Doggy maintenance. Shopping at The Home Depot. Leftovers.

It was time for Kerby and Gizmo to have their three-week session with Danielle, this time for maintenance only. That’s bathing and minor clipping where needed. She also checks and clean Kerby’s ears; the latter is needed lately as he has some ear mites. We also treat the ears with an otic solution provided by his vet. Three weeks from now they will return for a full grooming. Continue reading Doggy maintenance. Shopping at The Home Depot. Leftovers.

Great deal at Applebee’s. Breakfast in the Park.

at Applebee's
Dave, Elaine, Kay and Larry Hale, Bill Russell at Applebee’s

The topic of $1 margaritas at Applebee’s came up at the pool today, so those of us there decided to head to Applebee’s tonight for supper. That included Bill Russell, his sister Kay and her husband Larry Hale, and Elaine and me. Not only were they offering $1 house margaritas (Elaine, Larry, and Bill each ordered one) but they also have a 2 For $20 deal as well. The latter consists of two selected main courses and one appetizer for two people and that’s what Elaine and I ordered. She had Lime Chicken and I had Bourbon Chicken and Shrimp. Both were delicious and we have, of course, lots of leftovers for another day. What’s more, we had a great time with good company. Continue reading Great deal at Applebee’s. Breakfast in the Park.

Getting ready. Last of the hot stuff.

The stack of skulls is out of the box

It’s time to be thinking of Halloween decorations for the outside of the house and we took the first steps today. Pete Petersen came by and pulled out the under-deck storage tray where we store many holiday items and Elaine and I took out the Halloween stuff. One box was too heavy for either of us to lift, so Pete also took that one out and removed its contents; that was the stack of skulls you see in the photo. We have lots more to go! Continue reading Getting ready. Last of the hot stuff.

Peaceful at pool. Thanks, Bobby. Falls. Christmas stamps.

palm trees
The palms to the west of the pool

I went to the pool with Elaine this afternoon, though I cannot swim yet. It was good to be with our pool gang – a group of friends who go to the pool regularly in the afternoon. I found a chair in the shade and read on my tablet, occasionally joining in the conversations. It was a peaceful scene, with the tall Royal Palm trees reaching to the sky in all directions. No wind. Bright sunshine. Blue skies. 98°. It is quite restful. There are lounges at the east end of the pool area, set under three pergolas, as well as some chairs under umbrellas so there are plenty of shady areas in which to enjoy the scene. Continue reading Peaceful at pool. Thanks, Bobby. Falls. Christmas stamps.

Trader Joe’s. Bed, Bath & Beyond. Smashburger. MT snow.

Trader Joe's
A look inside Trader Joe’s

When Elaine returned from the Women’s Club meeting around 11:30 this morning she asked if I wanted to go to Trader Joe’s with her (I did). We like Trader Joe’s for some shopping, though it is too far away for us to do our regular shopping there. They do carry a good selection of produce but we mostly buy packaged goods and not produce there. I am not sure about Elaine, but the produce doesn’t look as good as what we see at Fry’s. They have quite a selection of packaged meats and cheeses and a great selection of frozen items. The Trader Joe’s we go to is on N 20th St, just south of Camelback, and is the size of a neighborhood market. Very easy to get around in. Continue reading Trader Joe’s. Bed, Bath & Beyond. Smashburger. MT snow.

La Santisima. Meds finally. Trip cancellation process.

Santa Muerte
A painting of Santa Muerte from the restaurant walls.

Sharlene Froberg found a Mexican restaurant she thought we should try so a group of us headed there for supper tonight. La Santisima Gourmet Tacos near N 59th Ave on W Glendale Ave in downtown Glendale. And while they have a great selection of tacos, they also offer burros, fundidos, and other dishes as well. Their food is in the Jalisco style – Guadalajara is the capital of Jalisco. The decorations in the restaurant also mostly come from Guadalajara, and Santa Muerte (Holy Death, as in the Angel of Death) is featured in statue and paintings. Santa Muerte generally appears as a skeletal female figure, clad in a long robe and holding one or more objects, usually a scythe and a globe, and is associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife by her devotees. Continue reading La Santisima. Meds finally. Trip cancellation process.

Sorry, no Missoula trip.

We had plans and plane tickets to fly to Missoula MT this Thursday so Elaine could attend a bridal shower for granddaughter Taylor Dockter this weekend. But our plans have now changed and we can’t go.

Over the weekend I started getting a large lump in the area below the upper incision from the laparoscopic hernia surgery done last Wednesday. It seemed to get larger as time went on and was becoming painful to touch. While I had an appointment scheduled with the surgeon for tomorrow, I called the office and spoke with his medical assistant and when she heard the description she said it would be better to come in today, so I made an appointment. Continue reading Sorry, no Missoula trip.

Tablift tablet stand. Quiet day.

TabLift in use
The illustration on the box shows better what the Tablift looks like in use.

I should have known better last night when writing about the new tablet and smartphone holder Elaine got. I was too lazy at the time to get out of my chair to get the box to show better detail and to get the Amazon link for purchase. Thank Chris Yust for not letting me get away with it! She commented on the Facebook post of the story asking about just those very details. So here they are! Continue reading Tablift tablet stand. Quiet day.

Tablet stand. Breakfast at IHOP. Elaine to card class. Dinner at Papa Joe’s.

tablet stand
Elaine using her new tablet stand. It holds her tablet (or phone) so she does not have to hold it in her hands.

Elaine uses her tablet or her smartphone much of the time while sitting in her recliner. In the past she just held the device in her hands, but she complained that after some time her hands would hurt. Granddaughter Taylor told her about an expandable button that can be attached to the back of the phone or tablet around which you place a couple of fingers and this avoids having to grip the tablet or phone. I got her one of those and it worked fine, but her fingers still got tired. Then she spotted a different device intended for the same purpose and I ordered that. She has used it now for a couple of days and seems to like it. Continue reading Tablet stand. Breakfast at IHOP. Elaine to card class. Dinner at Papa Joe’s.

Shopping and then some. Let’s go a year. Fever gone.

Pete Petersen needed to do some shopping this morning as did Elaine, so she picked him up and headed out; he can’t haul much on his scooter. At first she only thought they were going to Albertson’s, but it got to be more than that! He had a list of stuff to buy for Lois, so they headed off to other stores and by the time they were done they had been to Albertson’s, Walmart Neighborhood Market, Fry’s (for fuel), the 99¢ Store, and St Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop. And not having done enough this morning, she went to Hobby Lobby this afternoon! Continue reading Shopping and then some. Let’s go a year. Fever gone.