Birthday Bash. Cardiologist. Newsletter.

Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash
Birthday Bash crowd at Bobby-Q tonight

We had our monthly Royal Palm Birthday Bash tonight at Bobby-Q, a famous and award-winning local steak and barbecue restaurant. Our group numbered around 35, with about six actually having a birthday in December. This is the sixth month we have done this birthday thing, and it has proven to be very popular – judging from the numbers who attend. Bobby-Q is always a good choice, and it is close to Royal Palm so it is easy to get to (getting back is a little tricky due to the local street pattern). Elaine and I shared a Three Meat Platter, with baby back ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. Yum! Continue reading Birthday Bash. Cardiologist. Newsletter.

John visit. Elaine cardio testing. Dinner at Bobby-Q. Lost lens.

Elaine and John
John sitting on Mom’s lap. Haven’t seen that for quite a while!

Elaine was delighted to get a call from son John letting us know he would be in Phoenix at least for tonight. He came in around 3:00 and parked in his usual spot on Lot D49 (with manager permission). Time for a shower and get the laundry going and then we headed out to supper. John drives for Pride Transport out of Salt Lake City UT, and every once in a while he gets to bring a load to the Phoenix area. When that happens, he arranges to spend at least a night with us, and we are always glad to see him.

at Bobby-Q
John, Elaine, and Dave at Bobby-Q.

Dinner was at Bobby-Q as John’s Mother’s Day gift to Elaine. It was his first time there, but he said he would happily come back anytime. He liked the food. He had a Three-Meat Dinner (pulled pork, sausage, brisket). Elaine had Southern Fried Chicken, and I had a Rib Eye Steak. All were great!

When I arrived home I discovered that the left lens on my computer-reading glasses was missing – again. That’s the third time! So I started retracing my steps: from the car, down the street where I walked the dogs, in the house, but no lens. Off I went back to Bobby-Q, where I looked in the street and walk where we came out. No lens. I went inside and to the table where we sat, and when I mentioned what had happened Wanda Perry scooted back and saw it on the floor near husband Tom’s feet! Yes, Wanda and Tom (and another couple) were at the same table we three had just left not long before. Whew! Back home, I replace the lens in the frame and tightened the screws once more. For some reason that left one keeps loosening; I am going to the eye doctor tomorrow to see what can be done.

Elaine’s echogram
On the treadmill






Today was cardio testing day for Elaine. It started with a detailed echogram and followed with a treadmill stress test. The stress test tech described the first one as checking the plumbing, the second as checking the electrical system! She did well with both. Then she was set up with a Holter Monitor which will record her heart activity over the next 24 hours.

I did some shopping for concrete mix for the front yard posts and for landscaping fabric for the front yard. I also got some 1×1 to use for fixing the planter joints. Andy came over this afternoon to go over what was going to be done tomorrow, to make sure we had everything ready.