More storage emptied. Still hacking. Gout receding.

More storage emptied

west storage tray almost empty
Yesterday the nearest roll-out tray was stuffed full. Today it is almost empty.

I did some work in the west roll-out tray today; that’s the one that has been sitting for many months with no attention. In fact, we had forgotten just what we had stored in there! I discovered today that it had contained some tubs that came from our motorhome basement storage as well as a couple of boxes that we had stored after selling our home in late 2010. That tray is now about ¾ empty, and what is in there are seasonal items. We also have some added empty tubs, but there are about four I did not process because I will need Elaine’s help to determine what to do with their contents. Continue reading More storage emptied. Still hacking. Gout receding.

Gizmo escape hole blocked. Decorations stored. Best chip clips. Gout attack.

Gizmo escape hole blocked

Gizmo escape gate
The GizmoGate, now secured with a bungee at the bottom

Last night I had wired shut the bottom of the gate in our back area, through which Gizmo found his escape hatch. The gate is somewhat flimsy, and he was able to push his way out at the bottom corner of the gate. I wired that closed. Today Elaine and Pete Petersen used a bungee cord to provide an alternate system. I will make a more permanent fix. We don’t use that gate often, so a double latching system would not be a hindrance. I guess you could call this the GizmoGate affair! Continue reading Gizmo escape hole blocked. Decorations stored. Best chip clips. Gout attack.

Fast Eddies breakfast. White chocolate M&Ms. Decorations packed. Driving peeve: signal use.

Fast Eddies breakfast

eat at Fast Eddies
One of the fun signs at Fast Eddie’s. I love their sense of humor!

Our Saturday breakfast out this morning was at Fast Eddie’s, at 35th Ave and W Bell Rd. This is one of our favorites. Elaine had a Denver Omelet and English Muffin, I had the Saturday Special: Chef’s Choice. Today the Chef chose to make a ham and spinach scramble with chopped tomatoes, served with hash browns. While I ordered an English Muffin, the wheat bread toast I got was quite good! There were two slices and I brought one home. I always like spinach in omelets and such, so that was a good choice the chef made for me. I picked out lots of little ham chunks to bring home for the boys instead of ordering sausage or such.

White chocolate M&Ms

white chocolate M&Ms
24-pack White Chocolate M&Ms from Amazon

Whenever Elaine is looking for M&Ms candies she always looks first for those with white chocolate. She seldom finds them in stores, though. She was able to recently, and had a 1.5 oz package on her side table the other day and we got to talking about them with Pete Petersen. So I immediately got on Amazon and found and purchased a 24-package box, 1.5 oz size packages! They came today. So now she should not run out soon, and when she does I know where to get more. They were reasonably priced at $16.41 for 24 packs.

Decorations packed

We spent a couple of hours this afternoon packing away the Christmas decorations taken down a few days ago. We still have to store them, but have to do some rearranging for that to happen. But at least everything is packed in tubs and ready for the next step.

Driving peeve: signal use

A practice that peeves me when driving is how some people either fail to use a turn signal or use it improperly. I was taught early in my driving “career” that turn signals should be used to indicate an INTENT to make a turning movement and, at least in Massachusetts back when I got my second license there around 1959 (first was in NH in 1955), should be turned on at least 400 feet ahead of making the turning movement.

So I get peeved when someone makes a turning movement or lane change WITHOUT using a turn signal.

I also get peeved when someone activates their turn signal as they are MAKING the turn.

Another peeve is when people are in a designated turn lane at a traffic signal and leave their blinkers going. Hey: you are in a right turn only lane – why do you have to tell people you are going to make a turn?

Of course then there are the cases of someone “making a left turn around the world”, as Elaine calls it when someone is driving down the road a great distance with their signals still on. It is distracting to other drivers.

Okay: peeves noted and expressed!

Dirty white boy no longer. More decorations down. Panic.

Kerby before
Kerby before his bath and grooming
Kerby after
Kerby after his bath and grooming

A week overdue, Kerby and Gizmo went to Danielle’s home shop today for grooming. We were shocked when we returned home from our trip to see how dirty Kerby had become. He always gets dirty legs, but this time they were even dirtier, as was his belly. With so much white hair it really shows on him, where it doesn’t on Gizmo with his black/grey hair. Continue reading Dirty white boy no longer. More decorations down. Panic.

Breakfast in the Park. Christmas decorations.

Christmas Decorations

lights at front, Christmas decorations
We now have a coherent look in our lighting – violet and white. Note the added window candle. The swag lights are new.

Remember I said we were not happy with the violet/purple rope light Christmas decorations I bought? While the casing was purple, the incandescent lights inside were white and when lighted they showed as a red color. That just doesn’t fit with our violet-and-white scheme! So I found an LED rope light set at Amazon and ordered a 24-foot set which came yesterday. I made the swap this afternoon. As you can see in the photo, the new ones fit in with our scheme of violet and white lights. That is the look we want, so I ordered another two violet rope light sets that will go on our deck railing. Continue reading Breakfast in the Park. Christmas decorations.

Elaine better, at doctor. Dave stress test.

bread loaves
The loaves of bread Elaine made this morning.

Elaine had a little better day today; she was active early in the morning baking bread loaves for the Bazaar Bake Sale next weekend and later she decorated our Christmas tree on the deck and hung some ornaments from the awning. But by late afternoon she was worn out and after supper she is laid back in her recliner resting. Those who see her also note, as I do, that she is looking better and when she is “up” she is more sparkling. Continue reading Elaine better, at doctor. Dave stress test.

Yeah, Ruellia. More decorations. Newsletter printed. Elaine.

ruellia blossom
The ruellia plant I had almost given up on produced a blossom today

I really like the Ruellia plant (Ruellia brittoniana, Mexican Petunia) because of its purple blossoms and because it is hardy and a perennial here in Phoenix. We first saw them in a neighbor’s (Chino Barrios) yard and he gave us some cuttings to plant. We started with two plants in our front yard and when one of them started growing too wild I cut it back. I put the cuttings in a water-filled vase inside and it continued to blossom for several weeks and still looked healthy when it stopped. Elaine transplanted those cuttings into the yard later.  Continue reading Yeah, Ruellia. More decorations. Newsletter printed. Elaine.

Christmas decorations. Violette genealogy web.

Christmas decorations
Our Christmas decorations in their current status. There’s more to do.

Being rested a little, I decided that today was a good time to continue with the Christmas decorations. I added the two small spiral lighted trees out front, hung a wreath on the wall in the deck, and set up the Christmas tree on the deck. Plus I got all those connected to electricity. Elaine and the boys joined me on the deck and watched as I was working, and Elaine helped with the large tree and the deck wreath. I also did some work to set up the tall skinny vinyl tree we’ve used for several years. i have been lighting this one from inside with a string of small violet lights and I made a modification to better attach the light string at the top. I’ll install that tree tomorrow. Continue reading Christmas decorations. Violette genealogy web.

Starting Christmas decorations. At the pool. Christmas display.

violet icicle lights
Our violet icicle lights are in place

For many people the passing of Thanksgiving is the signal to put up Christmas decorations. While we don’t necessarily hold to that schedule, I took advantage of Casey being here to help put up the violet icicle lights around the edge of our roof and awning. This has been a chore in years past, because there are a lot of support points where the light strings have to be attached. Pete and I had installed a series of hooks last year to which the light strings are attached, but we used a stepladder to reach those hooks. I have these lights set to come on at dusk and off at dawn. Continue reading Starting Christmas decorations. At the pool. Christmas display.