Christmas Eve.

If you have ever had one of Elaine’s Breakfast Burritos you know how lucky I was this morning. That’s a regular Sunday feature in our house. I have half for breakfast and the other half for lunch. Yum!

The discomfort I had the last two days did not return this morning. I hope it is over. Continue reading Christmas Eve.

Cleanup day. Great burritos. Great supper.

My major efforts today were in doing some cleaning and rearranging outside on the patio and back yard. Over time the winds had blown a bunch of palm husks and leaves onto our patio along with a coating of dust and dirt. It was time to sweep and clean, and that I did. Another time soon I will wash the patio as well and clean out the joints in the concrete slabs. But by the time I got my projects done today I was ready for a break and besides the heat was building up. Continue reading Cleanup day. Great burritos. Great supper.

Breakfast burritos. Pot roast supper. Murky pool. 112.

Sunday is Breakfast Burrito day at our house – Elaine’s excellent ones. She cooks the meat mixture in advance in a large batch and freezes it in packages the correct size for two burritos. It’s a mix of ground beef and sausage with red and green peppers and onions chopped and mixed in. On burrito day she cooks some eggs, heats the meat mixture, puts some grated Mexican style cheese down on a tortilla and adds the eggs and meat on top and we are ready to go. Very fast to prepare and very, very tasty! The only other thing we add is salsa. Continue reading Breakfast burritos. Pot roast supper. Murky pool. 112.