AirDroid connects my phone and my computer.

QX10 camera
Sony Quick Shot DSC-QX10 camera

I received a Sony Cyber Shot DSC-QX10 camera for Christmas from Elaine and I have been learning how to get its photos from the smartphone to my laptop. The QX-10 uses the phone for its preview screen and some functions, and it transfers its images to the phone for storage; it does have a MicroSD card in itself, though. While the phone’s internal camera stores its images in a folder named DCIM, the QX10 stores them in a different folder. I have my DropBox set to automatically upload photos from DCIM but haven’t figured out how to have this new folder do the same. So I did a little searching and found the AirDroid app already installed on my phone. Continue reading AirDroid connects my phone and my computer.