Chocolate Chipotle Hot Sauce. Newsletter advertising. 2016 will be even longer.

Daughter Shauna sent me a bottle of Chocolate Chipotle Hot Sauce for Christmas, as I wrote a few days ago. We had some orange chicken the last two nights and I used the sauce for dipping on the side of my plate. Tonight Elaine cooked some shrimp and I used the hot sauce again as a dip. It was great! Yes, it is hot but the hot does not overpower the flavors. Great choice, Shauna! Thanks. Continue reading Chocolate Chipotle Hot Sauce. Newsletter advertising. 2016 will be even longer.

Kasperksy. Alerts and mailings.

Kaspersky screen shot
A Kaspersky screen shows the three computers that are using the service and which applications have been installed. I had not yet installed the password manager on Elaine’s computer.

It was a busy morning! I finally installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 on Elaine’s computer; our Bitdefender subscription is close to running out and I have switched to Kaspersky because it is part of our Best Buy Geek Squad support package. I have already installed it on my laptop and my tablet (both are Windows computers) and the last of our three installs went on Elaine’s. There will be a learning curve for her since Kaspersky does a few things different, but I can help her through that. Continue reading Kasperksy. Alerts and mailings.

AirDroid connects my phone and my computer.

QX10 camera
Sony Quick Shot DSC-QX10 camera

I received a Sony Cyber Shot DSC-QX10 camera for Christmas from Elaine and I have been learning how to get its photos from the smartphone to my laptop. The QX-10 uses the phone for its preview screen and some functions, and it transfers its images to the phone for storage; it does have a MicroSD card in itself, though. While the phone’s internal camera stores its images in a folder named DCIM, the QX10 stores them in a different folder. I have my DropBox set to automatically upload photos from DCIM but haven’t figured out how to have this new folder do the same. So I did a little searching and found the AirDroid app already installed on my phone. Continue reading AirDroid connects my phone and my computer.

Merry Christmas Day. Great gifts. Potluck dinner.

The day dawned bright and cold; it was 41° this morning and got up to around 62 by afternoon. But with a brisk breeze it felt much cooler. After our breakfast of Breakfast Burritos that Elaine made we opened the gifts that had accumulated in the living room. We both got mugs – one pair were thermal mugs – and some decorations in purple. I gave Elaine a Pandora charm in gold; she has been collecting the silver up to now but with a large collection of those she can now start with the gold. She gave me a Sony Cyber Shot DSC-QX10 camera. The latter is a standalone camera that can be controlled by a smartphone or Android tablet. I had seen the one that Pete Petersen has and liked it, so he helped her pick it out and equip it. Continue reading Merry Christmas Day. Great gifts. Potluck dinner.

Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Ho, Ho, Ho.

Christmas card
My electronic Christmas card. Click on the image to see the card.

It’s a magical season for many, at least in this country, with the holiday season upon us. For us it is a quiet time, since we are not traveling anywhere and no one is coming here. We have been in touch with many and are not, thus, “alone”. We went out for our usual Saturday Breakfast Out (to IHOP) and did some grocery shopping, but spent the rest of the day at home. Elaine made some chicken noodle soup for supper using the chicken we rotisseried a couple of days ago. It was delicious! And I sent out my electronic Christmas cards via Continue reading Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Ho, Ho, Ho.

Newsletter done and out. Reorganizing cupboards.

Elaine and pantry stuff
Elaine glaring at all the stuff from the pantry

I was in the rear bathroom this afternoon and suddenly heard lots of noise from the kitchen on the other side of the wall. I had a feeling I knew what was going on and sure enough, when I returned to the kitchen Elaine was madly taking stuff out of the pantry. She said she was tired of not knowing where things were and it was time to reorganize/organize. When she unloaded the boxes after the kitchen was done much was done in a hurry and without much thought of organization. Continue reading Newsletter done and out. Reorganizing cupboards.

Big storm. Hot sauce. Trader Joe’s.

flooded street
This is at the lower end of D Street, looking north. The street is flooded from sidewalk to sidewalk.

Boy, it rained last night and today! Not constantly, but in bursts lasting 30 minutes or more. Channel 5 reported we had 1.18 inches of rain in our part of the Valley, and that’s a lot considering our average annual rainfall is 7-10 inches! I could hear it last night whenever I woke up and we had several bursts of rain this morning. We had some temporary flooding here in Royal Palm as it took some time for the runoff to reach the storm basins. Continue reading Big storm. Hot sauce. Trader Joe’s.

Rotisserie chicken. Newsletter done.

rotisserie chicken
Chicken cooking in Ronco rotisserie

It was chicken time tonight. We had purchased a 6-lb chicken a day or so ago and decided to cook it in our Ronco rotisserie today. Longtime readers of my blog will remember me speaking on occasion about our Ronco rotisserie; we have been using one since about 1995 and are on our third one. The others burned out or quit working in one way or another. When we started RVing in 2006 we decided to carry our rotisserie with us instead of getting a grill, and the one I brought in from our motorhome today is that same one. Continue reading Rotisserie chicken. Newsletter done.

Electric rate DECREASE? Royal Palm newsletter.

I had to check the email twice, and then it was hard to believe! SRP told me that our electric rate will be going down in January. They said this is a temporary decrease, but it is the SECOND decrease we have seen this year. I went to the SRP web site to check it out, and sure enough – here is what they say there: “For the second time in less than a year, SRP’s Board of Directors has approved a decrease in electricity prices for its more than 1 million customers. The 10–month temporary decrease, effective with the January 2017 billing cycle, averages an overall 1.6 percent.” Continue reading Electric rate DECREASE? Royal Palm newsletter.

Kitchen finished. Pete on LED. An added email address for me.

Backsplash outlet strip
Backsplash outlet strip
range shelf
Shelf and box-in over our range

Marv finished up the last small items on our kitchen remodel project this morning.  The new plug strip on the backsplash was an ivory color, which did not fit in with our kitchen design. So Marv spray painted it a gloss black and now it fits in nicely. We also had him build a shelf and frame to fit over the back of the range to provide a place to put salt and pepper shakers and other items and to prevent things from falling behind the range. Continue reading Kitchen finished. Pete on LED. An added email address for me.