Breakfast in the Park. Christmas decorations.

Christmas Decorations

lights at front, Christmas decorations
We now have a coherent look in our lighting – violet and white. Note the added window candle. The swag lights are new.

Remember I said we were not happy with the violet/purple rope light Christmas decorations I bought? While the casing was purple, the incandescent lights inside were white and when lighted they showed as a red color. That just doesn’t fit with our violet-and-white scheme! So I found an LED rope light set at Amazon and ordered a 24-foot set which came yesterday. I made the swap this afternoon. As you can see in the photo, the new ones fit in with our scheme of violet and white lights. That is the look we want, so I ordered another two violet rope light sets that will go on our deck railing. Continue reading Breakfast in the Park. Christmas decorations.

Happy Birthday, Agnes. Stamping show. Shelves.

Agnes and cake
Agnes Volk and her birthday cake. Donna Volk in upper right

Happy Birthday, Agnes Volk! She is 93 years old and a lively, wonderful person – a real asset to Royal Palm. Her daughter-in-law, Donna Volk, organized a surprise birthday party for her and invited a lot of people from the Park – there were 23 of us at North Mountain Brewing Company for dinner tonight. We all enjoyed a great dinner and then shared a birthday cake with Agnes. I don’t know how Donna did it, visiting in Agnes’s house, but she made tons of decorations for the tables and had lots more for the walls. She and husband Glen, Agnes’s son, arranged for him to take Agnes out on some pretense and they “just happened” to end up at North Mountain where we were all gathered. It was a total surprise for Agnes! Continue reading Happy Birthday, Agnes. Stamping show. Shelves.

Great deal at Applebee’s. Breakfast in the Park.

at Applebee's
Dave, Elaine, Kay and Larry Hale, Bill Russell at Applebee’s

The topic of $1 margaritas at Applebee’s came up at the pool today, so those of us there decided to head to Applebee’s tonight for supper. That included Bill Russell, his sister Kay and her husband Larry Hale, and Elaine and me. Not only were they offering $1 house margaritas (Elaine, Larry, and Bill each ordered one) but they also have a 2 For $20 deal as well. The latter consists of two selected main courses and one appetizer for two people and that’s what Elaine and I ordered. She had Lime Chicken and I had Bourbon Chicken and Shrimp. Both were delicious and we have, of course, lots of leftovers for another day. What’s more, we had a great time with good company. Continue reading Great deal at Applebee’s. Breakfast in the Park.

Lantana blooming more. Breakfast in and out. Sorting photos.

Lantana plants
Our Lantana shrubs are putting out more blossoms now that temperatures are cooling.

I have noticed over the last few days that our Lantana shrubs are putting out more blossoms, and suspect that it is due to cooling weather. Our temps have been as much as 12° below normal the last week or so, down into the 80s and low 90s. I think our Moss Rose plants are putting out more blossoms as well. When I mentioned it to Elaine this afternoon she mentioned that it may be time to plant some pansies, petunias, and other annuals. Here in Phoenix we plant those flowers in October and they thrive through the winter, unlike in northern climes where they are planted in late May. It is too hot for them in May-October. Continue reading Lantana blooming more. Breakfast in and out. Sorting photos.

Breakfast in the Park. Video visit with Destry family.

We had Breakfast in the Park this morning; 45 people attended, which was a good turnout for this time of year. It was the usual offerings – biscuits and sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage and/or bacon, blueberry pancakes, hash browns, fruit, and juice. While I didn’t eat all of those things, my biscuit and gravy, eggs, and sausage were great. The best part is all the people we got to have breakfast with! Continue reading Breakfast in the Park. Video visit with Destry family.

Shaggy Gizmo. Breakfast in the Park. More on planters.

Our shaggy Gizmo.

Gizmo is really shaggy, because we have let his hair stay longer in the winter, but it is time to go shorter again. That will happen tomorrow when they both go for grooming with Danielle. The photo of Kerby I included a day or so ago showed how dirty he has gotten, in addition to being shaggy. With Gizmo’s color we don’t see the dirt, but we sure can see the shaggy! And Elaine has commented the last few days that when he gets close she can smell his doggy body odor. Continue reading Shaggy Gizmo. Breakfast in the Park. More on planters.

Breakfast in the Park. Elaine card class. Newsletter done, except for proofing.

Yum, yum. Biscuit and sausage gravy, scrambled egg with cheese, sausages, bacon, blueberry pancake – THAT’s what’s for breakfast. And there were other choices I passed up such as fruit cups and beverages. A great deal for $5 each. Attendance was down today since the RVers are leaving the Park, but we still got to have breakfast with friends.

Around 11:00 Elaine headed to Sun City West to attend a card class at The Paper Collage with Jan Ostlund. She had a good time and got back around 5:30. This will be the last class with Jan until Jan returns from Minnesota this fall, but Elaine will continue. In fact, she will be going to another class next Wednesday.

My day was spent working on wrapping up the newsletter. I should have had it completed a couple of days ago, but I lost sight of the calendar and the dates. I got it done today, though, and delivered it to the reviewers/checkers this evening. I’ll get their comments back by end of day tomorrow. I’ll have it ready to go to the printer on Monday, and it will get delivered on Tuesday, one day later than normal.

This issue had some space planning needed. I started out with it being 22 pages; I needed an inserted page due to two ads in color beyond those on the covers. As I worked on it today I decided I really needed to add another page to show some of the latest changes around Royal Palm, so that meant adding two pages since there was no sense having a blank page. I had originally planned to leave out the Senior Resources page for space considerations, but added it back in to fill that added blank page. It was a scramble to develop that content but I got it done. Now it will end up being 24 pages, including two inserted sheets.

When I got to the pool this afternoon Bill Russell and Marty House were there as well as a friend of Marty’s, Rex. I had no sooner gotten in the water when Marty and Bill wanted to hear more about my interview with Forrest Sessions for the Royal Palm Spotlight page. I guess they had read about it in my blog entry yesterday. So I gave them some more details and they seemed to enjoy hearing them. When I was done, Marty asked if I was recording my interviews; I said I was not and that I only took notes from which to prepare the story. But Marty pointed out that recording the interviews could provide a valuable resource and that they could even be offered to a TV station for a local color piece. Such publicity might be good for Royal Palm, he said. That’s food for thought; I have never done recorded interviews, only taken notes and writing with the help of memory.

Jan Ostlund. Breakfast in the Park. Elayne Stettmeier birthday. Elaine’s plug strip.

Elaine and Jan
Elaine and Jan clinking margarita glasses in the craft room

Elaine finally got the call about mid afternoon; Jan Ostlund had tried three times before and we had not been at home any of those times and Elaine never noticed she had received those calls. But it was not too late – she invited Jan to come over to do some craft stuff and she arrived shortly after. They had a great time for several hours – perhaps lubricated by the margaritas I made for them early on – and then we headed to Pei Wei for supper. Great to see Jan again! Continue reading Jan Ostlund. Breakfast in the Park. Elayne Stettmeier birthday. Elaine’s plug strip.