Babbo again. Ace coupons. Newsletter.

at Babbo's
Pete, Leisa, and Elaine at Babbo’s

We went to Babbo’s Italian Eatery again tonight. Pete Petersen and Leisa Herbst went with us this time. It was Pete’s first time; Leisa had been there a long time ago. Once again, great meals. I had the Pasta Puglia (Fresh Tomato Brodo, Fresh Mozzarella, Italian Sausage topped with Fresh Basil and Shaved Parmesan Cheese. Served on Fusilli), Elaine had Crusted Parmesan Chicken, Pete had Chicken Artichoke Calzone, and Leisa had a tomato pasta dish (sorry, I don’t remember). Continue reading Babbo again. Ace coupons. Newsletter.

Naked golf cart. Hot. Dry.

Independence Day is over, so today we stripped all the decorations off the golf cart. They came off faster than they went on, though we were careful in removing them so they can be used again another year. Elaine carefully packed almost all of them in a single large tub and I snapped a cover on it. The large flag wreath that was on the back of the golf cart is too large to fit in the tub, so it stayed separate; I will pack it in a large plastic bag to keep it clean. We set the tub in the shed in a temporary place; I will make a spot for it on the shelves when I reorganize some of the stuff already on the shelves. Continue reading Naked golf cart. Hot. Dry.

Record 108 temp. Planters progress.

What a change in spring weather in Phoenix!
108 temp
A record 108 temp today in Phoenix

Yes, it is spring in Phoenix. And as in other places, the weather can be variable. Witness today’s record high of 108° with the forecast of 74° on Tuesday! That’s a 32° difference. With relative humidity at 9%, that’s a dry heat of course. I worked outside a lot during midday and did not feel uncomfortable, even with those temps.

My work turned into a lot of frustration, however. I was working on our new planters. I needed three more 5″ corner braces to finish the job and had bought them a day or so ago at Barry’s Ace Hardware on W Glendale, not wanting to drive the extra distance to The Home Depot on W Thunderbird. I also bought some 5/16″ stove bolts to attach the planter facing boards to the brackets. Well today I discovered that the hole pattern on Ace’s braces did not match the pattern on Home Depot’s braces, so they did not fit my system. Then I drove to The Home Depot only to find out they were out of that item! On to The Home Depot at Cave Creek Road and Thunderbird, where I was able to find plenty.

Back at the house I then discovered that the 5/16″ bolts that fit Ace’s braces were too large for Home Depot’s. Back to Ace and I exchanged the three braces I bought plus all the 5/16″ bolts, nuts, and washers for 1/4″ bolts, nuts, and washers. They only had 20 bolts, so I will have to go to a different store to buy the rest I need – another 20.

face panels
I have the first face panels in place on our planters

I installed the new brackets to finish that part of the job, and then turned to the facing boards. I was able to use the bolts I did have to mount the board on the south side as well as one of the boards on the front side. You can see the partial result in the photo. I think they will look good when done; I still have to paint the bolt heads, touch up the boards, and do some minor tweaks.

Elaine braved the heat to wash down the porch floor. It had gotten quite dirty and was well in need of cleaning. It sure looks good now!

Changing login page. Tile cleaning.

dogs and hoses
Kerby and Gizmo trying to figure out their way through the hoses and cables

Page Carpet Cleaning was here today cleaning our tile floors. There was a lot of grout sealer slopped over onto the tiles themselves and we did not like the appearance of it. It also made it hard to keep the floor looking clean in those areas. We spent the time in the office with the boys, to keep us out of Alan’s way. At one point Gizmo wanted to go out for a walk so I took them. You should have seen the dismay on their faces and in their actions when they started to walk out the door and saw all the hoses and cables on the deck! Continue reading Changing login page. Tile cleaning.