Getting warm. Lizards. Violette sign. Organizing workshop.

Here’s our weather forecast for the next week here in Phoenix.

It is June, and as usual it is getting warm. If you do a Bing search for hottest month in Phoenix you will probably get the following: “The hottest month of the year in Phoenix, Arizona is July with an average daily temperature of 106.2. The second hottest month is August at 104.5 degrees, followed closely by June at 104 degrees, and then September 100 degrees even.” Today we were at a high of 102° – just barely above the average for this date of 100°. So, while for those who do not live in this area those may seem to be high temperatures, they are only a few degrees above average. Continue reading Getting warm. Lizards. Violette sign. Organizing workshop.

High temp. Work on planters. Newsletter delivered.

folks in pool
When the temps get up like this, the pool’s a good place to be

106° today – about 8° above normal – and a good day to be in the pool. We’ve had a couple of 100+ days this week and will have at least one more according to the forecast. When the temperatures are up there we still do pretty much the same things we would have at lower temps, however. After all, this IS Phoenix! Continue reading High temp. Work on planters. Newsletter delivered.

Triple digits. Drippers. Schlotzsky’s.

Today’s high was 100, and we have more coming.

Phoenix hit triple digits today – 100°. And we are forecast to go higher the next two days. But, shockers, between Sunday and Wednesday the temps will drop about 28°! Normal for this time of year is around 90°.

I worked outside much of the morning, and though I felt the higher temps it was by no means uncomfortable to be out.

in box
Drip line assembly in place in a planter box

My task this morning was to assemble the dripper lines to go in the planter boxes. I have the two 36″ boxes on hand and the 32″ boxes I ordered from Walmart are at the store, to be picked up tomorrow. I assembled and connected the drip line for the first of the 36″ boxes, as you can see in the photo at right.

Seven drip assemblies ready for boxes

I also assembled the drip lines for the remaining seven, as you can see in the other photo. They are simple – a short run from the distribution pipe to a 90° bend, then a series of three inline emitters followed by a plug. Once I have the remaining boxes in position I will insert the drip line for each into the distribution line.

Elaine headed over to The Paper Collage again today for another card class and came back with several new ones. She will probably assemble some card kits for use at the craft sessions here at Royal Palm later this fall as well as for her own use. She likes getting the design ideas from these classes, even though she will almost always do her own thing and modify the designs. And it always seems that the teacher uses new sets of colors for each project group, so that means extending her Copic pen collection.

We decided to go to Schlotzsky’s to get supper. We hear a lot of good things about Schlotzsky’s from Pete Petersen and Bill Russell, who go there often, and Pete has recommended them in his Pete’s Picks in our monthly newsletter. His favorite is the Combination Pizza, and I ordered that tonight. Elaine ordered the Brisketeer Mac, an overloaded mac n’ cheese with tons of cheddar cheese topped with succulent hickory wood-smoked brisket. She had them leave off the cilantro. I liked the pizza and Elaine’s dish as well. We also had a Schlotzsky’s sandwich at Marilyn’s birthday pool party on Sunday, and liked that one as well. Perhaps we will more likely go back in the future.

AZ hot, AZ cold, AZ windy.

We have been having above-average temperatures here in the Valley of the Sun the last couple of weeks. Average is around 85° at this time of year yet we have had many back to back 90+ days; this last Sunday parts of the Valley had temps of 100° and 101°. Not totally unusual. From “Over the past 30 years, the average first day of 100-degree weather is May 2, according to National Weather Service statistics. We’re already a month past the record for earliest triple-digit temperatures — that happened March 26, 1988.” Our current forecast calls for a drop to just below average on Thursday, but the temperatures will climb above average and into the 90s again soon. Continue reading AZ hot, AZ cold, AZ windy.

Drip fix. A job that sucks. Getting ready for yard sale. Less wind.

