Escapee foiled. Kerby and Gizmo clean. Violette Family genealogy on web.

Escapee foiled

blocking Gizmo
I have installed four concrete pads next to the gate in our dog run to keep Gizmo from digging his way out

I mentioned earlier how I used some concrete blocks (and a bucket of water) to block Gizmo’s access to the gate in the dog run. He had escaped three times – twice by springing the bottom of the gate out to make an opening and once by digging under the gate. Now I have replaced the temporary blocks and bucket with four permanent concrete blocks (12x12x2 inches) to make it neater. I don’t think he will be able to move those! I still use a bungee cord (red in the photo) to keep him from springing the gate, but I will replace that with a slide bolt. Continue reading Escapee foiled. Kerby and Gizmo clean. Violette Family genealogy on web.

Newsletter delivered. Trader Joe’s shopping. Good supper. Web glitch.

Newsletter delivered

Feb newsletter cover
The cover of the February Royal Palm newsletter. Click on the image to download the newsletter.

The February issue of The Palm Press was delivered today. You can download it by clicking the link in the previous sentence or by clicking the cover image at right. A volunteer team of about ten gathered at the Clubhouse this morning to prepare the newsletter for distribution by inserting the three inserts. That took about an hour, and then Dale and Betty Stroh and Mary McDougale did the deliveries. Elaine and Mary usually do a part of them but our golf cart needed charging and Mary did not want to wait, so those three did the whole Park! Later I posted the newsletter on the usual bulletin boards, and dropped some off in the Game Room and at the office. I had the delivery crew report back to me for each section of the Park how many were short or over so I can adjust the count for the next printing. Continue reading Newsletter delivered. Trader Joe’s shopping. Good supper. Web glitch.

Fixing leaks. Improving web site. Sunset.

Marv on roof
Marv coming off the roof in his Tyvec suit.

Marv worked on our patio awning roof today, sealing old holes from previous installations so we don’t get leaks on the deck and patio. Apparently the awning panels at our house were used at a previous location with the support beams in a different location. This left two series of holes, though someone did try to seal them off at one time. For the most part, that sealing worked but we were stillĀ  left with some holes leaking on our deck furniture and on the patio floor. Today Marv sprayed an elastomeric coating on the top of the awning roof wherever those holes showed; this should solve the problem. Continue reading Fixing leaks. Improving web site. Sunset.

Elaine’s nails. Web site working again. Health screening.

Elaine’s latest nails look good

Elaine went to the Walmart store at 19th Ave and W Bell Rd this morning to get her nails done. Purple as usual. They look great! She has a nail tech there that she always goes back to; she likes his work.

I was able to reach Arvixe tech support this morning and they were able to quickly get the Royal Palm Social Club web site ( working again. They had to make a change in the server’s IP address for some reason. I tried three times to reach tech support today but on the first two it took so long I got busy on something else and missed the connection when they finally came on. On the third time I stuck with it and was able to make the connection and get the problem fixed. Continue reading Elaine’s nails. Web site working again. Health screening.

A chair and float boards did the trick. Newsletter ad sales.

Remember I said yesterday I can’t get the dressing wet on the surgery site on my back? I still wanted to go to the pool to at least enjoy the sun and water and company. When I first got there I tried sitting on the pool steps and was able to sit high enough to keep the wound above water. But I soon found that this exposed my skin above water to the hot sun and I worried about sunburn. Never had that problem when totally immersed! But Elaine came to my rescue with a solution. Continue reading A chair and float boards did the trick. Newsletter ad sales.

Elaine skin check – OK. Warming up. Adding earlier stories.

Elaine had her annual skin check at AZ Dermatology today, and got a good report. Nothing needed attention. Come back in a year. That’s good news. Since daughter Shauna was recently treated (successfully) for melanoma, Elaine mentioned this to her doctor and was told that while melanoma can be hereditary it can come from either side of the family. No signs of it for her, thank goodness! Continue reading Elaine skin check – OK. Warming up. Adding earlier stories.

Rebuilding our history.

When we started RVing in June 2006 I started writing a blog. At first it was to record where we were and what we were seeing and to keep family and friends aware of where we were. In fact, in those early days if I didn’t write a story for a couple of days or so we would get phone calls checking to see if we were OK! I used a system of my own design on which I did all the programming – one that I developed starting in 1996 and had improved on over the years. Continue reading Rebuilding our history.

Crafting. Patio cleanup. More web work.

The group doing crafts this morning at the Clubhouse

Today was crafts day in Royal Palm, and this may be the last time this spring that there will be as many at these Tuesday sessions. The folks in the RV section are starting to head off to their summer homes or on their summer travels. But the remaining group will continue to meet on Tuesday mornings as always. Those who have left will be able to sort of stay in touch with the group through my blog posts as well as through the web site and the monthly newsletters.

We both did some work in cleaning up our deck and patio today. Elaine worked on the former, I worked on the latter. Both got cluttered over the last few weeks as items were gathered to put out for our yard sale, but now that those are gone it was time to put away or toss whatever was left. Part of my putting away included some leftover plastic pipe from our irrigation projects; I bundled the pieces together and put the bundle on the high rack where I also store leftover small size lumber pieces. They are easily available but out of the way.

Though I had vacuumed the dead leaves on the patio a week or so ago, there were still a few that I had missed because they were behind some items I did not move. Plus the deck had a layer of dust blown in by various storms over the late winter. So I got out the broom and swept all of the patio except where the car was parked; I will do that tomorrow or Thursday. Now at least the patio is clear and more organized. When I wash it down it will be really clean.

I am really pleased with my progress on the new Violette Family Association member profile database. Since the new web site is based on WordPress, the database is set in MySQL. My old database was in SQLServer and there is not a direct import function. I have been setting up the member profile data fields and input/edit forms and this has created the new MySQL database tables. I’ll be able to export the SQLServer data into a comma-separated-values Excel spreadsheet and then import that spreadsheet into the new MySQL database. But first I have to carefully rename and reorganize the data fields. The old ASP.NET and SQLServer system is quite generous in how field names are constructed, but in PHP and MySQL everything must be in lower case. But once I am through with my current tasks I will be able to quickly import all the old data into the new system and make it available to members and admins to work with at the new web site.

A quiet day earned. The Cracked Egg. Violette Family and genealogy.

As you have read, we had a very busy time over the last week and especially the last couple of days, so today we decided to not be as busy. And for the most part we accomplished that. We started with Saturday breakfast out at The Cracked Egg on Glendale Avenue. Yes, I know it is Sunday, but we did not get a chance to go out yesterday because we had to get ready for the yard sale. We’ve been to The Cracked Egg before and liked it. We ordered a skillet but probably won’t again. It was too large (we shared it and still only ate half) and was mostly potato. Continue reading A quiet day earned. The Cracked Egg. Violette Family and genealogy.

Drip fix. A job that sucks. Getting ready for yard sale. Less wind.

This was the morning the drip system for the pots out front was to run, and when I came back from walking the dogs my neighbor rushed over to tell me something was wrong. There was water all over the front sidewalk. He said he looked for a shutoff and not finding one was ready to knock on the door to let me know when he saw me walking up the street with the boys. Remember I mentioned a couple of days ago that the soaker line I put in the tray planter was putting out too much water? And remember I said I would fix it yesterday? Guess what I failed to do yesterday? Continue reading Drip fix. A job that sucks. Getting ready for yard sale. Less wind.