Below average temps continue. Newsletter work. Crafts session.

Our cooler trend continues. Normal temps are around 100.

We delight in the continued below-average temperatures. Normal for this time of year is 100° but we’ve had temps 2-3° below that and the forecast calls for this to continue. Look at the 88 and 89 and 90 in the forecast! We’ve enjoyed those lower temps and the Park even had to start up the pool heater again because pool temps were getting down into the low 80s. It was comfortable enough that Elaine washed down and cleaned the golf cart after we returned from swimming this afternoon; it really needed it. Continue reading Below average temps continue. Newsletter work. Crafts session.

Cooler weather. Country Boys Restaurant. Social Club meeting. Newsletter.

temps in 90s
A break in the weather as we approach fall.

“I wish it could be like this year-round”, Elaine said this afternoon as we headed to the pool. Temperatures in the 90s after weeks over 100 make this current weather seem mild. I know, for our friends and family in most other parts of the country temperatures in the 90s are anything BUT mild. But it’s all relative! We may still get 100+ temps but in any case it portends coming milder weather. Continue reading Cooler weather. Country Boys Restaurant. Social Club meeting. Newsletter.

Heart testing. Surgery setup. Heat – 25 days 110 and over.

gamma camera
Dave in a Gamma Camera, which takes specialized photos of the heart to study oxygen use

I had three hours of testing this morning at the Honor Health Heart Group, under the direction of Dr Gary Kauffman. He wanted to get more thorough information about how my heart is functioning and today’s tests were designed to accomplish that. It started with injecting a radioactive dye which attaches to oxygen in the heart and will show where oxygen is being used. Those areas where oxygen is not present may be damaged or otherwise not active. Continue reading Heart testing. Surgery setup. Heat – 25 days 110 and over.

Shopping. Newsletter. Cooler weather.

I guess we didn’t do enough shopping yesterday, for Elaine and Pete Petersen went to WinCo and Walmart today! Pete is a discerning shopper and is very aware of prices and values, and knows which products to buy in which store, so there are things for which he has convinced us to go to WinCo. As well, Elaine needed to do some shopping for the Royal Palm Rescue Pantry and both those places are good places to shop for the pantry. I’ll be able to go next time, for they saw some electric carts at WinCo; I can’t walk far enough to cover that huge store on foot. Continue reading Shopping. Newsletter. Cooler weather.

Back to heat and storm. Teeth clean.

towering cumulus clouds
Vivid storm clouds to the northeast. Those are towering cumulus clouds that may rise to over 60,000 feet. They are awesome when lit by evening sun.

Elaine has commented several times last night and today that she is aware that we are back in Arizona because of the heat. It hit a high of 108° today (average high for the date is 103°), compared with the mid-80s we experienced recently while in Wyoming and Utah. She is quick to say, however, that she prefers the heat here to the cold in Wyoming; that’s a preference we share and is the reason we moved here from Wyoming 17 years ago. Continue reading Back to heat and storm. Teeth clean.

Wound infected. Running around. Still high temps.

I went back to Arizona Dermatology this morning for a two-week check on the surgical would and for stitches removal. This was where I had a cyst removed. They discovered that it had become infected and was not healing, so I am still with a bandage for another week or so. She asked how I had been treating it and when I mentioned Neosporin, she made a dismayed sound and said to never use Neosporin. Apparently it can affect some people negatively, as perhaps it did me. I do have to admit that I did not provide the proper care, however. The care instructions got buried on my desk and I just found them again four days ago and was surprised by some of the things I should have been doing. I will do them now. Continue reading Wound infected. Running around. Still high temps.

Let’s deliver. Ear, ear!

It took more than a half hour instead of the usual twenty minutes or so, but our volunteer team folding newsletters got the job done. We were short a couple of volunteers who were on vacation. This newsletter was more complicated to assemble because we had FOUR inserts and they had to be assembled in a specific order for a couple of them to work. But the team pulled it off! Continue reading Let’s deliver. Ear, ear!

Box for Copic pens. More office organizers. Hotter.

smaller box
This is one of the smaller boxes in which Elaine stores Copic pens

Elaine has been keeping her Copic pens in some plastic boxes that will hold about 144 pens. She has two and they are mostly full so she needs more storage. She recently found and ordered a larger box, about 11×15 inches in size, that will hold ALL her Copic pens plus more that she hasn’t bought yet. This new box will hold 406 pens. She thinks it will be easier to carry the single box and have all her colors available when she goes to a class. And she has A LOT of Copic pens – more than 250 of them, in fact! Continue reading Box for Copic pens. More office organizers. Hotter.

Elaine skin check – OK. Warming up. Adding earlier stories.

Elaine had her annual skin check at AZ Dermatology today, and got a good report. Nothing needed attention. Come back in a year. That’s good news. Since daughter Shauna was recently treated (successfully) for melanoma, Elaine mentioned this to her doctor and was told that while melanoma can be hereditary it can come from either side of the family. No signs of it for her, thank goodness! Continue reading Elaine skin check – OK. Warming up. Adding earlier stories.

Kerby, relaxed. Monsoon weather.

Kerby in dog bed
Now that is relaxed! Kerby in his dog bed

Kerby is a pretty laid-back sort of fellow most of the time. You will often see him laying back beside the couch near Elaine’s chair or on the floor under the bar chairs behind my chair. Sometimes he will be laying on the floor under the window beside my chair or on the rug in front of the couch. We keep a dog bed on the living room floor near the office door, and Gizmo will often use this but Kerby uses it more often. In fact, that is where he usually sleeps at night. But today I just had to take the photo at right, showing Kerby in a very relaxed mode. Continue reading Kerby, relaxed. Monsoon weather.