Newsletter delay. Great party. Record temps again.

Two days ago (on Saturday) I reported that the April newsletter was almost done. I only had, I thought, one or two pages to complete with info and photos from the Friday and Saturday events. Well, little did I know! Since then I have received FOUR pages of additions plus several ads to prepare and insert. What was to be a 22-page newsletter will now be a 24-page newsletter with several inserts. This requires reformatting about one-third of the newsletter layout as well as working in the new content. And there are still three ads that are “maybe” coming. Continue reading Newsletter delay. Great party. Record temps again.

96 degree record. Spotlight interview.

Our 7-day forecast here in Phoenix. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring.

Normal temperature for this date is 78°, yet our high temp hit 96°! This was the last day of Winter – Spring starts tomorrow and it looks like we will cool down some at the start. Such is life in the Sonoran Desert! We have enjoyed the recent hot spell, since we like the heat. It is very comfortable to be outside on these days and even better in the pool. One drawback is that we can’t take the boys on shopping trips because it is too hot to leave them in the car.

I did some more work on the newsletter layout and content today and also delivered some ad payments to Jo Elmore, our Treasurer.

This afternoon I interviewed the Royal Palm Spotlight subject for this coming issue. I have been selecting a person of interest each month and devoting a page or so to them in the newsletter. It has been a well-received feature and people look forward to see who the spotlight will shine on each month. Except for two months when I interviewed the outgoing and then the incoming managers the interviewee has been a person who has lived in Royal Palm for some time, and the same is true for this month. I plan to follow that pattern for the foreseeable future.

Another thing I worked on today was research on Park history. I have two conflicting sources of information: one says the first residents moved into Royal Palm in April 1968, the other says April 1969. Since that will be the 50th anniversary for Royal Palm I thought it would be good to lead up to it with a series of articles starting a year out. But that means I have to resolve the date question. I started some research at the Maricopa County web system today, looking for historical maps and aerial photos. The only photos I found there were from 1969-70, so they represented either date. Now I have to continue with this search to tie down the start year.

Forecast update. Alert list flap. Ad sales. Boudin.

Our forecast temps have been revised upwards

And the heat goes on. The 80s temps continue (88° was our high today) and now the forecast calls for 90 and 91 early next week! Normal temps at this time of year are around 75-76°. We enjoy the warm weather and are glad to have it. While there were fewer at the pool today, a couple of others came out for the first time this year (good to see you, Agnes Volk). Continue reading Forecast update. Alert list flap. Ad sales. Boudin.

Pool is busier. Board meeting. Web hosting.

Wow! The pool was sure popular today! I counted at least 15-16 people there this afternoon in the 3-4pm time period. Only about 9-10 were in the pool; the rest were sunning by the side. Of those the seven I mentioned by name yesterday were there and the rest were visitors to Royal Palm. A couple were visiting a Royal Palm resident and I think the others are staying in the RV park. I saw at least one drink cup with legends that seem to indicate they had attended a Cactus League spring training game. With a high of 86° – 11° above normal – it was very attractive to be in the sun. Continue reading Pool is busier. Board meeting. Web hosting.

Weather. Weed killing. Pei Wei.

Our current weather forecast

Yes, we are experiencing some great spring weather here in Phoenix! The graphic to the left shows the forecast for the next week. Though a bit above normal, it’s just what we deserve. And we will take it and more. The warm weather brought out some summers swimmers this afternoon – people we haven’t seen at the pool since last fall. Bill Russell, Pete Petersen, and George Loonsfoot were in the pool for the first time. Jerry Denton has been a few times earlier and was there today. Leslie Nielsen did her sunning thing as did a couple of fellows we don’t know. Then a couple we don’t know came in the pool later on. Continue reading Weather. Weed killing. Pei Wei.

Condense, donate, dispose. Grey and cloudy.

Today I went through all the stuff I brought from the motorhome yesterday, stuff from my bathroom there. A number of items duplicated things we already had here (e.g.: acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc) and others we did not have on hand at the house (e.g.: band-aids, neosporin, etc), so those got consolidated with containers in or added to our medicine cabinet. Some items were so outdated that I pitched them: this included a number of pet medicines and products we had acquired over the years. Other items were in good shape but not things we currently use, so I set them aside to donate at the Card Room: this included toothpaste samples and other items. Continue reading Condense, donate, dispose. Grey and cloudy.

Elaine and Crafts. Dave and dentist. Tax prep is done.

tee shirt
Elaine’s I Am Not A Hoarder tee shirt

Today was craft day for Elaine. She did a lot of preparation work prior to going to the craft session at the Clubhouse and I helped her with some of that. She wanted copies of several stamping designs made so that she could print them out in the future, and I did that using our scanner/printer. And she wore the shirt in the photo at left; she had bought it online as soon as she saw it advertised. Continue reading Elaine and Crafts. Dave and dentist. Tax prep is done.

81, 83, 77, 74

Our forecast for the next week

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the next day. Those were/will be the temps here in Phoenix. Nice! Though it will cool down a little below that 74 in the days after, the temps will be slowly climbing again. We have had some great weather this week, with mostly sunny days and little or no wind. Though we may get some showers this weekend, we are moving into the time of year when we get little rain. It has been great at the pool all week. Continue reading 81, 83, 77, 74

Swimming today. Great weather.

Dave and Elaine in the pool today.

It was time to start swimming again! The pool here at Royal Palm is always heated and is at 85° year-round. But when the weather is cooler and especially when it is raining or the wind is blowing, getting in and out of the pool is less comfortable. The last time we were in this pool was in early November, but we’ll be there almost daily from now on. I was able to swim for about 15 minutes before getting tired and ready to quit; that will get longer as time goes on. Continue reading Swimming today. Great weather.

Simple supper. Home projects. Great weather.

soup, bread, cheese
Soup, beer bread, and gruyere cheese

Tonight we had a simple supper: soup, bread, and (for me) cheese. The soup was leftover from yesterday’s Penny Raffle soup lunch, and we had beef and vegetable augmented by Elaine with some snap peas. The bread was made from Bountiful Beer Bread Mix by Tastefully Simple; Elaine used a can of Pineapple Wheat Beer, made from beer with natural pineapple juice added for the moisture in the mix. The cheese I had was some gruyere. Continue reading Simple supper. Home projects. Great weather.