Scale removal. Bluetooth hassles. Learning PHP.

Scale removal

descaling shower head
Here’s how we are descaling our shower head – a plastic bag filled with vinegar.

When I took my shower this morning I noticed a reduced water flow. We have the type of shower head that has the little rubber nozzles, so I flicked and manipulated them to help clear them from scale. This did some help, but did not thoroughly remove the scale. When Elaine went to the kitchen sink to fill the water pot she commented that we had reduced flow there as well as in the shower. I removed the faucet aerator and we soaked it in vinegar all morning and that seems to have removed most or all of the scale. We then put vinegar in a plastic bag and stuffed the shower head into the bag and left it the rest of the day. We’ll find out in the morning if that did the job there. Continue reading Scale removal. Bluetooth hassles. Learning PHP.