Heating up. Newsletter coming along.

temp forecast
Average temp this time of year is around 102-103. We’ll be warmer this week.

After a short period at or around normal temperatures we are experiencing a heating up period this week. Ask Kerby; he wants to go out around 4:00-4:30 in the afternoon but if the temp is over 103° or so after peeing he also wants to come back in and then go for a walk later in the evening. Gizmo doesn’t care – he’ll go either way. So with a high of 108 today we did the short walk routine this afternoon. But except for a small chance of rain tomorrow we’ll stay dry. Continue reading Heating up. Newsletter coming along.

Not so alarming. Work on newsletter.

“Follow up with a cardiologist within 72 hours”. That was the message printed on my Preliminary Test Report at the health screening last Wednesday and it was orally communicated to me and separately to Elaine. “Abnormal EKG” was another notation. And notations on the EKG printout said things like “consider anteroseptal myocardial damage”. Obviously I contacted our family doctor, Warren Johnson, that same day and got a referral to Dr Gary Kauffman, for an appointment this morning. Dr Kauffman is Elaine’s cardiologist as well. Continue reading Not so alarming. Work on newsletter.

Look back: Newfoundland. Motorhome cleaning. Interview. Delicious supper.

Humber Arm
Humber Arm on the west coast of Newfoundland. This is where the Humber River joins the Bay of Islands.

[Note: Occasionally I will introduce photos from the past showing places we have been.] On August 22, 2011 Elaine and I (and Kerby) were traveling on the island of Newfoundland in Canada in our motorhome and visited the area of Humber Arm, where I took this photo. The Humber River is a major fresh water stream on Newfoundland’s west coast and this arm or bay contains mainly fresh water from the inflows of the Humber. We stopped and walked the stony beach you see in the photo and enjoyed looking at the many boats anchored there. The Bay of Islands and the Atlantic Ocean lie beyond the point in this photo. Continue reading Look back: Newfoundland. Motorhome cleaning. Interview. Delicious supper.

Elaine’s nails. Web site working again. Health screening.

Elaine’s latest nails look good

Elaine went to the Walmart store at 19th Ave and W Bell Rd this morning to get her nails done. Purple as usual. They look great! She has a nail tech there that she always goes back to; she likes his work.

I was able to reach Arvixe tech support this morning and they were able to quickly get the Royal Palm Social Club web site (RoyalPalmSocialClub.com) working again. They had to make a change in the server’s IP address for some reason. I tried three times to reach tech support today but on the first two it took so long I got busy on something else and missed the connection when they finally came on. On the third time I stuck with it and was able to make the connection and get the problem fixed. Continue reading Elaine’s nails. Web site working again. Health screening.

A chair and float boards did the trick. Newsletter ad sales.

Remember I said yesterday I can’t get the dressing wet on the surgery site on my back? I still wanted to go to the pool to at least enjoy the sun and water and company. When I first got there I tried sitting on the pool steps and was able to sit high enough to keep the wound above water. But I soon found that this exposed my skin above water to the hot sun and I worried about sunburn. Never had that problem when totally immersed! But Elaine came to my rescue with a solution. Continue reading A chair and float boards did the trick. Newsletter ad sales.

A skin problem fixed for me. Elaine’s hearing test.

When I was last at Arizona Dermatology I asked for a cyst on my back to be removed, and today was the day. This has been bothering me for years, at times quite irritatingly. Now, due to the quarter-size incision I will not be able to swim for two weeks. Oh, I can get in the pool as long as I don’t get the incision in the chlorine water, so I suppose I can get some exercise by walking around in the pool. Continue reading A skin problem fixed for me. Elaine’s hearing test.

First Watch breakfast. Birthdays celebration.

french toast
French Toast with egg and sausage

We headed to First Watch just north of us on N Black Canyon Hwy for breakfast this morning. First Watch is a restaurant chain based in Bradenton FL and with three locations in the Phoenix area. The 105 store chain operates in 17 states. Elaine had French Toast (custard-dipped, thick-cut brioche bread topped with whipped butter and powdered cinnamon sugar) and some sausage for me and the boys. I had Barbacao Benedict (two poached cage-free eggs atop toasted ciabatta with seasoned braised beef Barbacoa, hollandaise, sliced avocado and fresh cilantro. Served with pico de gallo and lemon dressed organic mixed greens.) Continue reading First Watch breakfast. Birthdays celebration.

Box for Copic pens. More office organizers. Hotter.

smaller box
This is one of the smaller boxes in which Elaine stores Copic pens

Elaine has been keeping her Copic pens in some plastic boxes that will hold about 144 pens. She has two and they are mostly full so she needs more storage. She recently found and ordered a larger box, about 11×15 inches in size, that will hold ALL her Copic pens plus more that she hasn’t bought yet. This new box will hold 406 pens. She thinks it will be easier to carry the single box and have all her colors available when she goes to a class. And she has A LOT of Copic pens – more than 250 of them, in fact! Continue reading Box for Copic pens. More office organizers. Hotter.

Elaine skin check – OK. Warming up. Adding earlier stories.

Elaine had her annual skin check at AZ Dermatology today, and got a good report. Nothing needed attention. Come back in a year. That’s good news. Since daughter Shauna was recently treated (successfully) for melanoma, Elaine mentioned this to her doctor and was told that while melanoma can be hereditary it can come from either side of the family. No signs of it for her, thank goodness! Continue reading Elaine skin check – OK. Warming up. Adding earlier stories.

Gizmo cutie. New batteries.

Gizmo on lap
Sometimes Gizmo will lay on my lap, but is more likely to be found on Elaine’s

I had a piece on Kerby a few days ago, so thought I would give Gizmo a turn today. Unlike Kerby, Gizmo is not camera-shy and will usually let me take his photo. However, he is easily distracted by anything that sounds like food or a package being opened so if you want him to stay for a photo you make sure not to have those noises going on. Gizmo loves being close to us and to sit in a lap or beside us in our recliners. He snuggles in close between us and the arm of our chair. But he can often be found curled up on the couch or in the dog bed on the floor. Continue reading Gizmo cutie. New batteries.