Great deal at Applebee’s. Breakfast in the Park.

at Applebee's
Dave, Elaine, Kay and Larry Hale, Bill Russell at Applebee’s

The topic of $1 margaritas at Applebee’s came up at the pool today, so those of us there decided to head to Applebee’s tonight for supper. That included Bill Russell, his sister Kay and her husband Larry Hale, and Elaine and me. Not only were they offering $1 house margaritas (Elaine, Larry, and Bill each ordered one) but they also have a 2 For $20 deal as well. The latter consists of two selected main courses and one appetizer for two people and that’s what Elaine and I ordered. She had Lime Chicken and I had Bourbon Chicken and Shrimp. Both were delicious and we have, of course, lots of leftovers for another day. What’s more, we had a great time with good company. Continue reading Great deal at Applebee’s. Breakfast in the Park.