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Cleaning house

shelves cleared
Elaine cleared a lot from three of her shelves in the office bathroom. There’s another shelf higher, but I couldn’t get it in the photo.

Remember I told you that Elaine cleared out some rubber stamps last week? Well, she was at it again today and did a major clean of her shelves in the office bathroom. When we remodeled this house we had Marv build a shelving system over the office bathroom tub, and this provides a large amount of very useful deep storage. Elaine uses four of the shelves, I use the other. (That’s a little higher ratio of space allocation than in the office itself, where I use less than 20%.) In the photo at left, you can see the three bottom shelves she worked on today. I don’t know what her plans are for the stuff she removed, but I suspect she is sorting it out and will sell a fair amount of it. She has a plastic tub on the bathroom floor, and I see a number of craft items in it for project types she hasn’t done for years. Those will probably be sold. She is an avid crafter and often tries new things she sees but then does not continue once she has done a few and mastered the craft. That’s what makes her talents so useful. Continue reading Cleaning house. Rain. Newsletter. Web work.