Ad sales. Newsletter out. FMCA.

Cheryl Ringer stopped us in our golf cart this afternoon to tell me she had just come from 3A Automotive Service on Hatcher, where she had some work done. Cheryl talked with the manager about advertising in our newsletter and he seemed positive, so I followed up this afternoon. I left him a copy of the February issue so he could see what it looks like and it sounds like he would be interested in advertising. Way to go, Cheryl! Continue reading Ad sales. Newsletter out. FMCA.

IHOP. Social Club. Newsletter.

We had a good breakfast at IHOP this morning; I had a short stack of pancakes, free for doing an online review last time, plus sausage and ate part of Elaine’s omelet.

2017 officers: Dale Stroh (VP), George Immerso (Pres), Elaine Violette (Sec), Jo Elmore (Treas)

Then at 10:00 we attended the monthly Social Club meeting. It was a good meeting, with lots of residents in attendance. We bought the cake and doughnuts for the meeting at Albertson’s after we had breakfast; the cake honors the January birthday members, including Elaine. Continue reading IHOP. Social Club. Newsletter.