Heart testing. Surgery setup. Heat – 25 days 110 and over.

gamma camera
Dave in a Gamma Camera, which takes specialized photos of the heart to study oxygen use

I had three hours of testing this morning at the Honor Health Heart Group, under the direction of Dr Gary Kauffman. He wanted to get more thorough information about how my heart is functioning and today’s tests were designed to accomplish that. It started with injecting a radioactive dye which attaches to oxygen in the heart and will show where oxygen is being used. Those areas where oxygen is not present may be damaged or otherwise not active. Continue reading Heart testing. Surgery setup. Heat – 25 days 110 and over.

Garden flags flying again. Wound healing nicely. Crafts going on.

garden flags
My garden flags now have a more secure way to be displayed. One at the awning, the other at the other side of the house.

I have wanted to have my garden flags flying again but needed to make a better way to hang them. They came with a plastic and metal stand that could be stuck in the ground and with an arm from which to hang the flags. The problem was that the flags kept being blown off the arm. I attached a piece of conduit to an awning post and used it to hang one flag, but with the high wind last week the plastic ties that held the conduit to the post were broken. So I ordered a pair of flag pole holders and today I fastened one to the awning post and the other to the corner trim of the house at the other end.  Continue reading Garden flags flying again. Wound healing nicely. Crafts going on.

Cleanup day. Great burritos. Great supper.

My major efforts today were in doing some cleaning and rearranging outside on the patio and back yard. Over time the winds had blown a bunch of palm husks and leaves onto our patio along with a coating of dust and dirt. It was time to sweep and clean, and that I did. Another time soon I will wash the patio as well and clean out the joints in the concrete slabs. But by the time I got my projects done today I was ready for a break and besides the heat was building up. Continue reading Cleanup day. Great burritos. Great supper.

Fast Eddie’s. More newsletter. Bottle rack. Potluck.

Fast Eddie's decor
Some of the decor at Fast Eddie’s Restaurant

We went to Fast Eddie’s at N 33rd Ave and W Bell for breakfast this morning. We have been there often and enjoy the food and the atmosphere. Fast Eddie’s has an antique auto theme, with photos of old autos and their owners adorning the walls and other items in the auto theme as well. The sign shown in the photo is typical of the tongue-in-cheek attitude shown in some of the decorations. Continue reading Fast Eddie’s. More newsletter. Bottle rack. Potluck.

Shopping. Newsletter. Cooler weather.

I guess we didn’t do enough shopping yesterday, for Elaine and Pete Petersen went to WinCo and Walmart today! Pete is a discerning shopper and is very aware of prices and values, and knows which products to buy in which store, so there are things for which he has convinced us to go to WinCo. As well, Elaine needed to do some shopping for the Royal Palm Rescue Pantry and both those places are good places to shop for the pantry. I’ll be able to go next time, for they saw some electric carts at WinCo; I can’t walk far enough to cover that huge store on foot. Continue reading Shopping. Newsletter. Cooler weather.

Motorhome for sale. Shopping trip. More dental work. Ghost pepper.

Our Phaeton 40QTH motorhome as shown at the Sun City RV web site

Our 2012 Phaeton 40QTH motorhome is now listed at SunCityRV.com! You can view the listing, read the details, and see all the luscious photos by clicking on the link above. They did a great job of cleaning it up. It is so temptingly described and depicted I would be tempted to buy it! (Were we not SELLING it) Aside from several misspellings they did a good job in the description. I think they should have included a photo showing the slideout basement storage trays and others showing the inside of the basement compartment doors with the enhancements I made, and I will suggest those. Continue reading Motorhome for sale. Shopping trip. More dental work. Ghost pepper.

Via Delosantos supper. Hernia diagnosis. Wound still infected. Elaine’s Copics tub.

group at Via Delosantos
Dinner at Via Delosantos: Dave, Elaine, Bill Russell, Joyce Garcia, Sharlene Froberg, Wayne Moderson, Pete Petersen

A few weeks ago Wayne Moderson mentioned a Mexican restaurant on Central between Dunlap and Hatcher called Via Delosantos. He thought it was one of the better ones he had been to. We have seen the place many times before driving by, but the outside appearance did not attract us so we ignored it. We owed Pete Petersen a dinner out in payment for taking care of our dogs while we were gone and asked him where he wanted to go. He had never been to Via Delosantos either and said that was the place. So while in the pool this afternoon we set that up and also invited Bill Russell and Wayne Moderson. We stopped at the Park office to ask Sharlene Froberg something and invited her as well. She had been invited to dine at her sister Joyce Garcia’s house but called and said they would join us as well. Continue reading Via Delosantos supper. Hernia diagnosis. Wound still infected. Elaine’s Copics tub.

Back to heat and storm. Teeth clean.

towering cumulus clouds
Vivid storm clouds to the northeast. Those are towering cumulus clouds that may rise to over 60,000 feet. They are awesome when lit by evening sun.

Elaine has commented several times last night and today that she is aware that we are back in Arizona because of the heat. It hit a high of 108° today (average high for the date is 103°), compared with the mid-80s we experienced recently while in Wyoming and Utah. She is quick to say, however, that she prefers the heat here to the cold in Wyoming; that’s a preference we share and is the reason we moved here from Wyoming 17 years ago. Continue reading Back to heat and storm. Teeth clean.

Back home – boys ecstatic. Could have gone I-17.

Gizmo was in my recliner and Kerby was somewhere in the back of the house when we walked in the door this afternoon around 4:00. I headed for the front bathroom and Elaine to the rear, and Gizmo did not know which way to go. After a few pets from me he followed Elaine, and I could hear him squealing and crying with joy at seeing her. After a minute or so he came to where I was and squealed and cried some more. What a welcome! As I came out of the office Kerby was coming across the kitchen from the back of the house and as soon as he saw me he ran and wanted to be petted and loved. Continue reading Back home – boys ecstatic. Could have gone I-17.

Family breakfast. On the road again.

group at breakfast
The Ogden group at breakfast

It was leaving day for Destry’s family and for Elaine and me. They are returning to Gladstone OR, we are returning to Phoenix AZ.  Taylor Dockter will be leaving soon for Missoula MT. So the Ogden family got together one last time for this visit, and had breakfast at The Viaduct Grill in Green River. This is where Johnna Ogden works and her daughter Tara does as well; Tara was our server this morning. The food was good and the company was excellent. We filled quite a table, as you can see in the photo! Continue reading Family breakfast. On the road again.