A visit with Conrad Soucie

group at Abuelo's
Shirley Carpenter, Conrad Soucie, Jean, Elaine, Dave, Milt Carpenter at Abuelo’s

The last time we were with my cousin Conrad Soucie was in either 2006 or 2007, during one of our visits to Connecticut. He is actually my first cousin once removed, since he is my late father’s cousin. Dad’s mother and Conrad’s father were siblings. Both the Violette family and the Soucie family hail from the Upper St John River Valley in northern Maine/northwestern New Brunswick, and members of both families eventually migrated down to Connecticut. Conrad stayed there for many years, but Dad and Mom moved back to Warner NH in 1943 where they lived the rest of their lives. As with so many from New England, Conrad eventually moved to Florida, where he lives now. Continue reading A visit with Conrad Soucie

Abuelo’s. Tablet backup.

This is the entrance view at Abuelo’s. The statue is in the middle of a seating area and there are seating areas on the three other sides.

Abuelo’s offers great Tex-Mex cuisine. We ate there tonight with Nancy and Bill Schuling; it is one of their favorite places and they used to live in that part of Peoria so ate there in the past. I took Elaine there for lunch a few weeks ago and we have been wanting to return for a supper meal. It didn’t take much to convince Bill and Nancy to join us; we just had to wait for an opportunity when Bill was off duty so we could do it. Ah, but the wait was worth it, for the meal was great as was the company. Continue reading Abuelo’s. Tablet backup.