Smashburger. Rain. Shopping.

My Black Bean Burger, and Elaine’s Avocado Club Sandwich plus Veggie Frites

Come time for lunch, I suggested we try the taco place for which we have some coupons for free tacos. “No”, said Elaine, “If I have a choice let’s go to Smashburger.” So Smashburger it was. “Our smashed burgers are always made-to-order, never frozen, smashed and seared to perfection on our grill.” And we will agree they are tasty. A choice for Smashburger is always good. Continue reading Smashburger. Rain. Shopping.

Dull and dreary day. Dogs groomed. Board meeting. Newsletter.

As I started out with the dogs for their walk this morning it started to sprinkle lightly, and that is what we had off and on all day. The skies were grey and cloudy, though patches of blue came through at times. And it looks like we will have more of same over the next 2-3 days. The Arizona high country is getting snow – large amounts of snow. Forecasts for the Flagstaff call for 18-20 inches of snow! Continue reading Dull and dreary day. Dogs groomed. Board meeting. Newsletter.

It is a cold, Chicken Noodle Soup day

cold temp
It was cold this morning in Green River WY!

(Note: I forgot to publish this on Friday, but here it is.) We did not need this reminder of why we moved to Phoenix back in 2000! We woke up to severe cold temperatures, as in -27° on the thermometer! Yes, we have experienced such temperatures and worse in the past. And yes, we were thankful on behalf of those who had to go out that there was not much wind much of the time. Further, we will be happy to be back in Phoenix in a few days! Continue reading It is a cold, Chicken Noodle Soup day

We’re tired. Very quiet day.

Elaine and the boys
Gizmo and Kerby are sure happy to have us home again! And Elaine is happy to be with them.

I have concluded that we no longer recover as quickly as we once did! A two-day trip used to be an easy thing to do and we would be right back at it the next day after returning. Today, I did not get up until 7:45 and then dozed off some time after breakfast and slept for a couple of hours. Elaine napped this afternoon as well. But then the fact that Elaine is still trying to also recover from the virus that hit her last week and I am still feeling the effects of the same from over the weekend might also be affecting us. Continue reading We’re tired. Very quiet day.

67 degree difference. On the road.

From -26° to +41° – that was our range today, a 67° difference. It started in Green River WY at that lower temperature. Even though our Equinox started OK yesterday at -27°, the battery refused to turn the engine over this morning. But Casey pulled his Jeep out of the garage and with jumper cables the Equinox started right away. Casey and Shauna and Elaine and I then headed to The Hitching Post, a restaurant in Green River, where we met with Shane and had breakfast. We were on the road about 9:00. Continue reading 67 degree difference. On the road.

R.I.P. Jo Behrman. Snow and cold.

May she rest in peace. Jo Behrman (Elaine’s sister) died peacefully this morning around 7:45. She had been moved from the care center yesterday afternoon about 2:00, so at least she was at home in familiar surroundings with all her smells and sounds. She was still in the same position throughout the night, though, as she was when she arrived; she was comatose and she did not respond to voices at all. What was important was that she was home, where she wanted to be. Continue reading R.I.P. Jo Behrman. Snow and cold.

Snowy day. Jo back home.

snowy road scene
These were the conditions along Elk St in Rock Springs when we out to do some shopping late this afternoon.

It started last night, and continues through the day and evening. SNOW! By this time, around 6:30 PM, we have received about 8-10 inches. During most of the day the temps were around 28-30°, but late this afternoon the temp dropped and the wind started blowing 8-15 mph. Right now the temp is 4° and the forecast is for -6° tonight. Continue reading Snowy day. Jo back home.

Big storm. Hot sauce. Trader Joe’s.

flooded street
This is at the lower end of D Street, looking north. The street is flooded from sidewalk to sidewalk.

Boy, it rained last night and today! Not constantly, but in bursts lasting 30 minutes or more. Channel 5 reported we had 1.18 inches of rain in our part of the Valley, and that’s a lot considering our average annual rainfall is 7-10 inches! I could hear it last night whenever I woke up and we had several bursts of rain this morning. We had some temporary flooding here in Royal Palm as it took some time for the runoff to reach the storm basins. Continue reading Big storm. Hot sauce. Trader Joe’s.

Love our purple flowers! Still great weather.

Three blossoms this morning. More buds on the way.

Every morning when I take the boys out I look for how many blossoms there are on the two plants in a pot by the front of our deck. The blossoms are a pretty purple, which is special to Elaine and I. And I announce to her how many there are each day. Our neighbor across the street, Chino, gave us the plants and he put them in the pot they are in. Continue reading Love our purple flowers! Still great weather.

Back to sunny. Pool season may be over. Geek Squad. Haircuts.

Clear blue skies this morning at our home

Despite the sunny skies and no wind today, I suspect that the pool season is over for most people. Once again I had a nice, quiet day being the only one in the pool this afternoon. It has mostly been that way all week. And that does not surprise me; probably most people think that the pool season should end here in Phoenix sometime in October. Our pool here at Royal Palm is heated, of course, and 85° water is still comfortable. But the sun has lost much of its warmth here now and the angle is lower in the sky. The high was 79° today; two degrees below normal. Continue reading Back to sunny. Pool season may be over. Geek Squad. Haircuts.