long. Continue reading Elaine feeling better. Lots of cooking. Cooler weather.

Wedding preparations. Finally some rain. Living wills.

Wedding preparations

David's Bridal
Elaine got her dress from David’s Bridal

We needed to make some added preparations for granddaughter Taylor Dockter’s wedding at the end of this month. The wedding is in the Bahamas on December 31. Elaine had bought a dress a few months ago but needed to have it finally adjusted. So we went to the David’s Bridal store on N Tatum near Paradise Valley Mall to have it done. She had bought it at a David’s Bridal in Salt Lake City. Probably she should have gone to them sooner, but they will have it done in time. Continue reading Wedding preparations. Finally some rain. Living wills.

Bye bye Shauna and Casey. Still warm. Newsletter to reviewers.

Casey, Gizmo, Kerby, Shauna
Casey checking in at his plant while Gizmo and Kerby pal with Shauna.

We said goodbye to Casey and Shauna this morning. They came by around 7 or so, all packed up and ready to head back to Rock Springs WY. They fly into Salt Lake City and will do some shopping there before driving back home to Rock Springs. We’ve had a great visit with them, but we all need to head back to our regular lives again. I think not only Elaine and I but the boys as well will miss them. Notice in the photo that Kerby is up on the couch and Shauna’s lap; that is very rare. He does not get on lap or couch very often so it amazes us when it happens. As usual, he did not stay long. Continue reading Bye bye Shauna and Casey. Still warm. Newsletter to reviewers.

A great sunset. Elaine update. Shopping. Hot forecast.

sunset and moon
Another glorious sunset here in Phoenix, accompanied by a sliver moon.

Occasionally I comment about, and show photos of, our Arizona sunsets. Tonight it was so bright and brilliant I had to share once again. Our mostly clear skies that have clouds on the western horizon late in the day create conditions for these great sunsets. We also have conditions in the morning for great sunrises, but they are harder to take photos of because of the mountains to the east of the Valley. That is why you are most likely to see sunset photos here. Continue reading A great sunset. Elaine update. Shopping. Hot forecast.

Posting to Craigslist. Elaine update. Warm and dry.

Iris Smart Kit
Lowe’s Iris Smart Kit home monitoring and automation starter kit

I have started posting some items for sale on Craigslist; these are the “high-ticket” items that did not sell in the yard sale over the weekend. I have only a little experience with using Craigslist. I had advertised some items last year but the only response was from a scammer and I cut that off quickly. A couple of items are things I had bought for the house but never used. One is an Iris Smart Kit – a home automation and monitoring package. I bought this but before it got installed we replaced our HVAC system and the new system came with a Nexia bridge built into the thermostat, so I didn’t need the Iris system. Price new $299; I am asking $125. Here’s a link to the listing. Continue reading Posting to Craigslist. Elaine update. Warm and dry.

Shelve it. Great weather. Newsletter.

shelving materials
Shelving materials for our shed addition, bought at The Home Depot today. The 2x4s and standards are on top of the seat backs, the shelf brackets on the floor.

I started the next step in our new shed addition – adding the shelving system. I decided to use the ClosetMaid 60-inch twin track standards and the shelf brackets to match. I attached 2x4s on the back wall, which was the outside wall of the original shed, and attached standards to them. On the front wall I simply attached the standards to the 2x3s Marv had used to frame the addition. I will only have deep shelving in two of the three bays and will leave the other bay available for taller items. Tomorrow I will get the shelving material and finish the job. Continue reading Shelve it. Great weather. Newsletter.