Dinner with Shauna and Casey

Shauna and Casey dinner
Dinner with Shauna and Casey tonight

We got to spend their last night here with Shauna and Casey, and for something special we went to the small off the menu restaurant, Capri, here at the complex. Unlike the buffet Italian restaurant next door, Portobello’s, you have to be more than casually dressed to eat at Capri. So we got on long pants and shoes that were not sandals, and headed there for supper. It was a great meal, and we enjoyed the company!  Continue reading Dinner with Shauna and Casey

TayKen wedding.

The newlyweds, Mr and Mrs Brester

Taylor and Kenley are wed. It was a beautiful ceremony in a beautiful setting and we enjoyed it immensely. The wedding took place a little after 4:30 pm in a special park setting on the grounds of the Grand Lucayan Resort in Freeport, Bahamas. The gazebo where the ceremony took place had been tastefully decorated by family members under, I am sure, Taylor’s directions. She knew what she wanted the occasion to be like and had an excellent plan. The minister provided a wonderful ceremony that added meaning to the event, and Taylor and Kenley added their own comments and vows to the ceremony. Continue reading TayKen wedding.

At Grand Lucayan, Bahamas.

view from room
The view from our room, looking toward the pool and the ocean.

We are at the Grand Lucayan resort in the Bahamas now, and more or less settled in. We will be here for a week, primarily to attend the wedding of granddaughter Taylor Dockter to Kenley Brester. The Grand Lucayan is an all-inclusive resort near Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. From first impressions, this will be a great place to stay. There are several restaurants, a couple of bars, a large fresh water pool, a spa, and other things we have not seen yet. Every staff member with whom we have come in contact so far has been very gracious, friendly, and helpful. Continue reading At Grand Lucayan, Bahamas.

Bye bye Shauna and Casey. Still warm. Newsletter to reviewers.

Casey, Gizmo, Kerby, Shauna
Casey checking in at his plant while Gizmo and Kerby pal with Shauna.

We said goodbye to Casey and Shauna this morning. They came by around 7 or so, all packed up and ready to head back to Rock Springs WY. They fly into Salt Lake City and will do some shopping there before driving back home to Rock Springs. We’ve had a great visit with them, but we all need to head back to our regular lives again. I think not only Elaine and I but the boys as well will miss them. Notice in the photo that Kerby is up on the couch and Shauna’s lap; that is very rare. He does not get on lap or couch very often so it amazes us when it happens. As usual, he did not stay long. Continue reading Bye bye Shauna and Casey. Still warm. Newsletter to reviewers.

Starting Christmas decorations. At the pool. Christmas display.

violet icicle lights
Our violet icicle lights are in place

For many people the passing of Thanksgiving is the signal to put up Christmas decorations. While we don’t necessarily hold to that schedule, I took advantage of Casey being here to help put up the violet icicle lights around the edge of our roof and awning. This has been a chore in years past, because there are a lot of support points where the light strings have to be attached. Pete and I had installed a series of hooks last year to which the light strings are attached, but we used a stepladder to reach those hooks. I have these lights set to come on at dusk and off at dawn. Continue reading Starting Christmas decorations. At the pool. Christmas display.

Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.

Our Thanksgiving dinner set out on the patio.

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! We enjoyed a great turkey feast with Shauna and Casey and Pete Petersen. Later on Bill and Nancy Schuling stopped by and later on Bill Russell came by.  Those three did not come for dinner, though. The turkey went in the oven around 9:30; Shauna had prepared it to soak in brine overnight and it went in a roasting bag this morning and into a roasting pan. The turkey came out deliciously tender and moist. Shauna and Casey came over about 10:00 and she continued with dinner preparations. Continue reading Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.

A day with Shauna and Casey. Pappadeaux.

Casey and Elaine
Casey and Elaine visiting on our deck

Casey and Shauna came over about 11:00 this morning and we got to visit for a while before Elaine and Shauna headed off for their mani/pedi appointments. That gave Casey and I a good chance to visit. Casey works at Tata Chemicals near Green River WY, a soda ash production plant. I worked as an engineer consultant at that plant for a couple of years some time ago, so I know much of the plant well and somewhat of its operation. So I can relate directly to a lot of what Casey does and where he works. He has lately worked as a Surface Shift Superintendent, and he described a lot of what his job entails. Continue reading A day with Shauna and Casey. Pappadeaux.

Shauna and Casey. Newsletter. Elaine improving.

Casey, Shauna, Gizmo
Casey and Shauna giving Gizmo his expected due.

Shauna and Casey Dockter, daughter and son-in-law, came down from Rock Springs WY for a Thanksgiving visit – arriving this afternoon. We get to spend a few days with them. They are staying at the Sheraton Crescent hotel just down the road on W Dunlap Ave. They got to our place around 4:30 and after a short visit here at the house we all got in our Equinox and headed to Las Glorias Grill for supper. Shauna had been there with us on an earlier visit but this was Casey’s first visit to us in Phoenix since we moved into Royal Palm. Continue reading Shauna and Casey. Newsletter. Elaine improving.

Family breakfast. On the road again.

group at breakfast
The Ogden group at breakfast

It was leaving day for Destry’s family and for Elaine and me. They are returning to Gladstone OR, we are returning to Phoenix AZ.  Taylor Dockter will be leaving soon for Missoula MT. So the Ogden family got together one last time for this visit, and had breakfast at The Viaduct Grill in Green River. This is where Johnna Ogden works and her daughter Tara does as well; Tara was our server this morning. The food was good and the company was excellent. We filled quite a table, as you can see in the photo! Continue reading Family breakfast. On the road again.

Breakfast at Village Inn. Elaine at Taylor shower. Supper at Pizza Hut.

gang at dinner
At Pizza Hut for supper. Cora on Elaine’s lap, Rachel, Johnna, granddaughter, Shane, Cody, Taylor, Shauna, and Casey

We started off our day with our usual Saturday morning breakfast out, this time at Village Inn. Rachel, Destry, Cora, and Cody went with us. Then we finished the day with supper at Pizza Hut. The same group was there plus Shauna and Casey Dockter, Taylor Dockter, and Shane and Johnna Ogden plus one of her granddaughters. A good time was had by all. Continue reading Breakfast at Village Inn. Elaine at Taylor shower. Supper at Pizza Hut.