This was the morning the drip system for the pots out front was to run, and when I came back from walking the dogs my neighbor rushed over to tell me something was wrong. There was water all over the front sidewalk. He said he looked for a shutoff and not finding one was ready to knock on the door to let me know when he saw me walking up the street with the boys. Remember I mentioned a couple of days ago that the soaker line I put in the tray planter was putting out too much water? And remember I said I would fix it yesterday? Guess what I failed to do yesterday? Continue reading Drip fix. A job that sucks. Getting ready for yard sale. Less wind.

A banner day. More hauling. Very windy.

Elaine and I had a banner day today, as in ordering some banners for the Royal Palm Social Club to use to advertise events. The immediate event is the community yard sale coming up this weekend, and the banners will be placed on the front fence along Dunlap Avenue to catch the eyes of passing motorists. We had talked with one company on Hatcher Drive on Friday but the owner was out and not expected back until today. So I went over there around 9:00 only to find the place locked and no one answering the doorbell. We had already tried the banner shop across the street and found them closed, so I decided to try one of the others along Hatcher. There are at least five shops advertising banner production. Continue reading A banner day. More hauling. Very windy.

Wind and more wind. Annual physicals.

We have been experiencing wind speeds here in Phoenix the last couple of days that have made it uncomfortable at times to be out. While sustained speeds have been in the 20-30 mph range, we have had bursts much higher. And other parts of Arizona, notably further north and west, have had much higher wind speeds. We’ve had a couple of days, including today, where Elaine did not want to swim due to the wind. Continue reading Wind and more wind. Annual physicals.

Dog love stickers. Swimming.

Puppy love paws stickers

I discovered this sticker on Amazon a few weeks ago and no question I had to order it. Especially since it comes in purple. Today Elaine scraped off the old stick figure stickers we have had on there for several years that had started to wear off. And she mounted these two puppy-love stickers in their place. Close to our hearts. I also have some for our golf cart windshield.

Elaine had a nail appointment this morning but they did not include her toenails so she will have to go back this week for that.

While at Walmart she did some grocery shopping as well, but was not happy with the produce there so only bought some things on the list. Later this afternoon we went to Fry’s to get the rest.

I relaxed this morning, reading on my tablet, and this afternoon I did some work at my computer. I prepared an analysis of publishing costs and ad revenues for the Royal Palm newsletter to use for planning for ad sales. I will also present this to the Board for a decision on newsletter size. Currently ad revenues fall a little short of printing costs, and smaller newsletters will obviously cost less to print. Right now it usually costs anywhere from 75¢ a book for a 16-page newsletter to 95¢ for a 24-page one; inserts add to those costs.

It has warmed up again, but only into the low 80s. Normal for this time of year is around 78°. We did go swimming this afternoon even though there was some wind. Elaine said she felt the difference having laid off for a couple of days; she got tired sooner while swimming.

Lazy day. Ancestors.

Having had a very hectic week we more or less took it easy today. It wasn’t something that we discussed and planned to do, it just happened. We went out for breakfast and neither of us felt like doing much after. I did some stuff at my desk in late morning and this afternoon I went over to the motorhome to run the engine and the generator, to recharge the batteries. It was quite windy and Elaine did not want to go swimming, so I fell into the same attitude as well. Later this afternoon I got interested in reviewing some family history, having got interested in the Soucie family history yesterday with my meeting with cousin Conrad Soucie. Continue reading Lazy day. Ancestors.

Off to the printer. Dogs to grooming.

Finally, the newsletter went to the printer – UPS on E Dunlap Ave – this morning. I felt sorry for the manager, though, because he was alone in the shop today and my newsletter project was complex. In addition to the normal routine (inside and outside covers in color, all else inside in black and white), I also had a two sided insert (one side color, the other black and white), another two sided insert (both sides black and white), and a one sided insert in black and white. It started out OK, but then his main computer locked up and would not handle the project. He switched to his secondary computer and got one copy of everything printed OK. I left at that point. Continue reading Off to the printer. Dogs to grooming.