Junkanoo: an extravaganza. Dolphins: nah.

Disney head float
The head float of the Disney group

If you are around the Bahamas on Boxing Day (December 26th), New Year’s Day (Jan 1st), or in the summer you will have the opportunity to experience a cultural extravaganza unlike any other – Junkanoo. Though the name might suggest a parade of old, beat-up cars, don’t let it fool you! It is anything but! Various groups compete for cash prizes for best costumes, best music, and best overall group performance. The groups vary in size from a few dozen to several hundred, but the imagination and skills that go into their presentations are beyond belief. Continue reading Junkanoo: an extravaganza. Dolphins: nah.

TayKen wedding.

The newlyweds, Mr and Mrs Brester

Taylor and Kenley are wed. It was a beautiful ceremony in a beautiful setting and we enjoyed it immensely. The wedding took place a little after 4:30 pm in a special park setting on the grounds of the Grand Lucayan Resort in Freeport, Bahamas. The gazebo where the ceremony took place had been tastefully decorated by family members under, I am sure, Taylor’s directions. She knew what she wanted the occasion to be like and had an excellent plan. The minister provided a wonderful ceremony that added meaning to the event, and Taylor and Kenley added their own comments and vows to the ceremony. Continue reading TayKen wedding.

Rehearsal day. Doctor visit. Thump, thump, thump.

The wedding rehearsal this afternoon

This afternoon the wedding group gathered for a rehearsal of tomorrow’s events. It will be an attractive setting and no doubt the wedding will come off well. Taylor and Kenley will be married by a Bahamanian minister, as that is a requirement for being married in this country. The marriage will be recognized in the US, however. The couple went to a registrar yesterday to get the license and make the arrangements. All the planning had been done, of course, far in advance. The minister is a very affable man and I am sure will do a good job with the ceremony. Continue reading Rehearsal day. Doctor visit. Thump, thump, thump.

A Grand Bahamian day.

map of area
This map shows how close Grand Bahama Island is to the Florida coast.

We don’t usually realize how close the Bahamas are to the Florida coast, so I thought I would show you a map with the relationship. The Bahamas are a group of islands and Grand Bahama Island is toward the north of the group. The dot on the map shows our location in the Bahamas, and I think we are closer to Florida than to the major islands to the south in the Bahamas! From what we have seen so far it is a nice place to stay. The natural language is English, which makes it easier, though there are some island accents that can be hard to decipher. Those folks are probably from Jamaica. Continue reading A Grand Bahamian day.

At Grand Lucayan, Bahamas.

view from room
The view from our room, looking toward the pool and the ocean.

We are at the Grand Lucayan resort in the Bahamas now, and more or less settled in. We will be here for a week, primarily to attend the wedding of granddaughter Taylor Dockter to Kenley Brester. The Grand Lucayan is an all-inclusive resort near Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. From first impressions, this will be a great place to stay. There are several restaurants, a couple of bars, a large fresh water pool, a spa, and other things we have not seen yet. Every staff member with whom we have come in contact so far has been very gracious, friendly, and helpful. Continue reading At Grand Lucayan, Bahamas.

Atlanta: mixed emotions.

Our flight yesterday from Phoenix was delayed about ½ hour, getting us into Atlanta later than we hoped. We were staying overnight in Atlanta and have an 11:00 am flight out to Freeport, Bahamas. We got through baggage claim and headed out for a shuttle bus to our hotel. What a shock when we walked out the door into 35° weather with a 5-10 mph wind! I was dressed in my usual shorts and short-sleeved shirt; after all, we are headed to Bahamas! Elaine at least had long pants on and a long-sleeved shirt. We had to stand waiting for the shuttle for about 20 minutes, and tried to find the most sheltered spot we could. Continue reading Atlanta: mixed emotions.