Posting to Craigslist. Elaine update. Warm and dry.

Iris Smart Kit
Lowe’s Iris Smart Kit home monitoring and automation starter kit

I have started posting some items for sale on Craigslist; these are the “high-ticket” items that did not sell in the yard sale over the weekend. I have only a little experience with using Craigslist. I had advertised some items last year but the only response was from a scammer and I cut that off quickly. A couple of items are things I had bought for the house but never used. One is an Iris Smart Kit – a home automation and monitoring package. I bought this but before it got installed we replaced our HVAC system and the new system came with a Nexia bridge built into the thermostat, so I didn’t need the Iris system. Price new $299; I am asking $125. Here’s a link to the listing. Continue reading Posting to Craigslist. Elaine update. Warm and dry.

Stuff for sale. New cards.

The BLS 36A when installed in your 36-volt battery system is designed to reduce sulfating of the plates, increasing the battery life.

I posted a couple of items for sale on Craigslist today. One is a golf cart battery desulfator for 36-volt systems (the link is for my craigslist listing). New. Never used. It is intended to keep the batteries from building up sulfates, which can reduce their capacity. I bought this when we had our first golf cart, which had a 36-volt system, but we bought our current one, which has a 48-volt system, before I could install it. I haven’t gotten around to buying a 48-volt version. Continue reading Stuff for sale. New cards.