Favorite Velcro strips. X-Rays. Lemon-frosted brownies. Rain coming.

Favorite Velcro strips

velcro strips
Finally found them – my favorite Velcro fasteners

Several years ago I found some Velcro strips that came on a roll, and I loved ’em! These are ½-inch wide by 8 inches long and come connected end-to-end on a roll. You simply unroll as many as you need and separate them one at a time to use them. They are perfect for cables and wires because they can be attached to the cable using the loop at the wide end and then wrapped around the coiled cable when needed. What’s really great about them is that they are thin and not fuzzy. Continue reading Favorite Velcro strips. X-Rays. Lemon-frosted brownies. Rain coming.

More rope lights. Lab and shopping. Prescriptions timing.

More rope lights

more rope lights
I added the rope lights on the deck railings today plus some added ornaments hanging from the edge of the awning

The second and third set of rope lights came in today, so I installed them this afternoon. One rope extends from the rope on the planter boxes, wraps around the top rail on front of the deck and the stair railing, and ends on the rail post. The other starts at the stairs end of the top rail along the main part of the deck and wraps its way as far as it will go. Both ropes are 24-foot with violet LED lights. They are sold by Lamplust on Amazon. I discovered after receiving the first rope that you can join together up to seven of these ropes. This would give you about 170 feet of lights. Continue reading More rope lights. Lab and shopping. Prescriptions timing.

Tablift tablet stand. Quiet day.

TabLift in use
The illustration on the box shows better what the Tablift looks like in use.

I should have known better last night when writing about the new tablet and smartphone holder Elaine got. I was too lazy at the time to get out of my chair to get the box to show better detail and to get the Amazon link for purchase. Thank Chris Yust for not letting me get away with it! She commented on the Facebook post of the story asking about just those very details. So here they are! Continue reading Tablift tablet stand. Quiet day.

Kindle app. June 26 1990 =122. 112 today.

It was a simple request, and one I thought would be easy to accomplish. It turned into an hour or more of complexity! Elaine asked me to install the Kindle reading app on her new tablet. As it turned out, the app was already there but there were only four books showing when there should have been hundreds. That was because the app was logged in under her Amazon/Kindle account instead of mine. So my first step was to add her account to mine and form a household account so we can share the library. That way she can also share in my Amazon Prime account. Continue reading Kindle app. June 26 1990 =122. 112 today.

Alexa and Dish. IKEA. Las Glorias Grill.

shopping bags
Elaine’s two large IKEA shopping bags

Elaine got invited to go to IKEA this morning with Pete Petersen and Bill Russell. They have often talked of shopping there but we have never been to an IKEA store mostly because they are just too large for me to last long in. So she was pleased to have this opportunity. They left around 9:30 and returned around 2:30, which means they spent about four hours in the store! She came home with two very large blue shopping bags as you can see in the photo, plus a box containing a knocked-down hassock or footstool for the deck that will need to be assembled. Continue reading Alexa and Dish. IKEA. Las Glorias Grill.