Last day in Los Cabos

Our Riu Santa Fe wrist bands

Goodbye, Los Cabos! It has been a good stay, but we are off on our way back home again. (Note: This was written on Dec 7th but not posted until the 8th due to various issues.)

We checked out of Hotel Riu Santa Fe late this morning, and gave up the wrist bands we had been wearing for our stay. These easily identified us as Riu guests. We had to show them each time we reentered the complex; the taxi would not have been allowed to enter the complex without the occupants being guests. And whenever we got a taxi when in town the driver immediately recognized that we were heading to the Riu. Continue reading Last day in Los Cabos

Great pool day!

The large pool with Building 7 in the background. We were in this building first, before we moved closer to the plaza.

What a super day for lounging by the pool! Clear blue skies, little wind in the morning, nice and warm (75°). So we decided that today we would go to the pool nearest the beach on this property. This is the one next to Building 7, where we first stayed. Our room was on the third floor, a bit to the right of center in this photo, and we could see a portion of this pool and the beach from our windows. Continue reading Great pool day!

Los Cabos city tour

Our tour bus and driver at the Marina Mercado Arts & Crafts Market

Leni did a great job as our tour guide today as we explored Los Cabos. We are in the State of Baja California Sur (BCS) and the county of Los Cabos (The Capes, plural). The two main cities in southern Los Cabos are Cabo San Lucas (St Luke’s Cape) and San Jose del Cabos ( St Joseph of the Capes), and we toured both cities today on a Gray Line tour. The tour bus could hold 17 passengers, and we were two short of being full. Elaine and I were fortunate to be able to sit in the second row of seats behind the driver and tour guide, so we heard everything well. Continue reading Los Cabos city tour

Riu Santa Fe. Cabo San Lucas.

A sunny day at Riu Santa Fe

It was a bright and windy day (sorry Snoopy: I know you always start your stories with “It was a dark and stormy night…”) and we slept in this morning. Getting out around 9:00 we headed over to the plaza for breakfast. We have usually stopped at the Sports Bar, which is open long hours and offers coffee and pastries and rolls in addition to the bar drinks, but today we decided to have a “proper breakfast” of scrambled eggs, sausage, and bacon. Continue reading Riu Santa Fe. Cabo San Lucas.

The Arch. Glass Bottom Boat Tour.

The Arch from the Sea of Cortez (north) side
The Arch from the Pacific Ocean (south) side

Where the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) meets the Pacific Ocean – that’s at the point of Baja California and Cabo. And the most famous rock formation at that junction is The Arch, featured in various boat tours from Los Cabos. The Sea of Cortez is the long narrow bay separating Baja California from the mainland of Mexico. Today we took a tour in a glass bottom boat out of the harbor at San Lucas that cruised around the rock formations in that area and passed briefly into the Pacific. Continue reading The Arch. Glass Bottom Boat Tour.

Master switch? Laid back by the pool time. All inclusive.

OH! You mean THAT master switch!

Our new room is in Building 6. A MUCH shorter walk to everything.

When we returned from the pool this afternoon we had no electrical power in the room – as in lights and outlets. But everything was working when we left an hour and a half before. After a time I called the office and they told me to check the master switch to the left of the door. I went over in that area and found a breaker panel and I exercised the master switch a couple of times. No change. I found that the air conditioning was working, but nothing else in the room. I called back and they said they would send someone over. After a half hour or so and no one showed up, I called again and was told to do the same thing. No change. I called back and they said someone would be there in 10 minutes. Continue reading Master switch? Laid back by the pool time. All inclusive.

Vidanta cancelled

Call it buyer’s remorse or whatever, this morning we went to The Mayan over in San Jose de Cabo and cancelled our purchase of their plan. I knew last night that it was not what we needed and it bothered me all night. This morning Elaine agreed so I called our sales rep, Osiris, and told her. She said to come over to get it done. Continue reading Vidanta cancelled

Restaurant problems. Vidanta.

Outdoor dining at La Baja California

We were going to eat at the Steak House tonight, but it was crowded with a long line when we got there and we were told it would be a 1½ hour wait. So we headed over to the main area to try the Mexican restaurant – La Misíon – but it was closed. We finally ended up at La Baja California, a buffet restaurant with lots of choices. We got right in there and had our meal. I was not impressed with the food selection there, though I did find plenty to eat and it was good. Elaine had a harder time in selecting but did find something to eat. We sat inside, though there was also seating outside. Continue reading Restaurant problems. Vidanta.

Early flight. On to Cabo.

View from Gate 75 at SFO

4:15 AM comes all too soon, especially when we got to the hotel around 10:30 the night before! But that was the time for our wakeup call so we could catch the 5:00 shuttle to the airport in Phoenix. Our flight was at 7:00 AM and we needed to grab a bite to eat before boarding. We got checked in OK, but had a 10-15 minute wait for wheelchair drivers to take us to our gate. We got a brief breakfast and headed to our gate – it was crowded! Continue reading Early flight. On to Cabo.